Joanne Honey Tim Jordan Education Support Officer Adoption

Joanne Honey Tim Jordan Education Support Officer Adoption

Joanne Honey Tim Jordan Education Support Officer Adoption UK Deputy Headteacher [email protected] [email protected] Mobile: 07384 814699

01442 390100 Effective Communication With Schools Research - The Fostering Network (August 2015; 2019) Foster carers not regarded as professionals/equal partners by many educational and social work professionals Foster carers feel they often had personal/historical information about a child which could be useful to a school but barriers put up to sharing of this information by school and / or social workers Only 30% said that school, social worker and carer worked well together in the worst cases, the carer reported being ignored in favour of the social worker

Only 59% of respondents had had an input into PEPs, with some not even invited to the meetings! Research - The Fostering Network (August 2015; 2019) Those who were invited to meetings often didnt have a say in how pupil premium plus money should be spent to benefit their child. issues concerning parity and equity of support and access to resources and opportunities CLA respondents valued people who demanded they get to school, encouraged them to learn, achieve & do better, helped with homework, drove them to after-school clubs, ensured they had opportunites to meet friends, had access to pens, books, computers & were able to attend school trips/activities. They spoke of being lucky to receive attention and care that might be taken for granted by other children and families in society.

Research - Adoption UK (2013) 2/3 of respondents (adoptive parents) were happy or very happy with the support received from education professionals while found the support very unhelpful 55% of respondents found education professionals an important source of support (#4) Research by Adoption UK in 2012 found a strong indication that professionals need better training in early childhood development, how trauma can affect this development and about the effects of abuse and neglect Research - Adoption UK (2013) 79 per cent of adopted children who responded feel routinely confused and worried at school;

Almost 70 percent of adoptive parents who responded feel their childs progress in learning is affected by problems with their emotional wellbeing in school; Almost three quarters of young respondents agreed: Other children seem to enjoy school more than me; Two thirds of secondary age children who responded said they felt bullied at school for being adopted; Three quarters of young respondents said they did not feel their teachers understand how to support them. Common Experiences I was quite pushy and I know that not all foster carers are as assertive and confident as me

Shes been with you since she was very young so she should be fine now. They are not far enough behind He is fine at school he just needs structure. He is working at expected levels May I have a word?

Differences Between CLA & PCLA Corporate parenting responsibility Direct support through virtual school Statutory duty to monitor, collect and record data Manage and distribute pupil premium Know who the CLA are No corporate parenting responsibility Advice and information No duty Pupil premium plus goes straight to the school Wont know. Down to parent/guardian to self declare. School records it in Jan Census

and money comes through for PP+ in Aprilish. If you dont declare they wont get PP+ for your child. Herts Pilot Scheme Selecting/Transition Meetings

Ensure there is an agenda Notes summarise after and circulate Be clear on challenges and offer strategies Keep records Take support Emotions Insist on being included in the termly PEP meetings for CLA Ask to see Section 5 of the PEP so that you can see how the money is being spent on your child (CLA) (PCLA) Ask how PP+ being spent expect to be involved and also that the spend is evaluated for effectiveness report which should be avail. General

Share reports Who? How much? Overview document Key contact Avoid classroom door discussions

Email/phone Provide resources Flag concerns early Flag possible curriculum hotspots IEP/PEP be involved Hi-light developmental age SEMH General Educate yourself. . Communication from Schools to Carers

Do schools do the following?: Afford the same status to PCLA as CLA Monitor and scrutinise children looked after and previously looked after children Have a governor for PCLA and CLA Train staff to understand and respond to whole school trauma / attachment-aware / acute childhood experiences Prioritise emotional and mental health Include content on foster care, adoption and kinship care in personal and social education programmes? Communication from Schools to Carers Do schools do the following: Contact you with examples of bad and good behaviour Contact you after weekends/holidays/contacts etc.

Helpful, personalised info about how to get child to school Helpful, personalised information about how to encourage your child to learn, achieve and do better Helpful, personalised info about how to help them with homework Helpful, personalised info about after-school clubs Provide pens, books, computers where needed Routinely include your child in, and pay for, school trips and activities where relevant? Final Thoughts Need: Foster carers and adoptive parents have better knowledge of children they care for / have adopted than anyone else Foster carers and adoptive parents are first educators of their children

Foster carers and adoptive parents are ambitious for their children and can raise their aspirations and must work with others to help achieve their potential. ANY QUESTIONS? References It takes a village to raise a child: Adoption UK survey on adoption support, Adoption UK, 2012 Listen Up Speak Out! A Survey of Adoptive Parents in Northern Ireland, Adoption UK, 2013 What is needed to enable looked after children to achieve in education? A Report of a consultation to identify what foster carers in Wales say they need to enable the young people in their care to progress with their education. The Fostering Network, August 2015

Understanding the educational experiences and opinions, attainment, achievement and aspirations of looked after children in Wales, Mannay, Staples, Hallett, Roberts, Rees, Evans and Andrews, November 2015 Bridging the Gap: Giving adopted children an equal chance in school, Adoption UK, June 2018 State of the Nations Foster Care, The Fostering Network, February 2019 Further info. 19-4505-8eea-49a5f6bfbf48 87c-4592-8523-45c575ee8380 d5-47ce-a282-9d497541a9fe

7-4882-b084-9fb03a5fac2d 5e1-4a16-9aa0-0158735d08e1 -adopted-and-permanently-placed-children-A-guide-for-school-staff.pdf Further info.

IDMF=c2d0ad9f-cb4b-4a01-8c0d-cb2f7814fbdd What About Me? Inclusive Strategies to Support Pupils With Attachment Difficulties Make It Through The School Day Louise Bomber

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