Points, Lines and Planes

Points, Lines and Planes

Day 2 Geometry Terminology (SOL: 4.10ab) Resour ce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz hgsfaRZ2o

Obj SWBAT identify geometry notations & illustrate Geometry terminology. WU Complete questions (1-8, 1-10); show all your work! **hw/hw log/Storybook/collect parent

contact forms HW (day 2) Worksheet (1-24) Quiz: Solving equations/simplify radicals/factoring Cardstock & string

Notes Honors please see the admin notes on the power point slide about the summer assignment Warm-up Day 2 Answers: 1)

4) 9) 2) 5) 10) 3) 6) no solution or undefined 7) 0 8)

Honors Geometry Summer Assignment Notes. I/II. Always reduce your answers III. Reduce all fractions..you should have 3 answers per for questions 7-9. Always graph on graph paper! IV. This is a solution set, not a fraction V.

You can check your factored answers in your calculator, see me if you would like to see how to do that. VI. You are to solve these, not factor them; the quadratic formula is given on the formula sheet. Also do not round any answers, unless the directions indicate you can do so. VII. Plot and label each coordinate point. Question 32-35: no radicals in denominator & prime numbers are under the radical. Question 37- two answers.

Question 38- three inequality solutions & a graph! Question 40- two answers Group Activity (10 minutes) Each geometry term matches with the definition and the *Now check your answers with the following slides.

*How many did you get correct? *Copy each of the 11 terms into you Geometry Storybook: Geometry Key Concepts p. ____ (this page will be collected and graded for a classwork grade) Answer Key Answer Key

Partner Practice Questions Copy questions & answer (1-12) Kiea- distribute textbook A is between C and T. (Draw and label a diagram) 1. Highlight/Identify the true statements: 2. What is the difference between and ?

Naming a segment versus the length of a segment 3. What is the intersection of two lines? Intersection of two planes? Point, line 4. How many points lie on a plane? infinite How many Planes are 5. there?

6. Name three points that are collinear. 7.Are points A, B, C, & D coplanar? Explain. 8. At what point do and intersect? 5. One 6. A, B and D 7. no 8. D How any planes are there?

9. 10. Name three collinear points. 11. Are points G, A, B, & F coplanar? Explain 12. At what point do and intersect? 9. Four 10. D, G, B 11. no 12. no intersection

Geometry Chardes: Using the Geometry terms in todays lesson, ask students to volunteer to come up with a movement or act out a term. Have students guess what the term is. If Time Activity.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Each student gets two index cards, label one Q and one R.

Hold the two card together and place a slit halfway through both cards. Hold cards so that the slits matchup and slide them together; tape cards together Label the intersection . Label F on Q, but not on R. Label G on R, not on Q. Can F lie on Can G lie on Label H so that it lies on both Q and R.

all the hw slides or you must copy them verbatim (exactly as shown)

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