Phonics - Hardy Mill Primary School

Phonics - Hardy Mill Primary School

Phonics What is phonics? It is a way of teaching children to read quickly and skilfully. Children are taught to: Hear and recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes Say the sounds pure sounds Phoneme Identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make e.g. sh or igh grapheme/digraph/trigraph Blend these sounds together L-R to make words e.g. sho-p blended together reads shop.

De-code new words Segment e.g. team has three phonemes /t/ea/m Phonics Letters and sounds Starts in nursery with phase 1 Reception- phase 2 and 3 Year 1- phase 4 and 5 Children in year one will be working confidently and securely at phase 5 ready for the National screening check

Phase 3 Grapheme ch sh th ng ai ee igh ear Sample word chip shop thin/then king

rain feet night dear Complex The same sound can be pronounced in different ways, e.g. lunch school chef Phonics screening check

What will it involve? June 2018 1-2-1 with class teacher- no time limit Reading 40 words. 20 simple words/20 more complex Sample pages What happens with the results? The results are published nationally. You will receive a copy alongside your childs end of year report. Screening check repeated following year.

Successful in phonics Daily discrete 20 minute phonics lesson Very pacey and interactive New sounds hear and say it, read it, write it. Reading and writing Phonic games Beyond the phonics lesson Track progress half termly Tricky words was said what

How you can help at home? Lots of encouragement and learn to enjoy reading and books Regular daily reading little and often Phonic/spelling home learning book Drop-in-session Websites- www.oxford Fun Activities Build a sound or spell a word with magnetic letters. sh fish Ha, Ha, Ha!

Say your sounds in a funny voice and make someone laugh! Speedy sounds read through the sound mat as fast as you can. Rainbow write First write each sound/word in pencil. Then trace over each sound three times. Each time you trace, you must use a DIFFERENT colour crayon. Trace neatly and you will see a rainbow!

Make the sounds Use bubble writing. and words from plasticine or dough. Write the sounds/words in glue, and then sprinkle with glitter! Write a list of words using a sound e.g. oa coat boat goat throat The neatest letters ever! Write your sounds or

tricky words as carefully and beautifully as you can! Treasure hunt Find objects that begin with a sound or end with a sound. Three times! Write each sound/word three times. First, write each sound in pencil. Second write each sound in crayon.

Third, write each sound in marker. Try to write neatly! Use a variety of objects to spell the sound/word cotton buds, buttons, Smarties. Take a photo! Paint it Magic paintbrush Write your sounds and words in the air. Spelling shapes Count your spelling words.

Draw one shape for each word. Then write your spelling words inside each of the shapes. Example: go Sound/word detective Read a newspaper, comic or magazine. How many of your sounds/words can you find? Highlight or underline them. For extra fun use a magnifying glass! Go fishing with a friend!

Place the sounds/words you Sing a sound! Instead need to practice in a box. Take of twinkle, twinkle little turns to close your eyes and pull star, ow ow ow ow ow out a sound/word. Read it correctly then keep it but if you ow ow dont, then put it back in the box. The player who collects the most sounds/words wins! You could decorate the box and write each sound/word on fish shaped paper. Robot voice Use your best robot voice to sound out words in your reading book.

Create an activity! Can you think of a really fun way to practice your sounds? Then go for it! Be sure to explain your activity so that I can share it with the class! Daily task Flashcards quickly read through the sound mat. This can be done alongside your childs reading. How the homework might look Each week select one or two activities from the Fun activities sheet. Record in the note book. 11.1.16 Max played the fishing game with his sister. He

recognised these sounds very well ch, oa & ai. It will be given out on a Monday. Please return by the following Monday. Have fun! Useful www.oxford strom rice

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