Powerpoint Jeopardy

Powerpoint Jeopardy

Brain Injury 101 Once Upon a Brain Dont Knock It Hodgepodge Law & Order

100 100 100 100 200

200 200 200 300 300

300 300 400 400 400

400 500 500 500 500

True or False 100 200 300 400 500 600 700

800 900 1000 Once Upon a Brain -100 Points Brain injury that results from an external force is called? What is Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI?

Once Upon a Brain - 200 Points Dont say this out loud, but a brain injury also is known as What is the Silent Epidemic? Once Upon a Brain - 300 Points The percentage of brain

injuries that are mild. What is 75%? Once Upon a Brain - 400 Points Following initial injury, the risk of 2nd injury grows to What is 3 times?

Once Upon a Brain - 500 Points You dont necessarily have to be hit here to sustain a brain injury. What is the head? Don't Knock It 100 Points More than 70% of people with concussion report having what

symptom? What is headache? Don't Knock It 200 Points Though there may be various ways to diagnose a concussion, you cannot count on this method alone What is brain imaging

(MRI or CT scan)? Don't Knock It 300 Points This is the most important component to recovery from concussion What is rest? Don't Knock It 400 Points Dorothy lost this in the

Wizard of Oz, but you dont need to in order to have a concussion. What is loss of consciousness? Don't Knock It 500 Points Daily Double Dont worry! This % of concussions clear

up within 2-3 weeks What is 80%? Law and Order 100 Points CT law requires anyone under the age of 16 to wear this when riding a bike What is a helmet?

Law and Order 200 Points A law established in 2010 protects student athletes from the dangers of this? What is a concussion? Law and Order 300 Points The percentage your chances of surviving a crash increase by

wearing a seat belt. What is 75%? Law and Order 400 Points CT law requires anyone under the age of 17 to wear this when riding in the back seat. What is a seat belt?

Law and Order 500 Points DAILY DOUBLE 2 answers needed Whoops! If youre a teen and get caught using your hand-held cell phone 3 times in CT this will happen. What is a 6 month license suspension, and $175 fine to restore your license?

Hodgepodge 100 points The ONLY place in CT that you can go to for free information and resources about brain injury prevention and recovery? What is the Brain Injury Alliance of CT? Hodgepodge - 200 Points These sporting accessories

will not prevent concussion (3 protective devices). What are helmets, mouth guards, and headbands? Hodgepodge 300 Points The only known cure for brain injury is?

What is prevention? Hodgepodge- 400 Points The leading cause of TBI related emergency room visits for people age 15-24. What is assault? Hodgepodge- 500 Points

A rare adolescent phenomenon related to repeat concussions which can be fatal or lead to severe injury. What is second impact syndrome? True or False? 100 Points Your brain is fully developed at age 18.

FALSE The brain continues to develop until age 25. True or False? 200 Points Females are 1 times more likely to sustain a brain injury than males.

FALSE Males are 1 times more likely to sustain a brain injury than females. True or False? 300 Points It is okay to still use a bike helmet after a crash even if it has a small crack. FALSE Replace your helmet after every crash.

True or False? 400 Points The age group 16-20 has the lowest rate of seat belt use? TRUE The majority of teen motor vehicle crash fatalities were unbelted. True or False? 500 Points If your car is equipped with air

bags you dont need to buckle up. FALSE Air bags were designed to work with, not in place of, seat belts. True or False? 600 Points 10% of all drivers ages 15-19 years of age involved in fatal crashes were reported as

distracted at the time of the crashes. TRUE True or False? 700 Points It is much safer to talk on a hands-free device while driving. FALSE There is no significant difference in

using a hands-free device or handheld one. True or False? 800 Points Research shows that the portion of the brain that assesses risk and danger does not fully develop until the mid-20s. TRUE The are of the brain is one of the last to develop.

True or False? 900 Points TBI is the leading cause of death and disability in children and adolescents. TRUE True or False? 1000 Points Using a cellphone while

driving doubles the risk of getting into a crash FALSE The risk increases by 4 times.

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