How to WIN at Districts What is a

How to WIN at Districts What is a

How to WIN at Districts What is a good Role Play Strong introduction Firm handshake Make eye contact Outline what you are going to talk about Good posture

Clarify at the end (summarize) Common Pitfalls 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Lack of Confidence Lack of Introduction

Lack of Effort Lack of Structure Excessive crutch words um, uh Too many or too few gimmicks The I See BETSY System


E T C Introduction Competencies Budget Effectiveness

Timeline Conclusion Now lets discuss each of them Introduction Be enthusiastic so you stand out Be positive tell them you are excited Set up the situation and ask to re-enter

Read role play to pull out important info The 3 inches rule Sit on the front of the chair Competencies These are the points you must cover Put them in an order that makes sense

to you (# them while planning) Start with the biggest idea and move to the smallest one Biggest Idea Smallest Idea Competencies

Take each through 3 steps as you discuss them 1. Define the term 2. Give an example 3. Relate it to your solution to the problem The B.E.T.

Budget remember that things cost $ Effectiveness measure of success Did it work? Timeline be realistic about how long things take to implement Conclusion Tell them what you told em

Summarize your thoughts Ask if the judge has any questions Leave on a positive note Top Ten Tips for Winning

10. Develop Your Definitions Use the National DECA website Practice using the terms Study them 9. Practice Your Pitch Practice them with family, friends,

or advisors. 8. Jargon Your Judge Jargon industry related terms that the general public might not know 7. Enthuse Your Encounter Be enthusiastic!!

Stand out from the crowd 6. Wow the World Bring the WOW factor Think outside the box 5. Roadmap Your Rap Layout your plan for the judge

Gives your judge an idea of where you are going Gives them audible cues 4. Enlist an Expert Practice with your DECA advisor Talk to someone in the field

3. Captivate Your Chapter Meet before school The more the merrier Make it fun to practice 2. Visualize Your Victory Imagine yourself winning

1. Practice! Practice! Practice! More Tips Get comfortable looking people in the eye Use exact language from the role play Use visual aids

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