LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE CHAPTER 1 VOCABULARY Health: the combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being. Wellness: an overall state of well-being, or total health. THE HEALTH CONTINUUM Premature Death Improved Health

and Wellness Loss of Health and Wellness Chronic disorders Lack of energy, inattention, minor aches and pains Free from aches and pains

Many people function below the wellness midpoint. High Level of Health Moderate Optimal level level of of energy, energy feeling of well-being

LIFESTYLE FACTORS 8-10 hours of sleep each night Healthy breakfast Eating a variety of nutritious foods each day Being physically active for at least 20 minutes a day, 3 or more days a week Maintaining a healthy weight Avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs Abstaining from sexual activity before marriage Manage stress Maintaining positive relationships Practicing safe behaviors to prevent injuries VOCABULARY Prevention: practicing health

and safety habits to remain free of disease and injury. Health Education: the providing of accurate health information to help people make healthy choices. THE NATIONS HEALTH GOALS HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 INDIVIDUALS Take an active role in their own health Make informed

decisions Access reliable health care information & services Promote health of others COMMUNITIES FAMILIES Shape attitudes & beliefs

Teach children values & skills necessary to maintain good health Provide health services Behavior changing classes Ensure safe environment

VOCABULARY Health Literate: a persons capacity to learn about and understand basic health information and services and use these resources to promote his or her health and wellness. BECOMING HEALTH LITERATE HEALTH LITERATE A critical thinker and problem

solver A responsible, productive citizen A self-directed learner An effective communicator HEALTH TRIANGLE SOCIAL


Social Culture Attitude Behavior Media Technology VOCABULARY Heredity: all the traits that were biologically passed on to you from your

parents. Environment: the sum of all your surroundings. VOCABULARY Peers: people of the same age who share similar interests. Culture: the collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group. VOCABULARY Media: the various methods of

communicating information. BUILDING HEALTH SKILLS & CHARACTER CHAPTER 2 STEPS OF THE DECISION-MAKING PROCESS Step 1: State the Situation Step 2:

List the Options Step 4: Consider Values Step 5: Make a Decision and Act on it Step 3:

Weigh the Possible Outcomes H (Healthful E (Ethical) L (Legal) P (Parent Approval) Step 6: Evaluate the Decision VOCABULARY Short-Term Goals: your goals that can be achieved in a couple days/weeks.

Long-Term Goals: your goals that can be achieved in a couple weeks/months/ years. GOAL SETTING 1.Set a specific, realistic goal, and write it down. 2.List the steps you will take to reach your goal. 3.Identify sources of help and support. 4.Set a reasonable time frame for reaching your goal. 5.Evaluate your progress by establishing checkpoints.

6.Reward yourself for achieving your goal. My Goal:_____________________________ What is a goal you have for yourself? 1 Short-term Goal & 1 Long-term Goal Write the goal down and then go through the goal setting

process to help you achieve your goal. Finish this as your warm-up today, then turn Steps you need to take to reach goal: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sources of help and support: 1. 2.

Reasonable time frame for reaching goal: 1. Checkpoints for evaluating progress: 1. 2. 3. Reward for achieving goal: 1. TRAITS OF GOOD CHARACTER Trustworthiness Respect

Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship ROLE MODELS What Role Models do for you: 1.Encourage and Support your goals 2.Promote your health and health of your family. 3.Inspire and Encourage basic values Why Role Models are Important:

4. Increase feelings of self-worth 5. Satisfaction 6. Sense of Purpose BEING A HEALTHLITERATE CONSUMER CHAPTER 3 INFLUENCES ON YOUR HEALTH DECISIONS Media Advertising Comparing Choices Product Labels

HIDDEN MESSAGE TECHNIQUES IN ADVERTISING Bandwagon Rich and Famous Free Gifts Great Outdoors Testimonial Good Times We are selling a new brand of house-hold

cleaner called WonderClean. It cleans anything from carpets to that nasty bathtub scum. Its on sale today for $15.99 a bottle. But wait, if you call in the next 30 minutes we will give you the WonderSponge absolutely free! So call now and not only will you get a bottle of WonderClean, but you will also get the WonderSponge free! What Type of Hidden Message Technique is Used? Hi, my name is Tony Romo and I am the Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Do you feel tired after a long day and you dont ever feel like you have a lot of

energy. Well, I started taking the WonderPill to help give me energy. I never get tired during practices and games any more. You should call now to get your bottle of WonderPills so you can have energy like me. What Type of Hidden Message Technique is Used? Every day at Highland Middle School the students use their planners. You wont be organized and know due dates if you dont have the most current HMS Planner. You should see your school counselor today and get a HMS Planner.

If you want to make friends and look smart use your HMS Planner. All the cool kids do! What Type of Hidden Message Technique is Used? HEALTH SERVICES Primary Care: doctors who provide physical check-ups and general care (also school nurses and dentist) Specialist: medical doctors trained to handle particular kinds of patients or medical conditions.

TYPES OF SPECIALIST Specialist Specializes In Allergist Dermatologist Neurologist Oncologist Orthodontist Allergies Skin diseases Nervous system problems Cancer Adjustment of teeth to

improve bite and jaw alignment Orthopedist Skeletal deformities or injuries Pediatrician Childrens health You get sick and need to go see your primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor

diagnoses you with the flu and prescribes you some medication. You go to the pharmacist to pick up your medication. What questions might you ask your pharmacist when picking up your medication? PUBLIC HEALTH AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL Agencies How they protect health

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Federal governments principal agency for cancer research Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Responsible for protecting the countrys air, water, and land Occupational Safety and Health

Administration (OSHA) Works to prevent injuries and safeguard the health of workers across the country United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Leads the federal antihunger effort with food stamps, school lunch, school breakfast programs. Food Safety and

Inspection Service (FSIS) Responsible for the safety of meat, poultry, and egg products. PUBLIC HEALTH AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL Agencies How they protect health Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Oversees more than 300 health-related programs. These programs are administered by 13 agencies: 1. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 2. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 3. National Institute of Health (NIH) 4. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 6. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Why is it important for

the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) to test products such as food, drugs, and cosmetics before these products are sold to the public? Why might restaurant inspections be handled by the government agencies instead of the restaurant themselves?

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