Advisory Project Student Guide! To help students for

Advisory Project Student Guide! To help students for

Advisory Project Student Guide! To help students for the TechYes Advisory Project An Introduction: Why we are doing this Since we are Freshman, we will do a technology based project to show and see our passion for our careers, how we will get there, and to see the differences from what we think the job has to offer from what it really might. We will also practice and prove that we are experts that can use appropriate technology.

THURSDAY What is Glogster? Glogster is a free website where you can go to make a digital poster. On Glogster you're able to add: text, pictures, videos, frames and your own background. We will use Glogster to create our semester project for Advisory. We will use a Driving Question to fuel our project. THURSDAY Driving Question

Will I be likely to face job discrimination in the career of my choice based on my gender, race, or my community? General Theme: Job discrimination in my favorite career. Supporting Questions: What is job discrimination? How many women work in my career of choice compared to men? How many people of my race have the job that Id like to pursue? What percentages of various races within my career? How many people in my community have pursued a job that is linked to mine? How does your community(place/culture) affect your career choice? How have people of an african or latino background been treated in my career

choice? Are there any laws that protect me from discrimination based on my race, gender, or community? THURSDAY

Before you start . . . Step One: Complete the Career Cluster and the Career Interest Profile on Naviance if you haven't already. Step Two: Log in at Use your e-mail address as your login. YOU WILL STAY ON TRACK WITH YOUR CLASS NOW AND STAY AFTER CLASS TO UPDATE NAVIANCE. THURSDAY UPDATE NEW PROJECT ON GENYES: Step 1: go to your genyes!

Step 2: login in at Advisors refer to GenYes Google Doc for logins. Step 3: Go to the little bars on the side and click New THURSDAY UPDATE NEW PROJECT ON GENYES: Step 4: Go to; Staff: Miss Madruga; TechYES Advisory Project. Step 5: Copy and Paste project name and description THURSDAY

UPDATE NEW PROJECT ON GENYES: Step 6: Check all the technologies you will be using for this project. BE SURE TO INCLUDE: *Video *Animation *Presentation *Photography *Surveys *Internet Research Step 7: For the Subject Areas select Other. Step 8: Once you have done all these step click Create Project.

THURSDAY How to get to the Glogster website: Step 1: Go to your Safari , Google Chrome, or Firefox Step 2: Go to your address bar. Step 3: Type in . FRIDAY Create an Account on Glogster Step 1: Do not click on green button Step 2: click create an account Step 3: Create a "nickname" using first name, last name initial , and the number

15 ex; fernandam15 Step 4: Type in your your e-mail Step 5: use your computer password for the password Step 6: Go to your email and confirm your account Step 7: Click start new Glog FRIDAY Starting a New 'Glogster' Step 1: "Create New Glog" Step 2: Select Template. Step 3: Be patient while it buffers/ loads.

Step 3: Click on what comes up on the Glogster and delete what's there <----- DELETE THIS with Step 4: Click on 'Wall', then click on 'Gallery' for basic options. Step 5: Click on 'Use it' FRIDAY Adding a Title to Glogster Step 1: Add a title by double clicking on the wall . Or you can click on tools and then text.

OR Step 2: Click on BASIC TEXT, then click USE IT. Step 3: Change the color or font. Double click on your title and highlight it. Then click on the magic wand. Choose your color, size, and font. Click APPLY. MONDAY Adding Additional Text to Glogster Step 1: Double click on your WALL. Step 2: Click on TEXT, then to GALLERY. Step 3: You can click on different styles.

Step 4: Click on the SAMPLE as many times as you are going to use it. x2 for two bubbles Step 5: When you choose the template, it will not change the text, it will change the template color. *only shadow not the template ---> MONDAY Uploading Videos to Glogster Step 1: You need to double click in the center of your screen and a window will appear. Step 2: Then, you need to click on VIDEO. Step 3: Then, in the tabs on the side click on Google. Step 4: Look for the video that interests you.

Step 5: Then, you click players and that is the background of the video Step 6: Then, you will click use it. TUESDAY Uploading Pictures to 'glogster' Step 1: Double click on the wall. Step 2: Then, you go to image. Step 3: You go to the side bar and click google Step 4: Search the picture you want Step5: Click on the picture. Step6: Click on add frame.

Step7: Choose a categorie Step8: Finally, Click use TUESDAY FAQs Can I use what ever username I want? NO! You must use your 1st name, last initial, and the number 15.

Example: BobbyB15 What if there is no job that I want? You have to go to NAVIANCE and complete the career cluster again. Then scan through the job opportunities in your top careers. Choose one that seems interesting. Does Glogster save automatically? NO! You have to go to the bottom off the page and CLICK SAVE. However, do not publish yet. Do I have to list resources of information,pictures & videos?YES! You need to CITE ALL RESOURCES onto your Glogster. Choose a

frame you like and cite according to MLA standards. How do I use MLA? Go to and enter the information from each website that you used information, video and images from.

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