Purchasing SPRING 2018 Fiscal Affairs Purchasing Department Staff

Purchasing SPRING 2018 Fiscal Affairs Purchasing Department Staff

Purchasing SPRING 2018 Fiscal Affairs Purchasing Department Staff Clen Burton, VP of Fiscal Affairs Sonja Blinka, Director ext. 8261 ext. 8474 Jerri Glenn, Buyer Fred Martorell, Shipping & Receiving Pat Harris, COM Mailroom ext. 8473 ext. 8241 ext. 8430 2

Purchasing Department Services Oversee and manage expenditures of college funds through acquisitions in accordance with the Texas Education Code, other applicable Government Codes and Local Policies adopted by College of the Mainlands Board of Trustees. Fixed Asset & Property Management including surplus property disposal Shipping & Receiving Services Central Mailroom Services 3 Agenda

Whats New Purchasing & Acquisition Policy Grant Purchases Purchasing Methods Requisition Direct Pay P-Card COM Contracts Inventory Management Central Mail/Shipping & Receiving Website Tools Information Technology (IT) Purchases Marketing P-Cards

4 Whats New Request for Proposal (RFP) Funding Agreement See I:/Campus Forms Shipping Report Centralized Mail Budget See I:/Campus Forms Office Max now Office Depot New Reps Jerri Glenn Super User Expedited Printing Option Canon vs. Office Depot Food Services vs. Catering Daily operations Meeting & Event Planning Centralized Budget 5

Purchasing & Acquisition Policy CF Legal & Local Up to $4,999: $5,000 and Over: One (1) quote Three (3) quotes $50,000 or more: Three (3) formal proposals Coordinated with Purchasing 90 Day Lead Time Board Approval Required 6 Grants & Grant Purchasing Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)

GRANT COMPLIANCE OFFICER: Cynthia Pagan, [email protected] Institutional Advancement, Suite 16 409-933-8672 Lower thresholds with more stringent requirements Up to $3,499: $3,500 and Over: $50,000 or more: One (1) quote Three (3) quotes Three (3) formal proposals Coordinated with Purchasing 90 Day Lead Time Board Approval Required $150,000: Price/Cost Analysis 7

Purchasing Methods 1ST : KNOW YOUR BUDGET A. B. C. Requisition to a Purchase Order (P.O.) Per quote(s): Informal or written proposals are required to support the Requisition per dollar thresholds in CF Local. Direct Pay: Food service contracts (College Caterer), Memberships , Professional licensing of employees , Preview materials, Subscriptions & Professional services (attorneys, architects, accountants) P-CARD: For non-restricted goods or services as outlined in the P-Card polices and procedures. Supporting documentation and Budget Manager approval is ALWAYS required for ALL purchases and payment methods. MUST BE PROFESSIONAL AND LEGIBLE

8 Purchasing Methods Requisition to P.O. REQM (Req. Maint. Plan & Prepare module) Funding Source: Approved Budget & GL Account Price: Quote Cost & Shipping (warranty, return policy, etc.) Vendor: Supplier of goods or services Take notes, document dates, names, etc. IT Purchases Contact IT FIRST Marketing & Promotional Items Contact Marketing FIRST

Getting Started Online Datatel Account (User Log-In & Password required) Requisition: Datatel Entry Datatel Approvals: Budget Manager, Grant Accountant IT, V.P., etc. Note the Requisition number assigned by Datatel Track Your Order Delivery & Acceptance: Proof of Delivery and Physical Receiving Invoice & Payment: Bill for goods or services received to finalize and close the order Documentation for Back-up (Packing Slips) RINQ and PINQ Query is your friend 9 Purchasing Methods Purchase Orders A. Standard Purchase Order: One time purchase for goods or services. B. Blanket Purchase Order: MUST BE FUNDED IN ADVANCE OF GOODS AND SERVICES BEING PURCHASED. Multiple small dollar purchases of goods or services over an extended period of time with a

selected vendor. IDENTIFY A PERIOD OF TIME (9/1 8/31) NOT TO EXCEED $5,000.00 annually LIST OF AUTHORIZED USERS MANAGED AND TRACKED BY BUDGET MANAGER OR DESIGNEE - Expenditure Tracking & Accountability C. Tracking Orders: Requisition Inquiries (RINQ) Purchase Order Inquiries (PINQ) 10 College of the Mainland (COM) Contracts OFFICE SUPPLIES: OFFICE DEPOT Online Ordering (User Log-In & Password, Budget Manager, and Budget Code Required) No Online Furniture Orders Paper Virtual Invoice Packing Slips/Proof of Delivery MUST be provided to Accounts Payable for payment processing within 1 business day of receipt. PRINT & COPY SERVICES: OFFICE DEPOT

User Log-In and Password COM and Bookstore Orders Separate Accounts/Same Log-In No Mailing Services Virtual Invoice - Packing Slips/Proof Of Delivery BOOKS & INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS Texas Book Company 11 College of the Mainland (COM) Contracts FURNITURE STANDARDS: Facility Interiors Must coordinate with Purchasing and Facilities Canon Copier Fleet Services & Supplies: Call 713 number located on tag of machine Maintenance Plan Includes Toner & Staples

