Research Data Management HEIDS event 26th April 2016

Research Data Management HEIDS event 26th April 2016

Research Data Management HEIDS event 26th April 2016 RDMS Project To enable researchers to make conscious, informed decisions about their research data. Compliance Information Security Best Practice Joint Approach Research & Knowledge Exchange

Services Information Services Infrastructure Information Services Library RDMS team IT projects programme ADP Research VD Research Functional Reps Group Chairs

Library Policy Training Dept/Faculty IT Reps Researcher Development External reporting Faculty Admin Reps Academic Rep RA Reps PGR Reps Approach solutions

Review Solutions & Needs Researcher needs What did researchers want/need? Advice & Support Storage during research

Storage and access after research Compliance Complianceand and Best BestPractice Practice Systems, Tools & What they Do for You Planning Active Research

Research Completion Network Drives Innovative, user-led, technological solutions . . . 2.4m replacement of storage 2PB of available storage = 2,097,152GB Corporate Cloud . . . . to support behaviour change . . . Storage Infrastructure Building 2 Building 1

180 TB block storage array Brocade SAN (dual fabric) Exact replica of building 1 2 PB file storage array, and HNAS 4100 cluster

Building 3 Tape backup Quantum Scalar i500 Building 4 Tape backup Quantum Scalar i500 Mapped drives (H: and i:) Awareness Make it bigger And bigger (10-fold increase in H: drive default quotas, 40-fold for PGRs) And bigger (25-fold increase in actual data stored on i: drive, from 14 TB to 350 TB in 18 months) External collaborators

Strathcloud Sync-and-share solution (Corporate Dropbox) Citrix Sharefile All data held on-campus Target-usage : Staff / PGRs / external collaborators Small / medium quantities of data Active data Strathcloud Storage Usage Strathcloud userdata (GB), and active users

HNAS total userdata (TB) 450 400 350 300 Total H drives (TB) Total i: drive (TB) Strathcloud (TB) Pure (TB) Lab images (TB) Other (TB) Total (TB) 12000

10000 8000 250 200 6000 150 4000 100 50 2000

0 28 -M 11 ar -A p 25 r -A 21 p r -M a 19 y -Ju

n 27 -Ju 25 l -S e 20 p -N 11 ov -M ar 0 Active Users

Possible Future Developments Strathcloud Data Migration Tool Rightsignature Collaborative editing Storage Continued expansion File vs object storage No more tape backup? Completed Dataset Deposit Dataset Metadata Dataset Files

Pure Metadata check & Approval Initial Preservation checks KnowledgeBase Metadata and Data dissemination Archivematica Further preservation and curation

Completed Dataset Deposit Monthly Dataset Deposit 153 136 113 93 74 95 81 64 27

46 49 Jun-Jul Jul-Aug 54 33 Apr-May 15May-Jun Aug-Sep Sep-Oct Oct-Nov Nov-Dec Dec-Jan 16 Jan-Feb Feb-Mar Mar-Apr Apr-May

Monthly Dataset Deposit RDMS in the Library Research and Learning Support Customer Services Information Literacy Faculty Support Cataloguing Roles and

Responsibilities Open Access/RDMS Silos and Teams Subject Expertise Research support Contact Details Claire Carroll Andrew Edmond Alan Slevin Email: [email protected]

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