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    PowerPoint Presentation

    Curtain Wall Used for defense purposes. The outer wall surrounded by the Motte and Baily castles. 6-20 feet thick 45 feet high 1, 500 feet long The Keep Used for defense purposes. Strongest place in the castle. At first, keeps...
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    Acts as a catalyst) Prograde metamorphism produces fluids A= B+H2O Retrograde metamorphism consumes fluids B+H2O=A Thus dry rocks need external fluid supply to undergo retrogressive metamorphism Types of metamorphism Regional metamorphism Contact metamorphism Burial metamorphism Hydrothermal metamorphism Shock metamorphism Plate...
  • Introduction to Computer Systems 15-213/18-243, spring 2009

    Introduction to Computer Systems 15-213/18-243, spring 2009

    Plan for today. Suppose we want to communicate securely when an adversary can intercept us and do MITM attacks. The problem the Enigma (later) tried to solve
  • The Workers Revolution & The Winnipeg General Strike

    The Workers Revolution & The Winnipeg General Strike

    The Red Scare Officials looked for communist books/articles at the borders, and if someone had any of these materials they were sent to prison! The Labour Wars
  • 1818 ACC Chemistry

    1818 ACC Chemistry

    Chemistry - Oct 29, 2019 . P3 Challenge- What is the difference between heat and temperature? Explain using the heating curve of water. Pick up two handouts: Notes page, Homework Assignment. Objective - Model energy transfers. Agenda - Energy Bar...
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Collimate Halo particles: Spoilers and Absorbers Collimation depth - (nxsx, nysy) Reduce halo size using Octupoles What is Halo, and How much: Drozhdin's 1/x-1/y model Flat distribution with 50sx,50sx',200sy,200sy',3%DE/E Pencil beam hitting SP1 Calculated halo ~10-6, but design collimation for...
  • Oracle Architecture Oracle Day 1 - Rajika Tandon

    Oracle Architecture Oracle Day 1 - Rajika Tandon

    - Oracle Logical Structure- Tablespaces, Segments, Extents and Blocks - Schema objects-Tables, Sequences, Synonyms, Views - Oracle Memory Structures and Background Processes, Data Dictionary Through handouts (lecture 1 & 2): Revision of SQL Introduction to Advanced SQL & PL/SQL What...
  • A mai dinamikus irányzatok

    A mai dinamikus irányzatok

    Mai dinamikus irányzatok Szelfpszichológia Heinz Kohut (1913-1981) élete: Bécs, orvosi diploma 1939-ben Londonba menekül 1940-ben Chicagoba megy, és a 40-es években az egyetemen tanít neurológiát és pszichiátriát Már Bécsben elkezdett pszichoanalízisét folytatja Az APAA elnöke egy évig Művei Kohut, H....