The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it

The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it

The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet. It requires a certain relish for confusion. You can't ignore politics, no matter how much you'd like to. It's hard to argue against cynicsthey always sound smarter than optimists because they have so much evidence on their side. Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins finally debuted at Sundance Film Festival last week! (Google it for trailers and more) 86th Legislative Session Preparation Voting Rights & Election Laws Cinde Weatherby LWVTX Voting Rights & Election Law Issue Chair

Basic Principles + Research, Study, Consensus Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy. Impact on Issues Exhaustive history of resulting positions every citizen should be protected in the right to vote; that every person should have access to free public education that provides equal opportunity for all; and that no person or group should suffer legal, economic, or administrative discrimination. Program Perspectives Legislative history & positions

Priority Issues & We Support Brochures Find all on LWVTX Advocacy website page. LWVTX Legislative Contact LWVTX Issue Chairs Collaborate & compare notes with other friendly groups Benefit from paid staffers ongoing work Provide basic talking points to LWV members about our issues Local League Members Play Significant Roll Constituents rule! Review Action Papers on priorities & prepare to discuss Provide copy of 3 Priority Issues brochures to Member/staffers Local League Legislative

Contact Preparation & Visit Ideally pre-arrange visit with member or staff & be on time Find the room in advance HINT: Use Texas Tribune website on smartphone for room # & maps If Member unavailable, express gratitude to talk with staff Research your Members bills already filed & committee assignments Ask about Members priorities for session Be prepared to present basics of 3 LWVTX priority positions Be courteous and never unpleasant or disagreeable

Best to go in pairs or more with pre-arranged note-taker Get photos of your group with Member or staff Immediately After Your Legislative Visit Use Your Smart Phone for Super Easy Reporting Open browser & go to: Scroll down past Janets blogto see: Legislative Visit Feedback Please use the Legislative Visit Form to provide feedback on visits with elected officials. Keep it open in your search engine to use after each visit! After Local League Legislative Contact Timely Follow-Up Communication & Reporting Quickly send written thank you notes (to members & staffers) for your meeting

Be certain to thank again when posting photos on Local League social media & remember to tag Legislators & LWVTX Voting Rights Messaging* Disturbing evidence that majority of public believes illegal voting occurs on significant scale (all demographics) Many are concerned about our elections, and trust has been shaken. There are common-sense steps we can take to safeguard our elections and Americans right to vote so everyones vote gets counted. *With appreciation to TCRP, Topos Partnership & Lake Research Partners Voting Rights Messaging DOs & DONTs* DO Lead with values like freedom, equality, trust and responsibility

Offer pro-voter solutions, describe system change needed to achieve a truly representative democracy (early voting, electronic voter registration, etc.) Boost trust in state and local election administrators, support well-funded elections systems that can protect the right to vote AND the veracity of elections Connect voting to specific issues tailored to your audience DONT Lead with fraud or suppression Talk about voting problems without offering any solutions Foment fears about voter data security and hacking, do much hand wringing Talk about voting as a siloed issue *With appreciation to TCRP, Topos Partnership & Lake Research Partners

LWVTX Voting Rights/Election Law Priorities Our Top Priority Asks Electronic Voter Registration Modern/proven technology Much more ACCURATE More integrity (safer/secure) Significant $$$ savings Meets urgent need for reliability & integrity Improved Voting Equipment & Systems

More confidence in results with transition to voting machines with paper backup record of each vote More reliable/accurate Post-election audits Safer/more secure to rquire routine cybersecurity training of election officials Meets urgent need for reliability & integrity LWVTX Voting Rights/Election Law Bills Specific Bills Tracking 83 bills already (March 8 is last day to file) each will change before hearings 8 bills on electronic/online voter registration 4 bills on election equipment or process Threats

Show Your Papers to register Reducing Early Voting days More ballot by mail penalties for those assisting the voter Taking photo of voters suspected of inauthentic ID Possible Improvements Same day registration State voting holiday every Nov. in evennumbered years

17-yr-old voting in primaries if 18 on election day Required voting locations on larger college campuses More types of IDs Cell phones in voting booth for info Register to Vote specialty license plates to fund SOS voter education Remove cap on county-wide vote center polling places Continuing Local League Impact Help with Committee Contact When Needed Or Other Contact House Elections Senate State Affairs Rep. Stephanie Klick, Ch.

Sen. Joan Huffman, Ch. - Calendars Committee Rep. Philip Cortez, Vice Ch. Sen. Bryan Hughes, Vice Ch. - Redistricting Committee Rep. John H. Bucy III Sen. Brian Birdwell - Others you know who Rep. Dustin Burrows Sen. Brandon Creighton could help with contact Rep. Briscoe Cain Sen. Pat Fallon Rep. Celia Israel Sen. Bob Hall Rep. Mayes Middleton Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. Rep. Valoree Swanson Sen. Jane Nelson Sen. Judith Zaffirini

LWVTX Redistricting & 2020 Census Priorities Our Top Priority Asks Independent Redistricting Commission Ranked, nonpartisan criteria Keeping communities together Increased transparency Public hearings & outreach campaign Requiring Supermajority vote 2020 Census

HB 255 State-level Complete Count Commission HB 104 Record count of incarcerated persons in place of last residence, not prison (prison gerrymandering) Questions, Comments, Discussion So keep fighting for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don't forget to have fun doin' it. Be outrageous... rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce. And when you get through celebrating the sheer joy of a good fight, be sure to tell those who come after how much fun it was! Molly Ivins Cinde Weatherby [email protected]; 512.560.1334

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