Week of May 18, 2015: Eighth Grade English

Week of May 18, 2015: Eighth Grade English

Week of May 18, 2015: Eighth Grade English 8/Monday, May 18 Aim: How could you say goodbye to a character from the play? Do Now: * Read the handout HW: *Eulogies due tomorrow *The Trial of Friar Lawrence this Thursday. You MUST tell me TODAY if you know you will be absent.

Modern day-Verona at Juliets home. You can visit a golden statue of the young character and wish for luck in love, or inscribe your name on a wall or join the thousands who leave small love letters at the wall. Read Letters Of Heartbreak Find Some Love In Verona, Italy What does the passage suggest about the enduring

effect of Shakespeares play? About its message about love have things gotten easier? Our hour is marked and no one can claim a moment of life beyond what fate has predestined. --Napoleon What does this mean? How would you define FATE?

Do you know anyone who believes FATE rules life? What are the advantages of believing this? The disadvantages? What roles does FATE have in Romeo and Juliet? Lets review: Who were the six characters who died in the play? Which death affected you the most? Watch Romeos and Juliets death

scenes from another version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GDd83IQDxw How does it compare to the version you saw last week? WRITE a EULOGY for one character in the play. A eulogy is a well-crafted speech, which a person is designated to prepare and deliver during a funeral ceremony. It is usually read to commemorate a dearly departed to

celebrate the life spent here on earth and the memories that go with him or her. English 8/Tuesday, May 19 Aim: How can we find someone to hold responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Do Now: * Watch the following clip about one real-life Romeo and Juliet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wks0_aRXF4 HW: * The Trial of Friar Lawrence is Thursday!

* Typed essays from absent students should be emailed to me by 3PM Thursday No one was found guilty in the deaths of Admira Ismi and Boko Brki. While their deaths did not end the civil war, it did have a great affect on their families, who became friendly in the decades after the murder despite the fact that the families differ ethnicity and loyalties. Unlike their real-life counterparts, much is known about the deaths of the fictional Romeo and Juliets last moments. We read and watched it all together in class. Today, we will begin preparations for bringing one

of the principal characters to trial to determine the extent to which he was at fault for Romeos and Juliets deaths. Is Friar Lawrence responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? TODAYS ACTIVITIES: *acquaint yourselves with this courtrooms procedures *strategize with your teams

*plan your questions and speeches (if you are a lawyer) *meet with your teams attorney and plan your responses to at least their questions (if you are a witness) *come up with a rubric for evaluating teams tomorrow and get ready to run the trial (if you are a juror) Prosecution: Friar Lawrence is guilty in the deaths of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Defense: Friar Lawrence is not guilty for their deaths. Roles: A. Lawyers

B. Witnesses C. Jurors D. I will serve as the judge. E. Students who are absent the day of the trial will have a TWO page writing assignment due to my email by 3PM Thursday if the absence is planned, by 3PM Tuesday if it is unexpected. Prosecutorial Witnesses: (Though both sides will have the opportunity to question the characters during the trial, just like in a real trial.) Lady Capulet As you will learn in the next four years of high Lord Capulet

school level Shakespeare, ghosts were frequent Ghost of Tybalt characters in his works. Elizabethan audiences had Nurse a healthy respect for the supernatural, inside and Ghost of Paris outside of the theater. Prince Escalus Defense Witnesses: (Though both sides will have the opportunity to question the characters during the trial, just like in a real trial.) Friar Lawrence Apothecary

Ghost of Romeo Ghost of Juliet Ghost of Mercutio Benvolio Absent student assignment: While the others are working for the trial, you should spend the next two class days working on the following (if you are unexpectedly absent on trial day, you may take the four day weekend to complete the work to fill in for the missed grade): Type a TWO page paper SEPARATELY discussing the roles of EACH of the following characters in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet: Tybalt

Romeo Juliet Friar Lawrence Lady Capulet Nurse Mercutio Apothecary Balthazar Paris Responsibilities and Grading: A. Lawyers Will handle opening and closing arguments and the questioning of

witnesses. Make sure the legal team evenly distributes responsibilities both before and during the trial. You should know your assigned character witnesses, how they will respond to your questions and which questions to ask to help your teams cause. You should prep your own witnesses and plan out questions for the other sides witnesses. You MAY NOT meet with the other sides assigned witnesses before the trial. Grading: quality of speeches and questions, understanding of teams goal, preparation, etc. EXTRA CREDIT: FIVE points for dressing your lawyerly part. EXTRA CREDIT/TEAM GRADE: Points added for clever gets for your side. (Juror/Supervisors will note these during trial analysis.)

Lawyers jobs Day 1: Work with other team lawyers to decide who will prepare AT LEAST fifteen useful questions for ALL witnesses (though you may only communicate with those on your teams side before the trial): Prosecution's team: Defenses team: Friar Lawrence Lady Capulet Apothecary Lord Capulet Ghost of Romeo Ghost of Tybalt

Ghost of Juliet Nurse Ghost of Mercutio Ghost of Paris Benvolio Prince Escalus * Decide which lawyer will give the opening speech and who will deliver the closing speech. B. Witnesses You should act as your character know what your character knows. You must show a full understanding of the character and will be expected to answer honestly and accurately as the character.

