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  • Florida Children and Youth Cabinet - Rick Scott

    Florida Children and Youth Cabinet - Rick Scott

    Florida Children and Youth Cabinet About FCYC July 11, 2007, Governor signed FCYC legislation into law. VISION: All children in Florida grow up safe, healthy, educated and prepared to meet their full potential.
  • OSU Meat Science Photo Archive

    OSU Meat Science Photo Archive

    Bill Arters Scraping a Pork Carcass 1959 in Plumb Hall. ... BobbyVanStavern Splitting Aitch Bone 1959. Bobby VanStavern Splitting Breast Bone 1959. Bobby VanStavern Team Scraping Hog 1959 (In Plumb Hall) Left to Right: Bobby VanStavern, Johnson, Mike Hockman, Short,...
  • Agreement Prcoedure Committee

    Agreement Prcoedure Committee

    Agreement Procedures Committee (APC) ANNUAL IFTA BUSINESS MEETING JULY 18-19, 2012 GRAND RAPIDS, MI MEMBERSHIP Committee Cindy Arnold (NV) Chair Trina Kluever-Pauli (WI) Vice chair Sandi Ackerblade (ON) Glenn Boyette (MS) Carolyn Evanston (IN) Kimberly Knox-Lawrence (ME) Ghyslaine Lepage (QC)...
  • Chapter 5 Biological Explanations - Pearson

    Chapter 5 Biological Explanations - Pearson

    Positivistic Biological predisposition with environmental influences "born criminal" Environment and genetic > neurochemical > behaviour Another chapter done… Biological Explanations "Heredity is one of the reasons that parents with problems often have children with problems" J. Harris 98:294 Quick facts…
  • Usability Techniques

    Usability Techniques

    Cognitive walkthroughs take into consideration the user's thought processes that contribute to decision making, such as memory load and ability to reason. Focus Groups This is a data collecting technique where about 6 to 9 users are brought together to...
  • Fallacies 2 - Michael Johnson

    Fallacies 2 - Michael Johnson

    Ecological Fallacy. Now assume that in Country A, all 5 people who consume no fat get breast cancer. And in Country B, no one gets breast cancer. So on average, Country B consumes less fat and has a lower rate...
  • Narrative Intervention 2.0 - OSSPEAC

    Narrative Intervention 2.0 - OSSPEAC

    7-11. doi:10.1044/aac15.2.7 Intervention Research with Head Start Students (2) Oral narrative intervention may be a useful tool to select goals and for progress monitoring for young ELLs
  • Professional Advocacy Social Action for Dignity and ...

    Professional Advocacy Social Action for Dignity and ...

    My challenge for you this year is to identify how you can promote human dignity and value, through fostering safety and an awareness of violence prevention in your own communities. What impact are we to have in professional advocacy?