Community Activism Overview of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Community Activism Overview of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Community Activism Overview of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Who theethnicity, Victimsrace, of DMST? Youthare of any

or religion Youth of any socio-economic class Female, male, and transgender youth Youth of all ages, including teenagers Vulnerable youth; average age is 13 Who is especially vulnerable

to DMST? Homeless youth, Runaway youth Sexually abused; isolated; lonely; chronic troublemakers, drug abusers Youth within the foster care system & child protective services Also highly vulnerable Kids who dont know or understand the

signs and tactics of recruiters From good homes and schools The good kids in sports, honors and youth groups. Bored. Insecure. Lonely. Sad. Angry. Who are the traffickers? Spotter identifies a prospect Recruiter gleans information Trafficker pimp, sells the product

Why is trafficking on the rise? Recruiting tactics Calculated targeting and recruitment Friendly conversation, buy gifts assess home/life situation

Determine vulnerabilities and dreams (investment of time ensures a strong foundation of trust) Pimp Control Introduction to The Game Youre already doing itnow you can get paid Breakdown of self-esteem This is who you are. Continuing use of physical and psychological torture with affection = Trauma Bond (defense mechanism)

Seasoning (rape, beatings, starvation, forced drug use, breakdown of resistance) New name, cut off from support system Im your family. Often hides as domestic violence it hard to love identify Most Why think is

they are in withdomestic their trafficker minor sex trafficking victims? Pimp control Abused physically and/or psychologically Trained to protect pimp using lies and false stories Taught to distrust service providers & law enforcement

Doesnt identify as a victim (minimizing their own abuse) Is moved frequently from place to place Disguise the real age and name of victim Why does this problem exist? a. Children are being sold because there is a demand to purchase sex much of it invisible online

c. Laws must be enforced and convictions made in order to deter predator buyers d. Sexualized music, media and fashion glamorizes pimping and the look of girls on the street Where are Victims Being Sold? No longer standing on street corners (although that still happens) Recruited out of prisons/jails, by other kids in juvenile

detention, and sold by spotters from their own schools Now online at more than 100 sites (in Seattle WA) selling more than 1000 sex acts every night Who are the Buyers? How do we end it?

a. Support your local law enforcement in enforcing the NEW LAWS passed since 2013. Most laws are to arrest pimps. b. Use Shared Hopes tools to BRING JUSTICE and write to your lawmakers to encourage stricter penalties on BUYERS as a deterrent. c. We will END DEMAND only when there are strong deterrents for those who are buying children for sex acts. If theres no market, theres no need for a product.

Identify & Report Get help if you recognize any of these characteristics: Hyper-jealous, controlling or exhibits violence. Hiding a relationship w/ someone significantly older than the teen involved. Separating from usual network. Promising things that are too good to be true.

Suggests they know how to help teen make a lot of money. Buys expensive gifts without evidence of a real job. Save This Number Now Do you suspect sex trafficking occurring in a residence or a business? National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 800-THE LOST (843-5678) Where there is immediate

danger call 911

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