Graduate Nurses Student Society (GNSS) Orientation 2016 September

Graduate Nurses Student Society (GNSS) Orientation 2016 September

Graduate Nurses Student Society (GNSS) Orientation 2016 September 8th, 2016 Welcome! The University of Toronto Graduate Nurses Student Society represents all graduate students registered in the following programs: MN Clinical MN HSLA MN NP

Post-Masters NP PhD (ECHO, HSR, Critical Approaches) Who we are The University of Toronto Graduate Nurses Student Society represents, supports and advocates for graduate nursing students. The society provides leadership, and facilitates social involvement and mentorship activities in addition to promoting student-faculty engagement. Council Structure

Sr. GSU Representative Jr. GSU Representatives (3 positions) Social Director President + Vice President MN Representatives (1x Clinical, HSLA,

NP) Communications Director Sr. Finance Director PhD Representatives (1x ECHO, HSR, Crit Approaches) Jr. Finance Director Current Executive Team

President*: Lindsay Carlsson (PhD 3rd year) Vice President*: Tieghan Killackey (PhD 2nd year) Communications Director: Dakota Marcotte (HSLA 2nd year) Social Director: Lory Lee (HSLA 2nd year) Financial Director: Soojin Lee (HSLA 2nd year) Senior GSU Representative: Yonda Lai (HSLA 2nd year) What we do

Orientation September 7th, 2016 MN Mentorship Program Stream-specific events scheduled for Residency Weeks PhD Mentorship Program (Nicole Ilavsky) Tailored events targeting the unique needs of first year PhD students First event will be a Meet & Greet Lunch' (September) Monthly Lunch and Learn Sessions The 3rd Tues or Thurs of each month from 12-1pm in the

Student Lounge (Room 322) Other Social events Annual General Meeting - March 2017 End of Year Social Event June 2017 Fall 2016 Elections Positions open for fall election include: Executive Team (2 meetings/month): President Vice-President Leadership Team (1 meeting/month):

MN Clinical Representative MN HSLA Representative MN NP Representative PhD ECHO Representative

PhD HSR Representative PhD Critical Approaches Representative GSU Jr. representatives (x3 positions) Junior Finance Get involved! Nominations open from September 7th to September 21st Students who wish to run can find nomination forms at the GNSS office (room 308 Student Lounge) or on the GNSS Blackboard site Elections to be held September 21st until

September 28th Winners will be announced on October 3rd Keep in the Loop! GNSS Blackboard Group GNSS announcements, Faculty communications, Job postings, Conference information, discussion board and more! GNSS Website: Contact GNSS via email: [email protected] Weekly Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12 and 1pm (Rm 308) If you dont see GNSS under the My Organizations Heading Please email [email protected] to be added Additional Resources: Health Sciences Writing Centre ( Hart House and The Athletic Centre ( or ) English Language and Writing Centre ( Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (

Accessibility Services ( UTGSU Health & Dental Plan - reminder that the Opt Out Period runs from Sept 1st to 30th QUESTIONS? Contact us at: [email protected]

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