Course Directors Strategy Day April 2017 Good practice

Course Directors Strategy Day April 2017 Good practice in online learning: interacting effectively with students Liz Johnson, PVC Teaching & Learning Good practice in online learning Each course of study is designed to enable achievement of expected learning outcomes regardless of a students place of study or the mode of delivery (Higher Education Standards 3.1.4) Equivalent opportunities to learn

Equivalent but not the same? Flexible, accessible but still supported Design for learning relationships Interactions*: - with content - with peers - with teachers *Moore, M. (1989). "Editorial: Three types of interaction." American Journal of Distance Education 3(2): 1-7.

Cloud-first learning design: Stone, 2017 1. Know who the students are 2. Develop, implement and regularly review institution-wide 1. standards Explicitlyfor value and support vital role quality delivery of onlinethe education teacher-presence 3. Interveneofearly to address student expectations, build skills and engagement personal introductions 4. Explicitly

value and theonline vital role of teacher2. support Design for Active discussion boards presence timely and detailed feedback 5. Design for online Inclusive and accessible inclusive and relevant content learningand activities 6. Engage

and support through delivery engaging (eg short videos) content and assessments 7. Build collaboration campus toand offer holistic, across communication collaboration tools peerand integrated

embedded student support interaction synchronous AND asynchronous activities 8. Contact and communicate student journey multiplethroughout formats forthe info 9. Use learning analytics to targetlearning and personalize student self-paced interventions range of assessments 10. Invest in online education to ensure access and opportunity

Cloud-first learning design Minimum standards for unit sites and course sites Standards for online learning and teaching Learning Design and feedback Learning design, pedagogy and evaluation of technology enhanced learning Learning Experiences/resources/tools Ensuring students have active, authentic and media-rich resources and access to appropriate supports and resources available from the site. Communication/Collaboration Ensuring that a Cloud student has the same opportunity to readily communicate with his or her teacher and peers Assessment and Compliance Equivalency of assessment, copyright and academic integrity. Consistent learning experience across units in a course

Real examples Associate Professor Lynn Riddell and Dr Julie Woods Faculty of Health What strategies do you use to interact with online students? How do you create consistency across a course? Where are the opportunities and challenges? Activity 1: Shared standards Think Which of the draft standards will be most challenging for your course team? Why?

Discuss a challenge At your table, identify the 2-3 biggest challenges in the draft standards? Find a solution or a new idea At your table, discuss what would help to tackle the challenge? New standards - how would we improve further? More projects in-flightquestions? Course Leaders Guide Cloud Deakin Tools: Blogging tool, updating Echo Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures Supporting sessional staff Curriculum Lifecycle Management: online learning design, evidence, approval, review Others. Activity 2: Challenges and opportunities Think

What does online learning look like to a Cloud student in your course? How do you find out? What is the biggest barrier for you to improve the learning experience for a Cloud student in your course? Discuss a challenge Find someone here that you dont know well. Explain your online learning barrier to them. Find a solution or a new idea Invite your partner to suggest a solution, a new idea or an action you can take to start tackling the problem.

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