Paying for Post-Secondary Education

Paying for Post-Secondary Education

Paying for Post-Secondary Education $ $ $ Scholarships, Bursaries, etc

OSAP -- everyone should apply; complete estimator Where to look??? 1) CB website > Guidance > Scholarships > CB Scholarships doc update 2019 (pdf) 2) Scholarship search sites (sign up) 3) Specific College and University websites Financial Aid and Awards - Automatic entrance scholarships + awards requiring applications (check due dates) 4) Research possible scholarships through parents work, religious and/or ethnic affiliations, IB, any type of extracurricular activity (ex. hockey, cadets, etc.)

Loran Scholarship Variety of awards of various amounts: largest ones can only be used at partner universities (see list on website); smaller awards can be used at any public Canadian university Looking for strength of character, commitment to serving others and leadership potential Must be Canadian citizen or permanent

resident and have min. cumulative aver. of 85% (gr. 9-11) Colonel By can nominate 3 students for the Sponsored pool but anyone can submit to the Direct pool > Becoming a Scholar > Apply Complete application and print* to hand in to Guidance by NOON on Monday, September 30

Everyone can indicate sponsored on application (unless only applying to Direct pool) and list [email protected] as sponsor Important points: - In order to print pdf, need to get to Review & Submit** page to Preview Application (then right click to print) - DONT NEED TO SUBMIT YET ** have to upload transcript (I will print off working versions for everyone but can request official from

Ms. Jarrett) + enter References email address (dont have to be actual ones at this time - can go back Dates for Loran applications (2019/20) NOON, Sept. 30 - submit printed application (dont need transcript) to Guidance to be considered for school Nomination for Direct Pool October 9 (latest) - 3 school Nominees will be notified and will then need to finalize their application and SUBMIT so Reference will get sent a link to fill out reference page & then email comes

to me to indicate sponsorship (all must be done by Oct. 17) October 17, 8pm - deadline to submit Sponsored applications October 24, 8pm - deadline for Direct pool applications Nov. - Feb - various levels of selection process (ex. Regional interviews for short-listed sponsored candidates in Nov/Dec) Queens Chancellors Scholarship Requires 90%+ aver. of all gr 9-11 marks + Nov. gr 12 mrks CB can nominate 2 students (NO LONGER linked to QuARMS application)

Watch for CV ad in early Nov. - will be due to Guidance around mid-Nov.; there will be an info. page available in guidance to detail what to do Complete Practice Application on Queens Major Awards website to submit to Guidance Important points: Must apply to Queens on OUAC by approx. Nov. 15 to ensure you get access to your Queens SOLUS account

by the Dec. 1 Chancellor deadline (you will be informed if you are a CB nominee approx. 1 week before) Dont need to include a Credit Counselling Summary or Reference letter to apply for Nomination (have Reference ready in case youre nominated) Other School-nominated Scholarships 1) U of T National Book Award - non-monetary (a book); dont need to be a winner to apply to National Scholarship 2) Schulich Leader Scholarship - pursuing a university program in

Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics at one of 20 partner schools; need average of 90% in gr. 11&12 Uor M courses. Only 1 CB nomination. Ad. on CV before Christmas Break 3) Western National Scholarship - we can nominate 4 students; will advertise on CV in January, 2020 4) If you hear about a scholarship that requires a school nomination that isnt listed in our Scholarship, please discuss with your Guidance Counsellor

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