Journey to Excellence An Introduction to the Malcolm

Journey to Excellence An Introduction to the Malcolm

Journey to Excellence An Introduction to the Malcolm Baldrige Framework for Excellence Our vision.. Henrico County Public Schools will be THE Premier School Division in the nation Henrico County Public Schools

Key Performance Indicators Strategic Planning Stakeholder Surveys Community Priorities Workshop Project/Process Management Restructuring of the Division Leadership Team Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework 2 5

Strategic Planning Workforce Focus 1 7 Leadership

School Division Results 3 Operationa l Focus Customer Focus

4 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management of Data What is Baldrige? Created by Congress in 1987 as a public/private partnership to ensure success in the competitive global marketplace. Baldrige Key Objectives: Share best management and organizational best practice Help organizations achieve world class performance levels

Identify and recognize role-model organizations throughout the nation The Baldrige Framework Built on the conceptual model of systems thinking grounded in: Visionary leadership Student-centered excellence Organizational and personal learning Valuing workforce members and partners Agility Focusing on the future Managing for Innovation

Managing by Fact Accepting Societal Responsibility Focusing on results Category 1: Leadership How do senior leaders lead? Vision, values, and mission Communication and organizational performance How do leaders govern and fulfill societal responsibilities? Accountability and performance Legal and ethical behavior

Support for the community Category 2: Strategic Planning How do you develop your strategic plan? The planning process The strategic goals and objectives How do you implement the strategic plan? Action plan development and deployment Performance measures and projections Category 3: Customer Focus

How do you obtain information from your students and stakeholders? Listening to students and stakeholders Determining stakeholder satisfaction How do you engage students and stakeholders to serve their needs and build relationships? Building educational programs and services Building student and stakeholder relationships Category 4: Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

How do you measure, analyze and then improve performance? Performance measures, comparative data, stakeholder data, and measurement agility Performance review and improvement How do you manage your information and information technology? Data, information and knowledge management Management of information resources and technology Category 5: Workforce Focus How do you build an effective and supportive workforce

environment? Workforce capability and capacity Workplace climate How do you engage the workforce to achieve organizational and personal success? Organizational culture and performance management Workforce engagement for results Learning and development systems Category 6: Operational Focus How do you design, manage, and improve your

work systems? Work system design and management Emergency readiness How do you design, manage, and improve your key work processes? Work process design and management Work process improvement Category 7: Results What are your school divisions performance and improvement trends in key areas? Student learning and process outcomes

Customer-focused outcomes Workforce-focused outcomes Leadership and governance outcomes Budgetary, financial, and market outcomes Benchmarking School Districts Baldrige Recognized School Districts: Montgomery County MD- 144,000 students

Statesville Iredale NC- 20,000 students Jenks County Ok 10,000 students Pearl River NY 2,000 students

Next Steps Revisit the strategic plan Form exploration teams to review the Baldrige categories Focus on results!

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