Parental Engagement -

Parental Engagement -

Parental Engagement Lessons from research Why is it important? SER (2000)suggests that the relative influence of the home on student achievement is between 60-80% Hattie (2008) states 70% of student achievement is attributed to what they bring with them to school their innate

ability, their attitudes, their socio-economic status, the amount of television they watch etc. Plowden report (1967) asserted that schools make little difference to student outcomes. What difference can it make? Higher grades

Enrolment in higher level programs/advanced classes Higher graduatation rates Higher tertiary education enrolments Better social skills Improved behaviour Regular school attendance Greater engagement in school work

Economic modelling Parental effort compared with school resources was equivalent to $1000 extra funding per student Or Equivalent to an additional 4-6 years of education for parents. Parent engagement versus

parent involvement Big difference between involving parents in schooling and involving parents in learning Whilst parental engagement does clearly affect student academic attainment, parental involvement has very little effect Some types of parental involvement can actually have a negative effect

The surveillance approach (monitoring student homework) Controlling and disciplining parental style Effective Parental Engagement 3 main principles

Academic socialisation Parental role construction Parenting style Academic Socialisation

Communicating with children about parental expectations for education and the value and enjoyment of learning Discussing learning strategies with children

Linking schoolwork to current events and other topics Providing a stimulating home learning environment Making learning enjoyable and rewarding Focusing on activities such as decision-making and problem solving, affirming their autonomy and independence. Parental Role Construction

How you perceive your role in your childs education Beliefs about appropriate and desirable child outcomes Beliefs about who is responsible for these outcomes Belief in your ability to help Perceptions about what teachers, friends and family expect from you

Parenting Style Supportive Encourages conversation Make reasons behind rules transparent Acknowledge responsibility of child Conversely Emotionally distant yet high expectations

can lead to low levels of self esteem which can flow on to negative impact on academic acheivement Excessive pressure on a student to excel may be detrimental to their well-being

All parental engagement should be first and foremost about enhancing student wellbeing. Summary

Parents do not need to invest a significant amount of time or acquire specialised knowledge in order to assist their child in learning. Good at-home parenting is effective Demonstrate a genuine interest in their learning

Setting up a designated area for homework Provide educational resources Discussing subject choices, academic aspirations Talking to them about their school, films, books Great questions to ask What do you know now that you didnt know this

morning? Which story did your teacher read to the class today? What was your favourite part of the story? What was the hardest thing you had to do today? What are you looking forward to at school tomorrow? What has been your most favourite activity this week? What was your favourite part of your day? Did you get frustrated with anything at school today? Were you able to finish all of your work today?

Do you have any questions that maybe your teacher couldnt answer? Is there anything that you are learning in class that you would like to know more about? Summary continued.. Actively getting involved with their learning, taking them to museums, exhibitions etc Open dialogue between school and home

Read newsletters, email teachers and find out what they are learning about in class. Know what is going on at school Trust between home and school is vital Any questions????

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