Part A - HINDUISM PRIMER A Pluralistic Tradition

Part A - HINDUISM PRIMER A Pluralistic Tradition

Part A - HINDUISM PRIMER A Pluralistic Tradition of Religious Mutual Respect Many Paths to the Same Summit 1 Mission Hinduism can be a global light, for compassion, unity, and peace. With this in mind, this is a humble resource for learning

and educating others about Hinduism. Please use the content in these slides - modify it and augment it as you see fit. This resource is for purely educational and noncommercial purposes. The material in these slides is taken from various sources and, as far as possible, proper attribution is provided for the sake of its credibility. 2 I honor the Divinity within you

3 What is Hinduism? Hinduism is often described as a river many traditions coming together and this complex we call Hinduism. 4 Historical Information Worlds oldest religion, over

7,500 years old sees its origin going back to the dawn of history Perhaps also the youngest because it allows for its social compacts to evolve over time Largest Non-organized Religion with over 1 Billion Hindus 3rd largest religion after

Christianity and Islam https:// eligious_populations 5 Hinduism and India Hinduism is fundamentally linked to the exotic soil

of India. India has all major religions but Hinduism is the largest. To fully understand Hinduism, one needs to look at the practices of Hindus. 6 Hindu Diaspora

Hindu Demographics in USA 7 Humility: Hindu view of our place in the cosmos Contemporary observational astronomy supports this view:

8 Hinduism is NOT an Organized Religion No one that speaks for all Hindus, for that matter any Hindu. Each Hindu is free to practice faith as one chooses - totally individualistic, based on ones conscience and certain basic tenets.

9 Hindu View: We all want Happiness So long we believe that our capacity is limited, we grow anxious and unhappy. We are lacking in faith. One who truly trusts in God has no right to be anxious about anything. - Swami Parmahansa Yogananda 10

Three Basic Principles of Hinduism God is Infinite Brahman Truth is one, the wise call it by many names. Unity of all Mutual Respect 11 THE DIVINE IN HINDUISM There is one God but many representations

in both male and female forms. Divine Feminism plays a pivotal role. 12 In Hinduism, God plays a Pivotal Role God in Everything And Everything in God 13

God is Everywhere! For a Hindu, its absolutely not necessary to go to a temple Ever! But to many, visiting a temple is a daily part of their lives. All, Hindus and non-Hindus, are welcome! 14 UNITY Divinity in all of us

We are a part of the Divine We are all connected No Conversion Needed 15 Mutual Respect: Unity in Diversity Former Prime Minister of India - a Sikh A Jain Temple

Sikh Temple Muslims in India http://www.taglick.c om/basilica-of-bomjesus-church-in-old- Source: http:// goa 16 / en-Rosen/dp/0892133511

Mutual Respect but Confident I want all the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. - Gandhi 17 Embracing other faiths

with respect and honor Hinduism is a world religion that reaches out to embrace other faiths with respect and honors the sincere beliefs of others without trying to convert them. To claim salvation as the monopoly of any one religion is like claiming that God can be found in this room but not the next, in this attire but not another. Huston Smith 18

Principles for Right Living Basic Values for Hindus remain the same through the Ages Truth & Non-Violence Love & Compassion Reverence & Care for Parents, Elders, Teachers & Fellow Beings Tolerance, Kindness & Forgiveness Purity both Ceremonial & Daily Life Unselfish Social Service Education & Pursuit of Knowledge

Detachment & Self-Control Hard work, Patience & Fortitude Unconditional Surrender to God 19 Nonviolence is the highest duty and the highest teaching. (Mahabharata 13.116.37-41) is-birthday-dr-kings-tributes-mahatma!/ content/33968/mandela_commentary_ 120613 20 Hinduism in Action Reform of Social Practices Caste is not essential to Hinduism. Hinduism values scientific development. 21

Constant and Unchanging The spiritual core of Hinduism is searching and understanding the mystery of consciousness and our being. 22 Reform of Social Practices

Rights and duties have gone through reform and will do so in the future. Hindus accept that laws should change as the society evolves and becomes more advanced. 23 Varna System in Hinduism Social Classes, called Varnas, were for efficient

functioning of the society There was freedom to change profession based on ones preference and training. After 1947 at Indias Independence, all discrimination based on castes was outlawed. Many reformers are working to overcome the caste system, since it is not intrinsic to the Hindu tradition. 24 Moderation:

Following A Middle Path Hinduism proposes a middle Path a path that does not deny the senses but does not to overly indulge in them. 25 Concept of Time in Hinduism: Cyclical and Endless no beginning and End Carl Sagan - Hindu Concept of Beginning and End of Universe oncept-of-beginning-and-end-of-universe_tech 26 Heart of Hinduism A. Living by Hindu beliefs is what counts not just the believing the beliefs. B. God is pivotal in a Hindu life but Hinduism approaches this subject

with a great deal of humility. 27 Heart of Hinduism C. Nonviolence & compassion are the greatest virtues. D. Its practical message: enjoying life without overindulgence in material pleasures

28 Humanity of Hinduism A truly pluralistic tradition Hinduism, therefore, sees itself as being of universal significance, because it represents an entire range of spiritual possibilities and provides spiritual technologies by which one can practice any religion one chooses. It can accommodate spiritual seekers who see God as personal, and also those who prefer an impersonal Absolute; it speaks to those who call themselves

Hindus, and to those who do not. It even includes modes of practice for the gradual elevation of those who disbelieve in spiritual reality and who favor atheistic worldview. - Steven J Rosen, the author of http:// 29 Essential Hinduism

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti (Peace)! http:// /2011/08/Namaste.jpg 30

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