@primaryteachew What has happened to this number to get to 7.5? The place value has changed by_________________.

16 x _ = 80 Use your times tables knowledge to help you. 10 x 16 = 160 SO 5 x 16 = 80 TOP TIP: Focus on the

ONES column. Which of these two numbers multiply to give a multiple of 10? 9x6= 5x6=

6x5= REMEMBER: YOU NEED TO COUNT THROUGH (INCLUDE!) 0! We need to FIND THE DIFFERENCE. How many pence are there? TOP TIP: Remember to put this on to your pounds so you can

see your place value when subtracting! TOP TIP: Make sure you READ THE QUESTION and look for the information it is asking you to. What is the last time BEFORE 5:30?

The triangle has been translated 7 right and 5 up. Draw the triangle in the new position. TOP TIP: Pick ONE point of the triangle to focus on first. A FACTOR is...

A number that when multiplied with another, produces a given number. 30: 1, 30, 6, 5, 2, 15, 3, 10 15: 1, 15, 3, 5 Look at how

long each time slot is! TOP TIP: A LITRE IS 1000ml This must be _________ml 568

500 - Diameter is: The width of a circle. Radius is: Half the width of a circle (from the centre). PENTAGON = 5 SIDES ACUTE ANGLE = Smaller

than 90 degrees. TOP TIP: Count the sides as well as the angles! 1. Find out how much 2 mangoes are.

ADDING. 2. DIVIDE the total by 3. THERE ARE 3 PINEAPPLES. PARALLEL LINE - Two lines that are running side by side but will never meet. PERPENDICULAR LINE - At an angle of 90 degrees to a given line.

1. We need to ADD. 450 + 450 = 2. Now, we need to DIVIDE what is left. TOP TIP: CONVERT into decimals, THEN compare.

GREATER means BIGGER, LARGER. 2 9 16 1 2

3 5 7 11 13

17 19 TOP TIP: What numbers can be rounded to 50? THIS NEEDS TO BE

DONE IN REVERSE! THEN which of these numbers divided by 4 give a WHOLE NUMBER? 2 1 What are the length and

width of the rectangle tile? What are the areas of the two shapes? Length x Width = Area LxW=A

3 TOP TIP: FIND THE DIFFERENCE = This is a 3 mark question. SUBTRACT

So it is likely to have 3 (or more!) steps. This is an easy place to see what the difference is. Now, convert this to EIGHTHS to find the final

number. We know 27 + w = 34 SO 27 + 7 = 34 Both of these need to have the

same final value. There is only 1 w in the top section. There are 2 in the second section.

27 What is happening to number a to become b? Think about: What pattern do you notice?

Remember, we know we need to x and -. TOP TIP: I know VOLUME = Width x Length x Height W x L x H -= V

Find this cubes volume first! 6x6x6= So 6 x 4 = X?=V

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