Poster Title Goes Here author's name Seton Hall University ...

Poster Title Goes Here author's name Seton Hall University ...

Managing the Duals:
The role of manager-academics working in a dual sector institution
Bruce Macfarlane, Ourania Filippakou, Liz Halford, Arti Saraswat
Thames Valley University
Institutional context

Challenges and responses

Attitudes to duality

2004 - Thames Valley University (TVU) merged with
Reading College and School of Arts and Design creating a
dual sector institution in England

Cultural differences


Are the aims and values of further education
compatible with those found in higher education?

See further and higher education as representing
distinct entities with different educational values,
purposes and cultures

2005-2008 A research project based at TVU funded by
HEFCE entitled Managing Change and Collaboration in
Dual Sector (FE-HE) institutions

if you have more FE students than HE students then
you run the risk of the university not being a university

What is a dual sector institution?

[It] creates a problem, that youve got HE students
mixing with FE students, the cultures are different, the
ethos is different

A post-secondary institution that includes substantial
elements of both further and higher education.
There are a number outside the UK in Australia (eg Victoria
University), Canada (eg Thompson Rivers University),
South Africa (eg Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
and New Zealand (Unitec)
Duals also include Mixed Economy Colleges of Further and
Higher Education in the UK

Geography and communication


How does duality improve the student experience, if at
all? Does it make progression easier? Should structures
be integrated or separated?

HEFCE Leadership Governance and Management

where it works [ie duality]is where the FE and the HE
is separated out on the campus

Stage 1

National and international comparison

Stage 2

Interviews with manager-academics at TVU

I was an external examiner for an institute that was
predominantly an FE college, they had separate buildings,
separate common rooms, tutorial systems they gave their
FE students something to aspire to

Stage 3

Management development
Email: [email protected]


In terms of resources theres a perception that the library is
very much an FE library [at Reading campus]

To widen participation by creating seamless opportunities
for student progression within and between further and
higher education

Project contact details

Main rationale

Can a large, multi-campus institution with 65,000
students bring together further and higher education?

Improving the student experience

Semi-structured interviews with middle manageracademics called heads of subject, directors of study,
programme and curriculum leaders at Thames Valley

Want to protect the identity of own sub-brand of the
merged organisation arguing that existing structures
are better understood in the educational marketplace

FE is a much more regulated environment..HE is more

What is the purpose of a dual?

Interviews with manager-academics


Development and identity
How does duality impact on the self-identity of
academics and the institution? What are the
implications for the development of staff?
There are some people in further education who are not as
academically qualified.and I think they now feel slightly
I am not sure it [ie the merged institution] is really
understoodhow we market ourselves and how we promote
what we do and make it understood is quite critical..








Favour two separate but strong further and higher
education parts of the merged institution as a more
effective means of achieving student progression
and managing the demands of external funders and
quality agencies
Favour integration of cultures of further and higher
education to improve student progression arguing
that boundaries between further and higher
education have already blurred

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