Mega MANIAc AWARDS October, 2016 6th grade RESPECT

Mega MANIAc AWARDS October, 2016 6th grade RESPECT

Mega MANIAc AWARDS October, 2016 6th grade RESPECT Laila Montanez Sarah Morar Xavier Moss Olivia Mulka Katie Nguyen DeShawn Robinson Emma Schmidt Abigail Sowell Giavanna Taylor 6th Grade

Lucas Amatulli Madelyn Axe Bradley Babinski Sara Burgaj Alyssa Darovitz Macon Garlock Nathaniel Gilpatrick Maddox Glen Legacy Henry Jonathan EXCELLENCE -ALWAYS DOING YOUR BEST Jenea Johnson Caroline Lambert Fiona Lipski Paige Plumer Ethan Pruzinsky Maria Rivas

Foster Evelyn Sangalang Jillian Schott Quentin Todd 6th Grade Wyatt Akers Jimmie Anderson Bailey Baliat Duncan Dahms Alexandria Davis Kris Flores Christian Haddad Deleona Harrell Charity Hopson Rockne Jacobs RESPONSIBLE

Jack Pastori Shambhavi Salgaonkar Joshua Smith Rishee Sreenivasan Emerson Stockman Makayla Williams Laila Yasin 6th Grade Grace Bowery Garrett Brinker Kendall Cabot Elizabeth Drake Danielle Fulton Shannon Hartrick Rekha Krispin

Akshaya Nuthalapati Justice Palmer Mega MANIAc AWARDS October, 2016 7th grade RESPECT Logan Nardi Lillianna Rivas Foster Hannah Schmidt Shawn Shadbolt Kelsey Wallace Bradley Williston Abigail Zaremba

7th Grade Jonathan Alonzi Mahabharathi Anbarasu Nicole Garrett Jaden Haselhuhn Jake Herzog Cheyenne Jackson Lauren Jewell Elise Kahle Rishabh Chandel Vivek Chanduri Audrey Cicchella Breanna Daniel Lily Doctor Richard Feng Charles Hill Joshua Ingram

Ronald Jackson Daniel Lloyd Anna Lubman Emmanuel Mackall Jeremie Madidi Gracen Phelps Dorian Robinson Sarah Snyder Ben Tayal 7th Grade EXCELLENCE ALWAYS DOING Brian Budde YOUR BEST Jonah Campbell RESPONSIBLE

Abigail Kennedy Lilianna King Emma Lau Kayla Miller Lily Pfeiffer Jack Reinhart Evan Schuster Nylah Thomas Jeremiah Watson Rosalina Zora 7th Grade Emily Bommarito Brooke Chatman Smilee Chunduru Keygan Crockett Maylin Deneau Jamya Dennis James Donaghy

Donald Grenier Erin Heavner Brianna Jakaj Shiloh Johnson Mega MANIAc AWARDS October, 2016 8th grade RESPECT Sheila Khrucell Samantha Klang Abigail Masen Taryn McClelland Maurice Richardson Ethan Schneider Elena Toomajian

8th Grade Reece Betts Joshua Buggs Rema Hamami Ashley Hinton Jaimleth Huerta Hernandez Que'jari Jones Jaya Kersey EXCELLENCE - ALWAYS DOING YOUR BEST 8th Grade Brooke Brandon Kivari Babinski

Stepheno Kizy Katelyn Christy Teagan Moose Jaydin Freeman Dominik Riera Brian Good Alexander Connor Grosz Simon Farah Ajay Sumanth Hannoodee Evan Williams Anjika Jain Marlena Wright Darlene RESPONSIBLE Jodie Paczkowski Alyssa Pearce Logan Pizzurro

Ethan Rankin Abhijai Singh Jordyn Stuckey 8th Grade Atchya Sri Anbarasu Catherine Cabot Andrea Jankowski Ramiza Khan Costa Kosmas Taylor Law

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