Alternate Reality Games for Orientation, Socialisation and Induction

Alternate Reality Games for Orientation, Socialisation and Induction

Alternate Reality Games for Orientation, Socialisation and Induction [Names] By the end of the session participants will Have experienced an ARG first hand Recognise the components that make up

the game Be aware of the ARGOSI design framework and customizable artefacts Have developed challenges for their own learning outcomes Overview [times] [times] [times] [times]

[times] Introduction Playing the game The ARGOSI framework Developing challenges Conclusion What are ARGs? Emerging game form - 2001 Viral marketing tool

Real world and online - variety of media Narrative unfolds over time Built by the players - user-created artifacts Collaborative challenges This is not a game Typically niche but with high engagement Why ARGs for education? Its a gaming environment

Provides challenge, context and purpose Creates engagement and mystery Theyre collaborative They support active learning Problem-based, experiential, authentic Theyre lo-fidelity Encourages use of range of technologies Less development effort to produce and extend

They use actual reality Enables orientation in the real-world Uses the best of each medium Links to community and other organisations The ARGOSI project ARG to support student induction one year JISC funded project

Integrated gaming environment Meet InfoSkills learning outcomes Create social networks Improve student orientation confidence Engage in, and enjoy induction Induction

Lack of context Information overload Pub focussed Little orientation to the city ARGOSI structure

Narrative Challenges Community Narrative structure Overarching storyline Regular plot points when challenges released Customisable sub-plots

Related to learning outcome sets Challenges Online and offline Individual and group Different levels of difficulty Linked to InfoSkills learning outcomes Use Library catalogue to find specific items call number challenge Identify SSOs door stickers Use online reading lists hidden book

Range of ways to provide evidence Community Socialisation Online and offline Shared goal Forum collaboration

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