Know Yourself, Be Yourself Awareness-Based Strategies for Success

Know Yourself, Be Yourself Awareness-Based Strategies for Success

Know Yourself, Be Yourself Awareness-Based Strategies for Success 2012 Professional Womens Forum Weave Your Vision Lets Talk About . . . Introductions

Leadership The Genius Study Developable Success Traits Own your future Door Prize Drawing Page 2 717.653.6118 | Are Leaders Born or Developed? What are the traits of leadership? Are these traits natural or developed?

What are your natural traits? Page 3 717.653.6118 | Your Path to Here and Forward Planned path vs. luck and chance How did you get to this point? Are you pleased with where you are? How clear are you about the future of your career? Do you get the projects and promotions that you want?

How well do you know yourself? There is no right or wrong! We need all of the different styles. You are who you are and you have choices. Page 5 717.653.6118 | How the Best Think About Success

Groundbreaking seven-year scientific study into what really drives individual performance and success. Led by Jay Niblick, CEO, Innermetrix, Inc. Pool of 300,000 individuals world-wide interviewed World-class top performers interviewed (the Geniuses) Statistically significant findings Organizations and Individuals alike benefit Page 6 717.653.6118 | The Problem There is a growing trend of people who feel unfulfilled in their roles and

dissatisfied and frustrated with personal results or success. Page 7 717.653.6118 | The Problem In lectures around the world to executives of business, this question was asked over and over: How many of you feel fulfilled by your roles and are satisfied with your level of performance and success? Consistently ~ 50% of the audience raises their hand.

The Problem is an epidemic of people who feel frustrated and dissatisfied with their own performance and success. Page 8 717.653.6118 | The Genius Study Profiled 197,000 employees from 23 countries Measured 80 natural talents relating to natural talents Business performance metrics:

Level I - Below Average Level II - Average Level III - Above Average Level IV - Excellent Level V - Genius Page 9 717.653.6118 |

The Genius Study Also interviewed hyper-successful people WITHOUT The Problem: Anthony Robbins Personal Life Coach and Peak Performance expert Dan Lyons CEO of Team Concepts Inc., seven-time National Team member, World Champion and Olympian in rowing Frances Hesselbein Founding Director of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation and former CEO of Girl Scouts of America Dr. Marshall Goldsmith NY Times best-selling business author & executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs Michael Lorelli former Chief Marketing Officer and President of PepsiCo Inc. International Mickey Rogers World Authority Demolitions Expert Page 10

717.653.6118 | The Genius Study The Findings of the Research: No statistically significant correlations between performance and any natural talents All roles, all industries, all levels Two acquired talents (Self-Awareness & Authenticity) Meaning: Anyone can achieve the 5th Level of performance But it requires concrete self-awareness & authenticity Page 11 717.653.6118

| The Genius Study Findings Self-Awareness average performance 1st through 3rd level performers less than 47% 4th level performers 62% 5th level performers 89% Authenticity average levels 1st through 3rd level performers 63% 4th level performers 79% 5th level performers 91% Page 12 717.653.6118

| Findings Genius Project Data 100 8991 A c q u ire d Ta le n ts 90 79 80 70

50 40 63 59 60 46 37 62 47 Self-awareness

Authenticity 40 30 20 10 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Level of Performance Page 13 717.653.6118 | 5th The Simple Take-Away Page 14 717.653.6118

| The Non-Genius Approach Page 15 717.653.6118 | The Genius Approach Page 16 717.653.6118

| The Big Difference for a Genius Turning Right much more than Turning Left Page 17 717.653.6118 |

Why Do People Turn Left? The result of these outdated management beliefs leaves individuals undervalued and unengaged Job is sacrosanct - individual is sacrificial Legacy of dependence Myth of strengths and weaknesses vs. talents and nontalents Follow the crowd Not following their own best way Page 18 717.653.6118 | The Solution

How to Change Directions To cure The Problem, organizations and individuals can: Replace the Legacy Beliefs of a bygone era Break with conventional wisdom on how to treat and develop talent Create role flexibility Develop better individual awareness Foster and demand authenticity Page 19 717.653.6118 |

The Solution How to Change Directions To achieve more flexibility, consider: Equally consider both the job and the person fit Allow more autonomy/independence Involve people in the strategic setting of their roles Use SMART goals in performance metrics Page 20 717.653.6118 |

The Solution How to Change Directions To achieve better awareness of individual talents and non-talents . . . just measure them. What How Why Page 21 717.653.6118 |

Genius Study Observations The Problem costs organizations $ Billions It costs much more than that to the individuals It grows out of a legacy of outdated management principles and beliefs Those Geniuses around us have figured out how to stop it Challenge conventional thinking, introduce new beliefs and flexibility, enlist opinions, get out of the way Page 22 717.653.6118 |

Genius Study Summary Organizations: Turn on the Geniuses hiding in your midst Individuals: You get what you accept Know Yourself, Be Yourself Page 23 717.653.6118 | Talents & Non-Talents Natural Talents

Easy for us, even when its hard for others Gives us energy Natural Non-Talents Hard for us, even when its easy for others Drains our energy Build on Talents Avoid Creating a Weakness Page 24 717.653.6118 | Where Do You Want To

Go? Page 25 717.653.6118 | Do You & Your Organization? Page 26 717.653.6118 |

Your Personal Strategy Personal planning is like business planning in many ways I encourage you to make life and career plans Know what you want Make a plan Follow the plan Review and revise as appropriate Page 27 717.653.6118 |

The Path to Success ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To go where you have never been, you must do what you have never done. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page 28 717.653.6118 | Success Means Goals Are: S.M.A.R.T:

SPECIFIC MEASURABLE ATTAINABLE REALISTIC TIME-BOUND Developed into annual career plans with projects, timelines and commitments Review regularly and revise as appropriate Page 29

717.653.6118 | Key Questions: Will . . . you sustain your energy and motivation? . . . your Career Plan support the major strategies or goals of your professional and personal life? . . . you use your natural strengths or non-strengths? Page 30 717.653.6118

| Actions Are the Key Lets take a couple of minutes and set some goals. Drawing for ADVanced Insights profiles Page 31 717.653.6118 | Thank You! If you passed in a business card for the drawing, I will send you a link to get my eBook,

Business Success Bibliography. Janet Treer [email protected] 717-653-6118 Page 32 717.653.6118 |

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