PMRIPT/PSMC Systems Engineering Team Status Brief Nov 06 SE Team Members

LMI (Facilitator) ASC DSPO Navy (Crane) OSD (Systems Eng!) HQ-AFMC/ENP Boeing Raytheon (Your Name Here!) Systems Engineering Team We have no idea what were doing! Reasons: 1) Policies not yet in placethus, world out to get us!

2) Performance-Based anything is still evolving FLE. Is it PBA, PBL, or PBS? 3) DMSMS is no help whatsoever! DMSMS is important, but it falls short of what were talking about. Its a subset of what were talking about. Butits funded! (We love DMSMS!) What weve done so far Attended as many meetings as possible Key members missing each time Helped deploy Community of Practice (CoP) on Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN) (34 members) Identified policies, procedures, and course

material which need to be better targeted Realized just how dirty the phrase Parts Management really is! Come to realize just how far we have to go! The tortoise, thru persistence, will win this race! (__ from SE) Recommendations 1) Make it clear when a system element (i.e., subsystem, component, configuration item, etc.) becomes a 'part' and what fundamental system characteristics or other considerations are different. See for more on the terminology used in the DAG to describe system elements. 2) Make it clear what you mean when you say 'standard part'. This should be based on the concept of 'part' (discussed above) and also on one or more of the basic standardization types (interface, design criteria, manufacturing process, best practice, and test method) defined in DoD 4120.24-M ( 3) Describe how parts management as an activity relates to other system lifecycle activities,

processes and considerations. I suggest that you do this by first highlighting related activities on the wall chart ( and then review the related descriptions in DAG sect 4.3. ( to determine how parts management is different. Also, I suggest you look at sections 4.4.1, 4.4.3., 4.4.9 to ensure that parts management considerations are not already addressed and determine what adjustments are needed, if any. Look at,,, and others to determine if aspects that are unique to parts management are not covered by the current guidance that generally refers to system components and configuration items. 4) List the overall program objectives, benefits and risks that you believe parts management supports or mitigates. For example, reuse, tech insertion, competition, DMSMS, etc. 5) Define measurable or observable criteria that indicate parts risks in terms that are traceable to overall program objectives/benefits/risks and can be incorporated into the DoD risk checklists that are in development. I provided the POC for this activity and current status separately. What might be next?

Development of more conceptto help explain and define future direction Stay the course with respect to MIL-STDXXXX; SD-19; __s Roadmap; etc. Exploration of Performance-Based Supportability More reliance on PSMC to help sustain to direction ..especially in this resource-constrained environment Your Idea Here!

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