Physical Geography of Europe

Physical Geography of Europe

Physical Geography of Europe Where does Europe STOP? Europe and Asia are both continents, although they are both located on the same great landmass (Eurasia). These two continents are separated by the Ural Mountains and the Bosporus Strait (which separates the Black Sea & the Mediterranean Sea.) Why is Europe Europe? And Not

Asia??? When the Roman Empire split, the westerners wanted a separate name, so they named their land Europe after Europa a Greek woman born of the Gods. Europe: An Asian Peninsula?

Northern Peninsulas Scandinavian Peninsula Jutland Peninsula The Northern Peninsulas The Scandinavian Peninsula (occupied by Norway and Sweden) in northern Europe is mountainous.

Ice Age glaciers melted here, leaving thousands of lakes. Other glaciers carved out fjords along the coastline. Fjords- are U-shaped valleys that connect to the sea and that fill with sea water. Jutland, the peninsula on which mainland Denmark lies, is mostly flat. FJORDS

Southern Peninsulas Iberian Peninsul a Crimean Peninsul a Italian PeninsulBalkan Anatolea Peninsul

a nPeninsu a la The Southern Peninsulas The Iberian Peninsula home to Spain and Portugal. It separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, except for the small passage known as the Strait of Gibraltar. Most of the peninsula is a plateau, but the Pyrenees Mountains form a barrier between it and the rest of Europe.

The Strait of Gibraltar is approximately 5 miles wide at its narrowest point. It separates the Iberian Peninsula from Africa, and connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This makes it a very important body of water for shipping and travel. The United Kingdoms colony Gibraltar was established because of its important location. The Spanish city of Ceuta lies on the African side of the strait. Ferries shuttle back and forth across the strait. The Apennine or Italian Peninsula is a long, thin, boot-shaped piece of land on which the country of Italy lies. The Apennines mountain range, which

includes the active volcano Mount Vesuvius, extends down the center of the peninsula. Only about 30 percent of the Apennine Peninsula is plains. The Balkan Peninsula is bordered by the Adriatic, Mediterranean, & Aegean Seas. Greece is found on the southern tip. It is a tangle of mountain ranges and valleys. Overland travel in this region is difficult. B o d i

e s Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean of En

Baltic Sea el n n a Ch h glis Caspian Sea

Bay of Biscay ria Ad Dardanelles Strait tic Strait of Gibraltar

Tyrrhenian Sea a Se W a t e r

North Sea Aegean Sea Mediterranean Sea Black Sea Because of the continents shape, no place is more than 300 miles from the sea.

How do you think this affects the cultural geography and movement of the region? About 25 percent of the Netherlands lies below sea level. The Dutch reclaimed land from the sea, to create more room for their growing population. The Dutch have built dikes to hold back the waters. They have gained new land by draining lakes and flooded areas. Land that has been reclaimed from the sea is called a Polder. Since most of the land is low lying the Dutch built dikes to hold back the destructive impact of the sea. These dikes provide safety during floods and high tides. They

also built windmills to power pumps that drain the land. The Mediterranean Sea: Nostrum Mare Strait of Gibraltar & the Pillars of Hercules e 2,400 miles long & 1,000 miles wide

e Crossroads of 3 Continents Caesarea on the Israeli coast Islands Europes larger island are found in the North. These include: Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland & Greenland. Iceland, an island south of the Arctic Circle in the North Atlantic Ocean, features volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers.

The British Isles primarily Ireland and Great Britainare cool, hilly, and rainy. Iceland is known as the island of ice and volcanoes. Europes smaller islands are found in the Mediterranean Sea. The five large islands Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus, and Crete all have rugged terrain and volcanic mountains. Greeces nearly 2,000

islands in the Aegean Sea have rugged landscapes and a sunny climate that attracts tourists. Mediterranean Sea so pollute (will take 1000 years to clean up). Mediterranean Islands e Generally rugged & mountainous. e Mediterranean Sea so polluted (will take 1000 years to clean up).

Sardinia Cyprus Malta R. R. Volga Ebro R.

Ti be r R. D on . rR pe ie

Dn R. Da nu be Po R. Tagus R. . aR

ul st . Vi rR de O be El R.

. R. Loire R e in Rh Thames R. e

in Se R i v e r s R .

The Danube River 1770 mile s The Danube River Biking Along the Danube

Where Buda & Pest Meet e Flows through the 12 countries of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Ukraine. Capitals on the Rivers (1) London London on on the

the Thames Thames Paris, Paris, right right bank of the Seine Rome Rome on on the the Tiber Tiber

Vienna Vienna on on the the Danube Danube l Ura M o u t

a i n s Mts . Carp at & P

e a k s Alps Mts. Py Di re na nn ric es

Ap Al Mt en ps s. ni n es M Mt. Vesuvius ^ ts. Mt. Olympus ^ Mt. Etna ^

hian Mts. Caucasus Mts. The Alps e Cover most of Switzerland, Austria, and parts of Italy and France. Mt. Blanc in the Alps

e Highest mountain in the Alps: 15,771 feet Mt. Etna, Sicily e An active volcano Mt. Vesuvius, Italy e Pompeii, 79 CE e 1944 eruption

e Herculaneum, 79 CE Western Europe Pyrenees-forms a mountain wall between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe. They are not as tall as the Alps, but are very rugged. The Northern European Plain --> An Invasion Route into Asia (& Vice Versa?)

Plains One of the most fertile agricultural regions in the world is the Northern European Plain. 33% of Europes land is suitable for agricultural use, this is high compare to the world average of 11%. Loess, a fine, rich, wind-borne soil, is found here. Olives, fruits, and vegetables grow in southern areas; grains and livestock are raised in northern areas. Ruhr Ruhr River in Germany industrial center

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