Career Flow: Constructing Careers in the New Economy

Career Flow: Constructing Careers in the New Economy

Career Flow: Constructing Careers in the New Economy Presented by: Dr. Norm Amundson [email protected] & Dr. Roberta Neault [email protected] Agenda The The The The

Inspiration Metaphor Model Competencies Hope Self-Reflection Self-Clarity Visioning Goal-Setting and Planning Implementing and Adapting The Book The Inspiration Positive Psychology

e.g., Seligman, 2002 Optimal Experience the way that people describe their state of mind when consciousness is harmoniously ordered, and they want to pursue whatever they are doing for its own sake. ~Csikszentmihalyi, 1990; p. 6 FLOW Adapted from Csikszentmihalyis (1997) Finding Flow Hig hC H A L L

E N G E Low S Anxiet y Arousa l FLOW Worr y Contro l Apathy Boredo

m Relaxatio n SKILLS/RESOURCES Optimal Flow This involves participating in activities that: Completely capture our attention Reflect our values and call upon our strengths Allow us to feel as though we can express who we are Engage us in appropriately challenging tasks Career Flow Experiences

Focus on a career flow experience Be concrete Imagine all the different aspects 6 Examine Your Career Flow Experience What were you doing at the time?

Was your involvement self-initiated? Who were you with? What was the setting? What values were you expressing? What skills were you using? What interests were you manifesting? How did it feel? 7 Optimal Career Flow Identify Note

When it occurs Skills you are using Values you are expressing Interests you are manifesting Tasks you are performing Environment in which it is occurring Your reaction to it Keep an optimal career flow log 8 The Career Flow Metaphor Steady flow White water Waterfalls Still water Stagnant water Flow interrupted

Whitewater, Steady Flow, or Still Water Flow Experiences What were you doing at the time? Were there other people involved? What was the setting? What skills were you using? What, if anything, could have made this experience more positive? How did it feel? 10

Career Flow - Stillwater Reflect Remember Re-imagine Use Meditation Journaling Career counselling / Guided imagery Brainstorm possibilities - be creative! 11 Waterfalls or Stagnant

Flow Experiences What were you doing at the time? What was the setting? What was missing? What, if anything, could have made the experience more positive? How did it feel? How did you get out if it? 12 Career Flow - Whitewater

Communicate Connect with resources Complete most important/doable tasks first Use Stress management Time management Self-care activities Maintain a sense of perspective Career Flow - Stagnant Water

Be Use Aware Proactive Intentional Bold! Self-awareness / Assertiveness Networking / Job search strategies

Problem-solving skills Take action! 14 Environment Environment Career Flow Competencies Environment Environment Career Flow Competencies Hope at the centre Self-reflection and self-clarity

Goal setting and planning Career exploration and research Implementing The Wheel as a framework Resumes, cover letters, portfolios Generating leads Interviewing Adapting

Flow interrupted / White water / Still water Career Flow: The Book Spencer G. Niles, Norman E. Amundson, Roberta A. Neault 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Introducing Career Flow8. Essential Career Flow 9. 10. Competencies Pursuing Your Interests 11. 12. (Passions) Mapping Your Skills

13. Personality Style 14. Understanding Values Connecting With Others: Social, Emotional, and Financial Support Optimal Career Flow / Setting Goals Connecting to the World of Work Turning Possibilities into Realities Engaging the Search Career Flow Interrupted - Realizing Your Dreams in Challenging Times Whitewater and Stillwater Expanding the Career Flow Metaphor Career as a journey Your life as a book Your legacy 2011 Pearson Education Inc, Boston, MA

Career Flow For information about the book, contact: Norm Amundson [email protected] Roberta Neault [email protected] /

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