We believe in Recovery. We believe in Hope.

We believe in Recovery. We believe in Hope.

We believe in Recovery. We believe in Hope. Building and Maintaining an Effective Care Management Leadership Team Presented By: Nicole Tobey LMSW Director of Health Home Services Allison Nassoiy LMSW Program Director Katie Behrens LMSW Sr. Supervising Care Manager Introductions

What is Horizon Health Services? Horizon Health Services is a not-for-profit corporation that provides hope and healing for individuals and their families dealing with substance use and/or mental health disorders. Established in 1975, Horizon is the largest

provider of mental health and substance use treatment in WNY. Horizon Health Services is comprised of three affiliated notfor-profits: Horizon Health Services Horizon Village Mission & Vision Mission

Recovery. Changing Lives. Saving Lives. Vision A future where all individuals who need and want help can easily access Horizons effective health and recovery services. Using emerging technologies and best practices, we will provide innovative services beyond the boundaries of WNY. Our Health Home Program History Previous ICM/SCM provider serving maximum of 100 clients in Niagara County

4 ICM with 15 client caseload 2 SCM with 20 client caseload 1 Program Coordinator Where we are today

Contracted with 3 Lead Health Homes HHUNY, NFMMC, GBUAHN Team of 5 managers consisting of: Director of Health Homes 2 Program Directors 1 Sr. Supervising Care Manager Office Manager 3 Outreach Specialists 21 Care Managers 1 Transitional Care Manager 3 Support Staff Serving 800 enrolled clients across Niagara and Erie Counties

How did we get from there to here? What does Leadership mean to you? Activity-does your description fit leader or boss? Do you know the difference? Horizons focuses on Building Leaders

Benefits of building leaders over bosses Allows for more growth Focuses on strengths Working with staff where they are at and helping them meet their maximum performance Builds trust Empowers staff Holds them accountable Promotes team work Creates positive attitudes and morale Building a Leadership Team

Believe In HHS Mission and Vision Excellent work ethic

Loyalty Dedication Driven Can do attitude Willing to break through Barriers NOT condescending Genuine and down to earth Fair minded

Kind and compassionate towards clients and staff Dependable Respectful of others Respected by others Goes above and beyond but not for the recognition Able to manage difficult and sensitive topics

Emotional maturity So you want to be a Leader? When choosing someone to be a part of your team, ask them What motivates you to be a leader? Do they want to just be able to do things their way because they have the best way? Do they want it for the control? Or is bettering the lives of clients;

Leadership Seminar Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Jack Welch 14 Sessions focused on various aspects of Leadership Highlights for us DiSC Profiles Not MY Monkey ABC Players DiSC Profiles

Important to learn strengths and styles so that the team understands each others needs and can adjust We shared our profiles with the staff so they could better understand our style of communication and leadership We asked them to share with us how they like to receive feedback Helps you to understand why you may be struggling with communicating to some staff but not with others DiSC Profiles

Dominant Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness Whos monkey is it anyways? From a manageable few to being overrun January 2013 (7 staff)

May 2017 (34 staff with openings) Nicole Tobey Director of Health Home Services Allison Nassoiy NC Program Director HARP TEAM Rhonda Lee Jen

Pietrows ki Rose Douglas Jessica Ashby Suzanne Smith-EC Tina Evrard Office Manager Katie

Behrens, Sr. Supervisin g Care Manager Laura Myers Mark Copeland Alisa Pucci Joanne Weich Hollie Seguin Emily Dollendorf

Andrew Gruber Jamie Cullen Savanna Terreberry Nikki DiRamio Karen Kinzly Rhonda Wilson Haley Schlager Tim Molzen Lori

Coventry Administra tive Assistant-NC Christine Sarkees, Transitional Care Manager Jennifer Hoppe

Administrat ive Assistant-EC Michelle Jacob EC Program Director GBUAHN Colleen Burke Dianne Gilleece Anissa

Pritchett Erica Seymour HHUN Y Christin e Smith Shanek qua Lewis Jillian Oehler

The uneducated zoo keepers Unaware this was a thing. Take on the world and be the best at doing it. Too big so quick became overrun by monkeys Welcomed the monkeys with open arms.