Catering Local Vendor List To Be Provided upon approval by the Board of Trustees 12 Inventory Management Property Custodian: Steward of each organization responsible and accountable for the whereabouts of fixed assets within their department. Property Transfers: Property for continued use from one department to another. Surplus Property: Property for permanent disposal. Annual Auction: Sale of surplus property to the general public for revenue gain to the General Fund. Property Custodian: Responsible party (Budget Manager of each individual Department) Documentation: Property Disposition Form COM I:/ Drive Facilities Work Order 13

Central Mail Mailroom Hours: Monday Friday (9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.) ALL MAIL must have: A return address Centralized Budget All Grants require budget code identification Regular & Priority Mail: Monday Friday, 3:00 p.m. Certified Mail: Must complete the Certified Mail Label Bulk Mail: 200 + pieces Must be uniformed by zip code order from the lowest to highest Must be flaps down Indicate the Exact Count for all Sealed and Postcard Identified with Permit No. 54 Must state Or Current Resident under the address of the recipient Must be submitted to the mailroom clerk by 11:00 a.m. 14

Shipping & Receiving Hours of Operations Monday Friday (8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.) Outgoing Shipments: Shipping Report Requirements Centralized Budget Incoming Shipments: Proof of Delivery by Signature, E-mail, etc. Packing Slips & Accounts Payable KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING FOR 15 YOU CANNOT BACK DATE A REQUISITOIN.. Did you receive goods or services without a purchase order?

Kindly, thank the vendor for their donation to COM or tell the vendor to send the invoice to your home address and prepare to pay the bill THE COLLEGE IS TAX EXEMPT..The college will not reimburse tax. ALWAYS INCLUDE.Shipping and handling as separate Line Item The cost of shipping and handling WILL be assigned to the associated GL. 16 Purchasing Website Tools HTTP://WWW.COM.EDU/PURCHASING Purchasing Department Website Resources Department Contacts External Site for Public Info Internal Site for Employee Only Access Available Online Tools/Forms State Co-Operatives and Inter-Local Contracts Surplus & Auction Details

17 Information Technology (IT) Purchases IT Purchase Request Form: located on Infocentral (anything but consumables) "I:\Campus Forms\ITS Forms\ITS-Technology-Purchase-RequestForm.pdf IT Standard Equipment List Information Technology Services evaluation:

Operating system compatibility. Hardware compatibility. Integration with existing systems. Authentication method. Unique capability of the product Will additional resources be required to support the product? Network resource impact.

Licensing (term). Vendor support. Training. Stakeholder product requirements. Responsible stakeholder determination post deployment. Responsible budgetary stakeholder. Installation scope and type. Projected update frequency. Competing product comparison. Projected implementation date. Technical contacts. 18 Marketing & Public Affairs (MPA) MPA now pays for: Business cards (250) Nametags (1 per employee) Fact Sheets (500/year) Tri-fold brochures Advertising All requested promotional items, signage, and materials

requiring the college logo and brand must be routed through the MPA Office. MPA provides generic promotional items and table drapes for departmental use 19 P-Card Julie Guardiola P-Card Administrator [email protected] Ext. 8262 Back-up Trudy Trochesset Controller 20 P-CARD JP Morgan Chase

P-Card Monthly Concerns Late Submittal of Expense Reports We are still receiving late submissions. DO NOT WAIT TILL DUE DATE! Expense Report Documentation must be complete Monthly billing statement required with expense report Expense report MUST match monthly billing statement Incomplete or Missing Document of Receipts or Credits Itemized statement or receipt is required for ALL purchases NO Sales Tax allowed. Please take care of tax prior to submitting to A/P. Contact company, include on expense report a notation of credit being issued or include payment of taxes if unable to resolve.

Credits must be issued to the card and attach receipt for credit. Receipt showing only total cost is not acceptable Packing slips not acceptable. Helpful if receipts in order of expense report and no staples. Correct & current Budget Account Code on all line items 21 Budget account formatting: XXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX P-CARD JP Morgan Chase Used for single purchases for College purposes ONLY of goods or services that are not otherwise attainable through normal purchasing processes. Standard Single Transaction Limit: $1,000.00 Standard Monthly Credit Limit: $5,000.00 Other Limits are at the discretion of the Department

Supervisor, Purchasing Director and Program Administrator Temporary limit increase must be approved by supervisor. Email to include: brief description, amount of increase, last 4 digits of JPMC card and time restriction (CC Julie on email) Any items or purchases being returned must be made to the card. Do not accept cash or checks. 22 P-CARD JP Morgan Chase Card User Identification Purchase made by someone other than the person named on the card Exclusions IT Hardware/Software (unless approved by Chief Information Officer) Furniture (unless approved by Purchasing Director) Personal Transactions

23 P-CARD JP Morgan Chase P-Card FAQ Liability Limitations Department Cards & Guidelines Roles & Responsibilities Online Detailed Account Summary Processing (JPMC) Mandatory Annual Training Annual Agreement Renewals

Purchase Limit Adjustments 24

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