Phi Theta Kappa 101 - Rio Salado College

Phi Theta Kappa 101 - Rio Salado College


Wisdom Aspiration Purity MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic achievement of college students

and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. ELIGIBILITY enrolled in an accredited institution offering an associate degree program completed at least 12 hours of coursework that may be applied to an

associate degree grade point average of 3.5* receive an invitation to accept membership from the local chapter on your campus DIVISIONAL MAP SOCIETY STRUCTURE International Phi Theta Kappa Staff

Board of Directors International Officers Regional Regional Coordinator Regional Officers regionalcoordinators Regional Advisory Board Local Chapter Advisors

Chapter Officers Chapter Members Alumni advisorsearch CHAPTER INVOLVEMENT Induction Ceremony Chapter Meeting/Workshop

New Member Orientation Awareness & Recruiting Fellowship & Service Events Complete Competitive Edge & Profile Opportunity to Serve as Chapter Officer RECOGNITION The Golden Key Pin: worn on left side only, on lapel; or if no lapel, above your heart; do not wear on t-shirts

Officer Pins: may be worn on left or right side, if you wear both key pin and officer pin, the officer pin should be worn on the right Medallions: wear at special occasions only; do not wear with officer pins Other Pins: Five Star pin is worn under key pin; International Convention pin may be worn on the right side; United States flag pin may be worn above key

GRADUATING WITH HONORS Number of Programs: 21 71,000 start applications 500 scholars awarded annually $1 Million + $37 Million in Transfer

Scholarships @ REGIONAL & INTERNATIONAL EVENTS Regional Conferences each semester Regional officer training Alumni initiatives International International Convention (PTK Catalyst) - The Oscars of

PTK (4,000 attend) Inspirational Speakers, Ed Forums & (the largest) College Transfer Fair Honors Institute: In-depth exploration of Honors Study Topic(500 attend) Questions? Heather Schmidt

Director of Membership Services Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society [email protected] 601-984-3647

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  • Bioinformatics 101 Browsing the Human Genome on the Internet

    Bioinformatics 101 Browsing the Human Genome on the Internet

    The Human Genome Project If compressed, the 3GB human genome will also fit on a single CD * Data + Technology = Bioinformatics Bioinformatics is about using computer technologies to answer biological questions Bioinformatics is about being the kind of...
  • Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support Active Support

    Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support Active Support

    Aims to provide enough help to enable people to participate successfully in meaningful activities and relationships so that they gain more control over their lives, develop more independence and become more included as a valued member of their community irrespective...
  • Ch 4 - Motivation

    Ch 4 - Motivation

    What does it best predict? Expectancy/Goal Conflict On surface, conflict betw these 2 theories: Goal setting predicts what? VIE theory predicts what? How can VIE explain the motivating effects of hard goals? Role of self-efficacy, training? Pay-for-Perf plans Wage incentive...
  • Chapter 5 Missions and Settlements

    Chapter 5 Missions and Settlements

    The primary mission at San Antonio was named Mission San Antonio de Valero, later to be known as the Alamo. ... St. Denis was now the commander of the French fort in Natchitoches and protested that the presidio was located...
  • PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety

    PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety

    NAPSR Resolutions. PHMSA modify 49 CFR Part 192.8 and 192.9 to establish regulatory requirements for all gathering lines in Class 1 areas to be subject to 49 CFR Part 192.614 and 192.707 in order to minimize damage from 3rd party...
  • Windows Phone Localization

    Windows Phone Localization

    Windows Phone Localization. Ben RigaTechnical Evangelist, Windows Phone. Microsoft Corporation. WPH302. ... XNA/ Game Localization. Additional Considerations from Silverlight. Silverlight still very useful in games . Menus, Leaderboards etc. Still use resx resource files .
  • MEGS-Plus WIA - Michigan

    MEGS-Plus WIA - Michigan

    MEGS-Plus Training for Application WIA Core 2012 MEGS-Plus: WIA Core Background If you haven't used MEGS-Plus, it is recommended to review Agency Training (a broad overview of MEGS-Plus) before this presentation This session focuses on: Initiate the application Complete and...
  • School Building Leader and School District Leader exam

    School Building Leader and School District Leader exam

    Comments from the School District Leader exam. Sandra Intieri, a student in the doctoral and SDL program, shared some insights to the exam: Multiple choice questions offered a couple of similar options.