Stunted Growth Joined Forces Identifying each other strengths and weaknesses Communication Management meetings and problem solving

Respect Trust Coping with stress and making the right decision Identified our key players Managing ABC players Stopped making impulsive decisions managers decide together Instant gratification whats that? Management prioritizing and streamlining processes. Holding staff accountable while praising them for the above and beyond

This is not a zoo Staff are more empowered and confident Very clear expectations leads to less confusion and increases staff growth Allowed trust to develop and release control Hold people accountable Build Strength individually and in the team ABC Players Identifying your ABC players helps you to know where to put your focus Too often we focus on C players and do not

give A and B players the time and attention they need to grow them professionally They become bored and look to move on Managers that put their A players first are more than 50% more likely to have high performing teams ABC Players A Players- Gold Star, Keener, Wizard B Players-Striver, Steadfast C Players-Up & Comer, Mistake Hiring The Best & The

Brightest In 2016 we hired a total of 21 people; of that only 4 have left for other opportunities We utilize a 3 step interview process 1. Applicants apply online with our Employee Services department They are emailed screening questions and asked to return them within 3 days The hiring manager reviews the answers to the screening questions and determines if an interview will be set up 2. 1st interviews are with the Program Directors who screen for skills, experience and personality They provide a writing sample to the candidate They complete a recap with a recommendation for a 2 nd interview, or not, to

the Director 3. 2nd interviews are set up with the Director and are focused more on the agency, benefits, expectations of the Program and answering questions Hiring The Best & The Brightest Interview for Personality more than skill! Someone could have the greatest skill but a poor attitude can be detrimental to your team Know your team and what kind of personality will fit in A cohesive team will work better together, will be more positive,

will enjoy coming to work and ultimately serve our clients better You can teach skills! Have a conversation rather than reading questions from a paper; you will learn a great deal more about someone Be yourself! This allows the candidate to know what to expect from their supervisor and get a sense for the atmosphere they will work in Supervision Horizons requires supervision be provided to all staff We provide a minimum of 1 hour supervision bi-weekly and we have a 2 hour staff meeting weekly Maintain an open door policy so staffs immediate needs can

be met and they do not have to wait for scheduled supervision Why is supervision important? Allows staff the opportunity to have 1 on 1 time with their supervisor Fosters their personal and professional growth Allows them to ask questions; gives them a voice in program development Lets them know we hear them- we are listening Can develop a closer relationship with them which allows difficult conversations to happen easier Supervision How do we structure our supervisions? Example of Supervision Log in your folder

Staff fill in their supervision agenda items on the form and email it to their supervisor at least an hour before supervision is scheduled Allows the supervisor to review the items and add their additional items during the session Both the supervisor and staff sign off on the log and staff is given a copy of it Supervisor checks in with the staff at least once a month How are you doing? Are you happy? Feeling satisfied in your position? Concerns? Questions? Do you like your job still? Team Building and Recognition

Team Building and Recognition Very important to fostering relationships and creating positive morale Allows for staff to relax, take a break and get to know one another Some activities we have done: Birthdays-we always celebrate birthdays! Staff get a birthday treat of the birthday persons choosing, a card and we decorate their office area. The team comes together to eat and give them their card Milestones- we celebrate the milestones that people reach not just at work but in their life (weddings, babies, graduations, work anniversaries)

Quarterly potlucks Awesome Acts-recognizing each other for awesome things they are doing to help one another and our clients Door decorating contest and ugly sweater competition at the Holidays Paint Nite outside of work time Regularly eating lunch together Managers Toolbox includes $5 gift cards for instant recognition and $20 per person budget for bi-annual luncheon or team building activities How do you get the team to buy in? If the Leadership team isnt fully on board with the Mission and Vision, the staff wont be either Transparency really goes a long way with staff, they become

invested Treat them like adults; give them responsibilities and hold them accountable Allow some freedom to make decisions independently Dont micromanage; who does that benefit? You or the staff? Let go of your need to control and know everything Give them opportunities to be involved Peer interviewing team New hire training team Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!

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