Panda Printer x5892 1006A Lenihan SO 1306 Stillinger

Panda Printer x5892 1006A Lenihan SO 1306 Stillinger

Panda Printer x5892 1006A Lenihan SO 1306 Stillinger PhD Brandt PhD Fitzgerald PhD Urbisci PhD Vignardi PhD 1410 1012 Var temp Res Lab Holden MEIAF Lab 1101 1006 Choate (staff) X Chen PhD Bart (R) Heckman PhD Hanan PD 1021 Bergesen PD (Suh) Mengya Tao PhD (Suh) Perkins, Jessica PhD (Suh) Qin, Yuwei PhD (Suh) Song, Runsheng PhD (Suh) Kris Taniguchi PhD (Dunne/Geo) Storage Davis lab mgr 1310 1316 x5054 Eco-E Incubator Lenihan Moist Lab 1324 1328 PhD Lab Erin Bray PD Jose Zenteno PhD Kayal PD SARC Jessica Couture 1520 x3771 1410 Visitor Center Oak 14 14 x4033 x8457 Watershed Teaching Lab 1016 1012A 1031 1027 Davis Mechanical Shop Prep Tague SO Group Projects Study Room PhD Dry Lab 1015 Dunne SO 1011 Field prep 1001 1005 14 A 2 14 1510 x3859 4 Colloquium Room 14 Sycamore Seminar Room (R) = Researcher PD = Post Doc FIRST FLOOR Winter 2016 11/1/2015 Ice 2309 Micro x7650 2008 2016 2026D 2321 oms Flow 2335 2202 Admin. 2034 Instrument 2026B Room x8618 2322 2308 2318 Holden SO 2026A 2026C Cold Ro Holden Wet Lab 2324 SIL x5652 Storage Chem Store Rosana Aquilera PD 8/17 Meyerhof - staff Lijuan Zhau PD (AK) 12/15 Garner PhD (AK) x8470 2336 2326

Keller SO x4203 J. Ervin PD Mortimer PD Adeleye PD Keller Labs Keller Wet Lab x5352 2336A 2406 2530 Student Mail & Print Room Faculty /Staff Mail Cruz Ortiz PhD (AK) Yao Li, Prof (AK) Y. Huang PhD Ze bra Pri /Kink nte o r 2410 UC CEIN Holde n SO Melack Wet Lab Chimera Printer 2045 2025 2027 2033 Holden Lab 2041 Feraud PhD UC CEIN Biogeochem Teaching Niki Renaldi Lab Labs Roehrdanz (R) x8457 Ying Wang PhD 2015 Sterilizer Melack SO 2001 2005 Magpie/Cormorant BW Rainbow/Technicolor Printers 2524 Illes Career Webb Center White 2400 A B Gaines Garcia 2424 D Airam Soares 2522 Litchfield Moyer C 2520 Winans 2433 2428 Bleecher 2436 x7613 2512 2510 2443 Faculty/Staff Kitchen x4886 2508 x3520 x7611 on Ritchey x7457 s bin Ro Deans Conf. 2514 Hankey x2743 y ne Bir 2439 2516 te ga Fu d ar rg Bu n loo Fa Krupa 2430 Kaplan Parker 2518 (R) = Researcher PD = Post Doc SECOND FLOOR Winter 2016 11/1/2015 X5744 X8453 3001 3007 x7044 Davis SO Frew SO PhD Dry Lab 3011 3017 Janee (R) Potapenko (R) Welch PhD Shiyuan Liu 4/16 3012 Kastl PhD (?) Collie PhD (?) Severen PhD (CC) X Chen PhD (AK) Devlin PhD (?)

Feinup PhD (SA) Palazzo PhD (RG) Maynard, Emily Hiroyasu PhD (BK) John Ellis (1/16) 3034 Server SCF Panda & Chameleon DeGolia PhD (SA) Printers Callery PhD (MP) Lassiter PhD (BK) 3308 3310 3312 Libecap 3406 Cotter Danilevicz 3408 Means Penguin Printer 3328 Reading Room Student Kitchen 3526 x7614 Brian Leonard PhD Econ Ayres PhD Sutherland PhD (CC) tad - 6/18 (SS) Dengshing, Li PD (SS) Prof Andre Bardow 9/15 4/16 3418 Ke l Su ler h 3520 3518 Steve Miley Help Desk Team 3422 3516 Holden x8633 3514 3424 3512 H ol de n Winter 2016 is 3508 v Da 3510 e nn Du 3426 ga in t 3428 r an ye Pl Mellichamp e G a 3430 Chair nih n i Le sk to o (R) = Researcher P 3522 Van de Werfhorst PD 3420 Ko ls 3524 Cucurachi, Stefeno PD 3416 THIRD FLOOR Pine Room Selkoe, Kim Portnykh PD (GL) 9/16 Burgess, Matt PD (SG) Cabral PD (SG) 2/16 PD = Post Doc Storage Admin/Dev Communication Center Badham 3414 3344 3330 Student Commons Hannah (CI) Niels Vestergaard 2/16 5/16 3045 GIS Teaching IT Lab Orca & Monarch Printers 3022A SCF FM 3304 3412 PhD Dry Lab 3022B Computer Event Storage 3410 FM 3035 3021 3031

Soong PhD McCullough PhD Cohen, Adam PhD Chen, Helen PhD Yao Tang (OY) 9/16 Wilson PD TNC Rolands researchers Kuczenski PD (RG) A Dominguez PD (RG) 1/16 12/16 11/1/2015 4025 4027 4029 4031 4033 UC CEIN LOAN Gaines 4024 Afflerbach OHara Jiang Booth 4032 Emeriti Office Manzanita Room 4327 4329 Sage Center Lowndes Scarborough Molina PhD Weiwen, Li MSI Emily Moberg 1/16 Tapia PhD Fredston-Herman PhD Skunk Printer 4322 4324 4402 4402 x399 6 4404 Visitors 4406 Horst 4408 Vermeer (TNC) Gelcich Foundez Wilson Ben Best Lisa Wedding 4412 Siegel Ovando Thomas Dan Zuwalski McDonald Clavelle X4058 Brunkow 4526 Prahl x5589 4414 4416 4418 4524 Yao Tang visiting PhD 4522 Frew 4520 Noack, Frederik PD 2/17 4518 n i tto un Hu br om Le g un Yo e gu Ta all nd Ke r zie n Do r so de An M en g Co st el Lib lo ec ap Ti lm an 4410 4528A-F Hanrahan MW 12 - ? Norm Brown MW 10-12 Jacobson F & S Chris Pinchiff T 12-2 Danilevicz T TH 2-4 SFG x2608 Bonsai Room Nkuiya, Bruno PD 4420 an 12/15 4516 m 4422 lz McDermott, Grant n a r 4514 S pe 4512 4424 al 9/14-6/15 ne H ai t 4510 n 4426 ck Bu 4508 ela M n so n (R) = Researcher i ilk PD = Post Doc W Wilfried Rickels 12/20/15 FOURTH FLOOR Winter 2016 11/1/2015

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