Analysis of Collection Use in the OhioLINK Library Consortium Julia A. Gammon, University of Akron Anne T. Gilliland, OhioLINK Edward T. ONeill, OCLC In the beginning. Ohios libraries & cooperation Ohio College Library Center (OCLC) OhioLINK 2 1987 Library Study Committee Report 3 Recommendations: Create a book

depository system Create a statewide electronic catalog Appoint a steering committee 3 OhioLINK Planning Paper Coordination in purchasing of shared collections Expanded access to electronic information Improved access to information infrastructure Promotion of scholarly communications

Improved economies in purchase of electronic resources 4 OhioLINKs Philosophy User EmpowermentNo Mediation Abundant--Not rationed access UniversalNot selected access IntegratedNot segregated access Leveraged spending CooperationNot parochial orientation 5 Who belongs to OhioLINK? 87 members

16 public universities 23 community/technical colleges 47 private colleges State Library Testing Public and School Libraries 6 What do we share? 600,000+ Users 46 Million Shared Catalog Records 4,500 Simultaneous Users 140 Electronic Research Databases 12,000 Electronic Journals 25,000 E-books 14,000 Electronic Theses & Dissertation Thousands of images, videos and sounds 7

Circulation of Materials 46 million items (27 million books) to pick from 120 delivery sites Patron initiated Delivered to patron selected site 48 hours 8 Materials Delivered Around State 9 OhioLINKs Collection Building Task Force Charge To reduce duplication

To increase local collection development activities To expand the amount spent on cooperative purchases To move beyond books 10 Collection Building Task Force History 1997 Discussion began 1998 Wrote statewide RFP 1998 Selected vendorYBP 1999 Coordination projects began 11 OhioLINKs Current Tools for CCD YBPs Gobi

GobiTween Not Bought Lists Peer reports Management reports Subject groups Cooperative projects Road Shows 12 Books: How Many Copies Do We Need? 13 Collection Assessment Selling CCD without data

Informed decisions Questions: What do we want to know? Commercial products OCLC Office of Research 14 Collection Analysis Information Needed Is our OhioLINK collection getting more diverse? Is duplication of titles increasing or decreasing? What does the complete overall OhioLINK collection look like? What books didnt we purchase? (Not Bought in Ohio or ILL stats?) Does the 80/20 rule (80% of users needs are satisfied by 20% of the collection) apply? 15

OhioLINK-OCLC Research Project Project Goal Collect, analyze and compare book circulation data from all OhioLINK libraries Use OCLC #, ISBN or LCCN to link circulation records to WorldCat bib records 16 2. Data Collection 17 UCB Study vs. OhioLINK Study

Similar basic design OhioLINK study includes items that do not circulate and more kinds of books Neither could separate Inn-Reach transactions Each is a snapshot 18 WorldCat Linking For records with a valid OCLC No., the OCLC No. is used as the link For records with an obsolete OCLC No., the obsolete OCLC No. is replaced with current OCLC No. For records without an OCLC No. but with either a LCCN and/or an ISBN the LCCN (preferred) or the ISBN to identify the corresponding WorldCat record and find the OCLC No.

Records lacking an OCLC number, LCCN, or ISBN could not be validated 19 Design for Data Collection Keep output simple for libraries Libraries output circulation information OCLC matches with richer bibliographic information from World Cat OCLC filters some records 20 Testing Testing throughout much of 2006 and early 2007 Wright State University and several community colleges

Refined instructions and matching techniques 21 Publicity Project needs widespread support Sufficient notice and time to complete Support from staff at many levels Areas of concern 22 Data Collection April 29-May 27, 2007 Excellent participation rate 27,002,190 item records Snapshot

23 WorldCat Linking Validating link The title from the OhioLINK circulation record was compared to the title from the WorldCat record If the title from the circ record was similar to the title in the WorldCat record, the record was validated Determining material type Only books and manuscripts were included Material type was based on fixed fields codes in the WorldCat records (bib lvl = m and type = a or t) 24 WorldCat Linking

Records Received 33,146,008 Records Validated 30,718,454 (92.7%) Validated Books 27,002,190 (81.5%) 25 3. Analysis 26 Caution! Only first phase of the data collection is complete Results are preliminary; revisions and corrections

will occur 27 Most Held Libraries: 68 Copies: 109 Circulations: 99 28 Most Copies Libraries: 12 Copies: 9,542