Grading: Understanding of character, ability to answer questions of both sides in character, rehearsal, etc. **You will also hand in a typed page character report explaining your characters stance on Friar Lawrences guilt or innocence as revealed from his/her role in the literature. The report should also outline how your characters testimony plays an important role in the success of your side. EXTRA CREDIT: FIVE points for dressing your part. Witnesses jobs Day 1: Look over the character speech questions and begin writing the one page rough draft of your characters essay statement. Look though the play and your study guide to review your characters

role in Romeo and Juliets tragedy. Look for some quotes by your character to add to your statement and your answers on the witness stand. C. Juror/SupervisorsYou will be in charge of supervising and reporting back to Ms. Cerulli during pre-trial day(s). Trial day will be VERY busy for you; the success of the trail depends on the structure you provide. Jurors must each prepare detailed analysis of the lawyers speeches and witnesses testimonies using the forms you make up today and have copied (you must see me to find out what basic requirements I have for you and then work together to design a form). You will keep the points for each side and will ultimately determine the days victor. Grading: Ability to juggle numerous responsibilities, smooth trial run, detailed

notes, etc. EXTRA CREDIT: FIVE points if you prepare a to page typed report detailing what each side must do to convince you of its argument. Juror/supervisors job Day 1: Meet with other juror/supervisors and read over the trial requirements. Begin writing a rubric that will take into consideration all that the lawyers and witnesses must do. To think about: * How will lawyers show that they have helped their side? * What qualities will make each lawyer successful? * What do witness need to do? What qualities make their testimony

successful? How could they hurt their sides case? * Now how could you craft a rubric that will take ALL of the necessary qualities into account? Remember, their will be four lawyer speeches and 12 witness testimonies (and those 12 witnesses will speak to two lawyers each!) Questions witnesses can use to write the character assignment (Lawyers and jury members should look to see what they are looking for in character responses): 1. What sort of person was my character at the beginning of the play? What was he/she like at the end? What caused any changes? 2. How did my character feel about and related to both Romeo and Juliet? 3. How would my character have felt about the relationship of Romeo and Juliet? 4. To what degree was my character responsible for Romeos and Juliets deaths?

5. What knowledge did my character have of the actions of Romeo and Juliet after they met at the party? 6. What should or could my character have done differently? 7. How would a change in my characters behavior have affected Romeo and Juliet? 8. How would my character dress? What general style of clothing would suit? What colors best represent my character? Why? 9. What mannerisms would my character use? Does my character act differently when nervous? Guilty? Confused? English 8/Wednesday, May 20 Aim: How could you finalize preparations for tomorrows trial? Do Now: * Who are the people most and least responsible for Romeos and Juliets deaths?

HW: * The Trial of Friar Lawrence tomorrow! Romeo and Juliet books collected tomorrow. District literacy test Wednesday Lawyers jobs Day 2: Review who is doing your sides TWO speeches (opening and closing) and 12 witnesses). Write AT LEAST fifteen questions for each witness you will interview during the trial tomorrow. Meet with your own teams witnesses and plan out what responses will help you. Remember what side your are

on you need to ask questions and get honest answers that will help your side (find the friar guilty or innocent) If you are assigned to write the speeches, write and then practice delivering it. Decide the order of witnesses and tell the juror/supervisors your planned order of speeches and witnesses. They must know who is asking which witness questions. Juror/supervisors job Day 2: Type up your rubric after getting it approved by Ms. Cerulli. Then send it to Ms. Cerullis email so she can print out copies for tomorrows trial.

Draw up plans for setting up the room for the trial and get it approved by Ms. Cerulli. Meet with the lawyers for each side and find out the order they plan to call witness. Type up a sheet listing the order of witnesses and which lawyers will interview which witnesses. If there is time, you may start your extra credit writing. Witnesses jobs Day 2: Meet with your assigned lawyer to find out the questions they will ask you on the stand tomorrow. Decide what answers are both honest to your character and what answers will help your team. Think about what the other side might ask you and how you will

answer honestly, but in a way that doesnt help them too much. Help your lawyers prepare their case. Tell them of any lines from the text youve found that will help them craft better question to help either find the friar guilty or innocent, depending on your assigned side. English 8/Thursday, May 21 Aim: Is Friar Lawrence GUILTY or INNOCENT? Do Now: Juror/supervisors should be getting the classroom ready while lawyers and witness prepare

to perform! HW: * Enjoy your Memorial day weekend! Be prepared to follow the following trial format: Prosecutors: One minute prepared speech to address to jury explaining prosecutions position Defense attorneys: One minute prepared speech to address to jury explaining defenses position. _____________________________________________________________________________ Prosecution calls first witness Two minutes of questioning Defense may question that same witness Two minutes of questioning (This continues until the Prosecution runs out of witnesses. Both legal teams should plan out the order of the witnesses and hand the list to the juror/supervisors in advance. The juror/supervisors

are responsible for getting copies of the list to the other side and to Ms. Cerulli by the end of Day 2.) Defense calls first witness Two minutes of questioning Prosecution may question the same witness Two minutes of questioning (This continues until the Defense rests its case. Again, the order of witnesses must be handed to the juror/supervisors in advance.) ___________________________________________________________________ Prosecutors One minute prepared speech to wrap up. Defense One minute of prepared speech/closing argument. (The teams should be able to refer to key events/testimony from the trial to sum up the case.) Prosecutorial Witnesses: Prosecution lawyers:

Lady Capulet-Grace Rebecca A. Lord Capulet-Carlos Kameron Ghost of Tybalt-Dumas B. Natiq Nurse-Jessica Jack Ghost of Paris-Justin N. Garrett Prince Escalus-Chris C. Matthew

Owen Defense Witnesses: Defense lawyers: Friar Lawrence-Shad Jordan A. Apothecary-Francis Tori Y. Ghost of Romeo-Jeff Cynthia Ghost of Juliet-Paulina Meghan Ghost of Mercutio-Shomari

Madison Benvolio-Michael Jon Juror/Supervisor-Indali, Jack, Rida Absent Thursday: Adrianna

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