Performance Management at CT DPH

Performance Management at CT DPH

Accreditation Learning Community August 22, 2018 1:00-2:00pm Dial-In Number: 1 877 916 8051 Access Code: 539-9866 Aligning SHIP with local CHIPs State Health Improvement Plan Central Wallingford Greater Bridgeport Norwalk Hartford Naugatuck Valley CT

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Implementing a Strategic Plan (Measure 5.3.3) Recap from Julys ALC Form a Strategic Planning Committee that consists of a diverse group of internal staff and external stakeholders/members of the LHDs governing entity Strategic plans are living documents that are used, reviewed and revised Perfect plans can be the enemy of the good plan it and act on it. It will be good enough! The agency strategic plan is for all staff! Vision - Articulates the future view of the organization and for the community. Should be explicit, straightforward, and concise. What do we want to achieve? What will success

look like? Mission - Clearly describes an agencys purpose: why it exists, what it does, and whom it serves Value Statements - Are guiding principles that provide a framework for how things are done in the organization Alignment of PHAB Prerequisites Community Health Assessment (CHA) Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Partners Public Health Department Strategic Plan

QI Plan Implementation Plans Other Plans (i.e. WDP) National Standards for the Strategic Plan Process Measure 5.3.3A Implemented department strategic plan The health department must provide reports developed since the plans adoption showing that it has reviewed the strategic plan and has monitored and assessed progress towards reaching the

goals and objectives. The reports must include how the targets were monitored and must be completed no less frequently than annually. One example must be dated within 14 months; second example may be older, but within 5 years Strategy Phase Priorities (or Goals) Strategic plans are strategic consider 3-4 priorities Two tests of a strategic priority: Is the priority necessary to achieve the vision? Are the strategic priorities together sufficient to achieve the vision? Each Strategic Priority will have specific objectives identified that will address that priority

For LHDs that have prepared a CHA or CHIP, agency strategic priorities should align with the broader priorities identified through those processes For LHDs working on their CHA or CHIP, agency strategic priorities can still align with these processes, especially in getting systems in place Strategy Phase - Objectives Objectives are a higher level of specificity in defining what is meant by the strategic priority or goal Objectives are still the what level of strategy, not the how level of implementation To get organized for implementation, prioritize objectives to focus

on in Year 1 1. From our list of objectives, what needs to be done first? 2. Are there any easy wins we can accomplish to create momentum? Strategic Map DPH went with the Strategic Map as way to display the agencys strategic goals and objectives (updated annually) It is a one-page visual shorthand of the strategic plan Colored boxes are strategic objectives that have been prioritized by staff on the Public Health Strategic Team (which means they get extra attention and focus, and are

tracked through implementation worksheets) DPH had 14 prioritized objectives in 20172018 (WAY TOO MANY) Workplan Phase This phase involves developing a detailed workplan to implement priorities Workplans should: Include an appropriate level of detail which programs or activities are going to be implemented for the upcoming year, by whom, by when Use a format that allows for periodic reports on progress toward specific goals/objectives performance or process measures should

track progress of objectives/activities Use a structure that lets the reader easily see how activities are linked to strategic plan objectives DPH Documentation/Process for 5.3.3A DPH Documentation/Process for 5.3.3A DPH Documentation/Process for 5.3.3A Norwalk Health Department Nationally accredited since 2014

Norwalk Health Department 5.3.3 A v1.0 Annual reports of progress towards goals and objectives contained in the plan, including monitoring and conclusions on progress toward meeting targets 5.3.3 A v1.5 Progress towards achievement of the goals and objectives contained in the plan Required Documentation Examples

Strategic Plan progress Update 17 NHD 2017-2018 Strategic Plan Megan DiMeglio Project Coordinator [email protected] 203-854-7984 Discussion Questions

How is your department linking accreditation to its strategic plan? How about the CHA/CHIP? What challenges has your agency experienced in developing or implementation your strategic plan? Any successes? Tips for Strategic Planning and Implementation Remember that strategic plans should be living documents that are applied, tested, and revised when appropriate. To monitor implementation, you may choose to assign one individual as the prime mover for each overall strategy in the strategic plan.

Conduct an annual strategy update to: 1. Review progress on implementation. 2. Set implementation priorities for the next 12 months. 3. Align human and financial resources with the updated map and implementation priorities. Up Next Next Meeting: September 27| 1-2pm Topic: Domain 12 Engaging the Governing Entity

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