Circulations: 9 The National union catalog, pre-1956 imprints 29 Most Circulated Libraries: 6 Copies: 92 Circulations: 6,023 30 Group One FRBR Entities

A distinct intellectual or artistic creation Work Is realized through Expression The intellectual or artistic realization of a work Is embodied in Manifestation Is exemplified by

Item The physical embodiment of an expression A single exemplar of a manifestation 31 Holdings vs. Circulations 30,000,000 25,000,000 Total 20,000,000

Circulated 15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 0 Items Manifestations Works 32 Subject Distribution Anthropology

Chemistry Physical Education and Recreation Computer Science Agriculture Performing Arts Psychology Mathematics Music Geography and Earth Sciences Physical Sciences Biological Sciences Library Science, Generalities, and Political Science Education Art and Architecture Engineering and Technology Medicine

Sociology Law Philosophy and Religion Business and Economics History and Auxiliary Sciences Language, Linguistics, and Literature 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 Number of 6,000,000 33

Duplication by Subject Agriculture Engineering and Technology Language, Linguistics, and Literature Physical Education and Recreation Art and Architecture Computer Science Philosophy and Religion Geography and Earth Sciences History and Auxiliary Sciences Anthropology Business and Economics Medicine Biological Sciences Library Science, Generalities, and Reference Music

Performing Arts Physical Sciences Political Science Mathematics Education Sociology Psychology Chemistry Law 1 2 3 4

5 No. of 6 7 8 9 34 Circulation by Subject Law Library Science, Generalities, and Reference

Geography and Earth Sciences Political Science Business and Economics Language, Linguistics, and Literature Agriculture History and Auxiliary Sciences Physical Sciences Philosophy and Religion Biological Sciences Engineering and Technology Education Chemistry Music Performing Arts Art and Architecture Mathematics Anthropology

Medicine Physical Education and Recreation Sociology Psychology Computer Science 0 1 2 Circulation per 3 4

35 Age of Subject Collections Language and Literature History and Auxiliary Sciences Chemistry Philosophy and Religion Library Science Physical Sciences Music Political Science Biological Sciences Psychology Agriculture Education Art and Architecture Mathematics

Anthropology Physical Education and Recreation Business and Economics Engineering and Technology Geography and Earth Sciences Sociology Performing Arts Medicine Law Computer Science 1970 1975 1980

1985 Median Publication 1990 36 Hot Subjects Computer Science (QA 75-76) Women, Feminism, Life Skills, Life Style (HQ 1101-2044) Medicine: Special Subjects (R 690-920) Buddhism (BQ) Nursing (RT) Broadcasting (PN 1990-1992) 37

Language Distribution Portuguese Indonesian Arabic Greek (Modern) Polish Hebrew Latin Japanese Italian Chinese Other Russian Spanish French German English

24,386,81 4 0 200,000 400,000 Number of 600,000 800,000 38 Usage Distribution

100% % of Circulation 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 0.001% 0.010%

0.100% 12.86% (788,483 ) 1.000% % of 10.000% 100.000% 39 Annual Collection Growth

125,000 Max 114,375 (2000) No. of Manifestations Added 100,000 75,000 50,000 25,000 0

1900 1915 1930 1945 1960 Publication 1975 1990 2005

40 Duplication Rate 6 Average No. of Copies 5 4 3 2 1

1900 1915 1930 1945 1960 Publication 1975 1990 2005

41 Circulation Library Unit Akron Campus University Libraries Bierce Science Archives Law Local Storage Akron Art Museum Wayne Campus Depository Size Ave. Circ.

758,839 4.20 683,222 4.59 572,288 4.58 85,973 6.01 24,961 .04 75,250 .68 367 .08 11,514 .00 20,639

2.42 245,644 1.08 42 Median Publication Date Library Unit Akron Campus University Libraries Bierce Science Archives Law Local Storage Akron Art Museum Wayne Campus

Depository Size Pub. Date 758,839 1989 683,222 1988 572,288 1987 85,973 1952 24,961 1952 75,250 1995 367

1952 11,514 1987 20,639 1994 245,644 1971 43 Questions? This presentation is available at: . 44

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