PowerPoint - careerwise.minnstate.edu

PowerPoint - careerwise.minnstate.edu

October 30, 2018 Minnesota State CAREERwise Help Your Students Become CAREERwise! Help Your Students Become CAREERwise! facilitated by:

Chris Sonnek Academic Advising Specialist Mary Rothchild Senior System Director for Workforce Development Joy Brown CAREERwise Program Administrator

and Webmaster 2 Agenda Activity Introductions Create a Career Explorer Profile


The Career Planning Model STEP 1: Assess Yourself STEP 2: Explore Careers STEP 3: Create a Plan & Set Goals STEP 4: Expand Skills STEP 5: Find a Job (Explore the Job Market)

Activity Map Resources to Your Career Explorer Profile 3 Activity Form groups of 2 3 people Introductions

In your small group, introduce yourselves and talk about the types of students you work with Create or select a career explorer profile You can use the sample profile cards or create your own Keep the profile you created in mind as we walk through the presentation. Which resources could you use with this career explorer?

Well use the career explorer profile you created in the activity at the end of this presentation. 4 Sample Profile: Luciana High School Student What is the education /

experience level of this career explorer? Luciana is about to start her last year of high school. She is on the girls basketball team and enjoys being part of a team. What are the career goals for this explorer?

She really hasnt started thinking about a career yet. She isnt sure if college is for her. 5 https://bit.ly/2Smkpj5

6 Career Exploration on CAREERwise How to get started 7

The Career Planning Model https://bit.ly/2OVzcDC 8 9 10

STEP 1 ASSESS YOURSELF 11 Assess Yourself https://bit.ly/2OQXOgp

12 Take an Assessment https://bit.ly/2OSlvoS 13 CAREERwise Interest

Assessment https://bit.ly/2SrTdjc 60 questions 10 15 minutes to take Results include: Holland Interest Profile

Career titles and wage Information Direct links to detailed career profiles Direct links to major profiles 14

CAREERwise Interest Assessment: Results Part I Holland Interest Profile 15 CAREERwise Interest Assessment: Results Part II

Career Titles that match interests. Select title to view detailed information

Sort by wages to view high wage occupations Filter by education level Direct links to Majors that match interests 16 Cluster Survey https://bit.ly/2Jjr2yz

17 Cluster Survey Sample Questions 18 Cluster Survey - Results

19 MNCAREERS ASSESSMENT https://bit.ly/2PrwDIO Pen and Paper 42 Questions (our shortest

assessment) Results include: Holland Interest Profile 20 MNCAREERS ASSESSMENT On this page you will also find:

Information about each Holland Interest Type Career clusters that match each interest type and links to research each cluster 21

CareerOneStop Skills Matcher Sample Questions Sample Results 22 https://bit.ly/2ExljkI

STEP 2 EXPLORE CAREERS 23 Explore Careers https://bit.ly/2CKV110

24 Career Clusters and Pathways https://bit.ly/2EVYY5I 25 Career Clusters

https://bit.ly/2uBWORl Find all 16 career clusters. Each cluster includes: Information about the cluster Careers Industries Pathways

Majors 26 Career Pathways https://bit.ly/2RcOgJA View pathway diagrams for each career cluster.

See occupations within the pathway by education level. 27 Career Videos https://bit.ly/2AtNlyL

28 Campus Career Service Centers https://bit.ly/2Auh9v3 29

Career Search Tools https://bit.ly/2OOEssq 30 Detail Career Profile https://bit.ly/2Ji2rdy

NEW 31 Detail Career Profile: Wages & Outlook 32

Detail Career Profile: Education & Credentials 33 Detail Career Profile: Jobs

NEW 34 STEP 3 Create a Plan & Set Goals 35

SET GOALS https://bit.ly/2PWvGoH 36 Reality Check Tool Step 1 Select a location

https://bit.ly/2GBhSfi Step 2 Select lifestyle choices to create a budget Step 3 See the annual salary needed

37 Results: See occupations that meet salary needed STEP 4 Expand Skills 38

Plan Your Education https://bit.ly/2z98VGU 39 Education Search Tools https://bit.ly/2JhOtbu

40 Program Search https://bit.ly/2Ptqg7C 41

Course Search https://bit.ly/2EW18lQ 42 Continuing Education & Customized Training

43 https://bit.ly/2gfjdLV STEP 5 Find a Job 44

Job Search Resources https://bit.ly/2Oa02T0 45 Salary Search https://bit.ly/2z5J8iN

46 Occupations in Demand https://bit.ly/2CL6626 47 Job Vacancy Data

https://bit.ly/2AfX2PK 48 Regional Career Information https://bit.ly/2yAmik8 49

ACTIVITY 50 Activity Instructions In your group, use the profile you created at the

beginning of this session to identify CAREERwise resources you could use to help your career explorer. You can use the presentation handout to help you. For those of you with a phone, youll find a QR code at the top of each new resource presented. Use this or the URL to navigate through the website on your phone. Use the activity handout to record your groups answers.

Well come back together and share what we found. 51 Activity Handout What resources would you use to help this student? Which pieces of data / information could be helpful for making a career or education decision? Were there any resources you couldnt find that

would be helpful to your student? 52 More Resources for Career Counselors https://bit.ly/2AuohYl

53 E-mail Newsletter https://bit.ly/2G875Jt 54 30 East 7th Street, Suite 350

St. Paul, MN 55101-7804 651-201-1800 888-667-2848 www.MinnState.edu 55 This document is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities.

To request an alternate format, contact Human Resources at 651-201-1664. Individuals with hearing or speech disabilities may contact us via their preferred Telecommunications Relay Service. Minnesota State is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator.

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