PE and Sport Premium supporting documents 2017/18

PE and Sport Premium supporting documents 2017/18

PE and Sport Premium supporting documents 2017/18 Activity Week 2017 Activity Week 2017 Pupil Interviews Activity Week was the best week of my life at school! I cant believe we got to use the climbing wall! -Year 2 Child When you do exercise, you feel really good. We have all felt good this week because of the

endorphins. I want us to keep it up! Year 4 Child I dont usually like PE, but Activity Week made me realise that there are things I am really good at, like cheerleading. I loved the Zumba warm ups every morning too and I want to join a club now - Year 4 Child I like the teachers joining in because we all have fun together. This is the best week ever! - Year 1 Child I love doing

activities so much and I want to be active all of the time now. - Year 1 Child Activity Week 2017 Feedback Opinion of Activity Week - Year 2 25 Opinion of Activity Week - Year R 30 28 22

20 15 25 10 Activity Week Overall 7 20 5 15 Activity Week Overall

10 5 0 0 0 0 2 0 0

0 0 Opinion of Activity Week - Year 3 Opinion of Activity Week - Year 1 25 23 30 28 25 20 20

15 15 Activity Week Overall 10 10 7 5 0 Activity Week Overall

5 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 Opinion of Activity Week - Year 4 30

26 More data about each activity can be seen in school. 25 20 15 Activity Week Overall 10 5 0 0 0

0 0 It can be seen that the childrens enjoyment makes our Activity Week extremely beneficial in encouraging a love of physical activity. Lunchtime Intervention Clubs Each week we designed activities that aided progression for children in the higher attaining and lower attaining brackets or each class in the school. As we focussed on key physical skills in each session, such as throwing and catching and sport specific skills, the

children were able to better their skills in a variety of areas. The children showed enthusiasm and enjoyment throughout and developed existing and new skills. Ive learned to do loads and loads of press ups in the PE club. Look- watch me! (Year 1 Child - who then proceeded to do ten press ups and was very proud of himself!) - Pete Alexander (Sports Coach) You get to do extra PE which is really cool. All of the skills I learn I then use not just in school, but in my after school clubs too. I feel like Ive got way better at PE because theres only a few of us so we get more

challenges. -Year 3 Child The improved PE skills have been noticed by the class teachers and have been observed in their PE lessons. All of the children really enjoy this opportunity. Julie Cutler (Head teacher) I join in with a child each week and all the kids love the session! It is normally a circuit theme and focusses on developing specific skills for sport. The children love the music played! Emma Bridgewater (1:1 Teaching Assistant) Martial Arts 2017 Pupil Interviews Taking part in Martial Arts made me feel happy

because I had never done it before. Reception Child I love Martial Arts because it is a new skill and I feel proud to be learning something and getting good at it. - Year 3 Child I love learning Martial Arts because now I am going to feel safe and I feel confident. - Year 2 Child Our tracksuits Wearing the tracksuits at events makes us stand out from everybody else and

look smart. We show we are a team by wearing them. Lily- Year 4 We asked the following question to KS2; Does wearing the school tracksuits make you feel proud? 100% of the children agreed that they felt pride when wearing them. I feel so proud when I wear the tracksuits at our PE events because we look really good and I think we play our sports better! Lili- Mae Pyramid Event Dates Autumn Term Year 4 Invasion Skills - 10th Oct (am) Year 4 Invasion Tournament- 31 st Oct (am) Year 3 Invasion Skills- 6th Oct (pm)

Year 3 Invasion Tournament- 3rd Nov (pm) Spring Term Year 4 X Country Trials- 9th Feb (pm) Year 4 X Country Finals- 27 th Feb (am) Summer Term Year 2 Indoor Athletics- 25th May (pm) Year 2 Multi Skills- 27th June (pm) Year 3 Outdoor Ed- 6th June (pm) Year 1 Dance- 18th May (pm) Year 1 Multi Skills- 13th July (pm) Year 4 Athletics- Abbey Stadium 4 th July (am) Pyramid Event blog 2017/18 16.02.18 16 February 2017 in Class 4 Blog Happy half term holiday! I know that everybody is ready for a break and

the children have worked so hard that they are definitely very deserving of it. I am so proud of everybody at Cross Country today. All of the children really demonstrated their growth mindset and pushed themselves to achieve their very best. They were brilliant sportsmen and women, cheering everybody else on, including children from other schools. I am sure you will have guessed how muddy the course was from the state of the tracksuits and trainers the children will be bringing home today! 24.11.17 24 November 2017 in Class 4 Blog Our week has been extremely busy again! We enjoyed the Invasion Games Tournament on Tuesday and were extremely proud of our footballers for coming first overall, our hockey players for coming second and basketballers/ netballers for coming third overall. All of the children really demonstrated good sportsmanship by shaking hands with the other teams and congratulating them.

week ending 12.10.18 12 October 2017 in Class 3 Blog On Wednesday morning we visited Trinity High School, where the children were shown skills in football, handball and hockey by the children there. It was a lovely morning to be out in the fresh air, enjoying the fantastic facilities on offer and playing some competitive games with other schools. Week ending Friday 29th June 28 June 2018 in Class 2 Blog We loved going to Birchensale on Wednesday afternoon for our Multi-Skills event. The children were excellently behaved. Rising Stars Scheme All the units have really helped coverage, depth, skills and knowledge in PE. It has been useful to plan and link different parts together, e.g. Gymfit and gymnastics. This helps with

childrens progress. There is lots of opportunity for knowledge about health and fitness as well as the physical skills. Children enjoy the structure of the lessons and each lesson builds on the previously effectively. Robyn Sutton- Teacher The impact of the provision we have put in to place for 2017/18 can also be seen by looking at the assessment data and at provision maps, which have not been included, due to GDPR.

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