Phone & Data Communications

Phone & Data Communications

Auxcomm and You HF and VHF/UHF Communications by Thom Beebe, W9RY Winterfest 2019 January 26, 2019 Powerpoint presentations available after the hamfest at Auxcomm Radio Communications

Under ARES the standard approach is to provide amateur radio support during emergencies. AUXCOMM incorporates all of the ESF#2 (Emergency Support FunctionCommunications) function. The communications unit will need ALL kinds of communications support (call takers, data entry folks, radio operators, etc). Auxcomm Radio Communications ARES has been We're here to help with our amateur radios. I.E. When all else fails,

Amateur Radio. The AUXCOMM model broadens that scope to be much more realistic. This presentation will only focus on the radio communications operations. Auxcomm Radio Communications DHS/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) activates ESF #2 when a significant impact to the communications infrastructure is expected or has occurred.

When activated, ESF #2 provides communications support to the impacted area, as well as internally to the JFO (Joint Field Operations) and associated Federal JFO teams. Auxcomm Radio Communications ESF #2 support is scalable to meet the specific needs of each incident response, and response resources are drawn from a matrix of personnel and equipment available from

the ESF #2 support agencies. Auxcomm Radio Communications If you have handled NTS traffic you have probably used the ARRL Radiogram. Auxcomm Radio Communications In Auxcom we do not use the Radiogram. Instead the ICS 213 (General Message) is used

by the incident dispatchers to record incoming messages that cannot be orally transmitted to the intended recipient. Auxcom Radio Communications Auxcom Radio Communications

Preparation. The ICS 213 may be initiated by incident dispatchers and any other personnel on an incident. Distribution. Upon completion, the ICS 213 may be delivered to the addressee and/or delivered to the Incident Communication Center for transmission by you. Auxcomm Radio Communications So, as an Auxcom Communicator, how can we

transmit the ICS-213 as well as provide other valuable communications? Phone & Data Communications HF Communications WinLink Express WINMOR & P2P Fldigi MT63 and others JS8Call derivative of wsjt-x

VHF/UHF Communications UZ7HO Software Winlink (RMS) Express

The following information is based on a table that is in the "Winlink FAQ." The times are based on a 4k message after compression. (Winlink (RMS) Express compresses all messages using the B2 forwarding protocol. (All protocols are sent using the standard FBB B1 compression mechanism (used since the 1980's) packaged in a B2 envelope that allows multiple files per message. ) Winlink (RMS) Express

Mode Transfer Time Packet 1200 (Direct)

Packet 1200 (1 node) Packet 9600 (Direct) Pactor 1 15 minutes

Pactor 2 4 minutes 2 minutes 2.5 minutes 1 minute Winlink (RMS) Express

Pactor 3 Pactor 30 seconds (fastest mode currently legal in the USA) Pactor 4

illegal 15 seconds (currently in the USA - exceeds 300 baud) Winmor 500 10 minutes

WINMOR WINMOR was developed by the Winlink development team as a low cost alternative to Pactor 3. WINMOR is an open (not proprietary) protocol that operates through low cost sound interface equipment such as the Tigertronics SignaLink. Although WINMOR is sometimes not as reliable or as fast as Pactor 3 it is significantly cheaper. Pactor 3 modem = approx. $1,100-1700. SignaLink = approx. $130

Winlink (RMS) Express For further information go to: Or for excellent videos by K4REF go to: HF Communications The WINMOR feature in Winlink express allows you to send email to anyone via HF. The P2P allows you to send peer-to-peer packet

messages on HF. Fldigi HF Communications Modes Morse Code PSK Contestia DominoEX


THOR FSQ IFKP Hellschreiber Navtex PSKR Sitorb RTTY

Throb/X Fldigi HF Communications The most used for communications using a sound card or external like the SignaLink are: Morse Code PSK RTTY MT63 Olivia Fldigi HF Communications

PSK (Phase Shift Keying) most common is PSK31 PSK31 has a bandwidth of 31Hz so many signals can fit in the same bandwith occupied by a SSB signal (approximately 2.4khz) Fldigi HF Communications RTTY (the second data mode) Of course CW is the first. Amateurs use 45 baud (speed) with 170Hz shift

(between mark and space) Fldigi HF Communications MT63 offers 100% copy when other modes fail. However MT63 is slow and uses from 500hz to a full 2khz (thats still less than a phone signal). It is usually used on 14mhz and above. Fldigi HF Communications OLIVIA is resistant to fading and QRM. Stations that are barely audible still print in

Fldigi. OLIVIA has different variants with each having a different bandwidth (500hz to 2khz) and different tones. Fldigi HF Communications Olivia is usually very slow (2-3 characters per second) but I dont mind a slow contact if the message gets through. To avoid interference transmissions are usually started on a full khz (i.e. 14.108 rather than 14.108.3)

HF Communications wsjt-x has JT65, JT9, FT8 Now the new kid on the block is JS8Call It is a derivative of wsjt-x but allows keyboardto-keyboard messaging HF Communications JS8Call is, as of this writing, still in beta. The version lifespans are very short (usually 14 days) as they make constant changes.

The software is an experiment testing weak signal communications with the ability to do messaging using keyboard-to-keyboard like PSK31. VHF/UHF Communications Much of the same software used for HF communications can be employed for VHF and UHF Communications without modification. Fldigi can be used, in all modes, on VHF and UHF in emergencies.

VHF/UHF Communications Winlink can be used for packet and P2P using its terminal program. You can also use Winlink with an intermediate program developed by UZ7HO known as the UZ7HO Sound Modem. VHF/UHF Communications The UZ7HO Sound Modem is AGW compatible (i.e. it communicates with other software on tcp/ip port 8000 (like the AGW Packet Engine

software developed by SV2AGW). It uses multiple decoders slightly offset in frequency. This results in decoding packet signals even if they are mis-tuned. It also can be used on HF. Thank you. QUESTIONS

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