PLANT LIFE CYCLES Understand how plants grow and

PLANT LIFE CYCLES  Understand how plants grow and

PLANT LIFE CYCLES Understand how plants grow and reproduce. Recognize the life cycles of different types of plants. Inquiry Investigation What do plants need to survive? Make a

Hypothesis! What does a seed need to grow? Make a Hypothesis! Vocabulary Chapter 1 Lesson 2 Cone- a structure in conifers that makes seeds. Embryo- a young plant inside a seed. Flower- a structure in flowering plants that makes seeds.

Fruit- a structure that holds seeds. Life Cycle- all of the stages in an organisms life. Pollen- a powder made by the male part of a flower or male cone. Pollination- the process that takes place when pollen moves from the male part of a flower to the female part of a flower. How do plants grow? Did you know that when you eat

corn, peas, or nuts, you are eating seeds? Seeds come in all shapes and sizes, but all have the same function. A seed is a structure that can grow into a new plant. It holds a young plant that is ready to grow. This young plant is called an embryo. A seed has parts that help an embryo survive. It holds stored

food that the embryo uses to grow. It has a tough covering that protects the embryo. Parts of a Seed coveri ng stored food

From Seed to Plant When a seed is planted in the soil, it can germinate, or begin to grow. A seed needs water, nutrients, and the right temperature to germinate. When a seed begins to germinate, it soaks up water. That makes it swell up and break through its covering. The embryo grows out of the seed. It grows into a small plant called a seedling. A seedling can grow into an adult plant.

Parts of a Plant Attract pollinators and make seeds that will someday grow into new plants Supports the plant and carries water and nutrients up and down to all parts of the plant Food factories! They catch energy from sunlight and use it to turn the air and water into food

Are hidden underground but are very important to the plant. Roots hold the plant steady in the ground, soak up water and nutrients from the soil and even store food for the future. How do plants make se A flower is a plant structure that makes seeds. Pants that use flowers to make seeds are called

flowering plants. Flowers make seeds. Flowers have pollen and eggs. When pollen and an egg come together, a seed can form. Wind may blow pollen from one flower to another. Bees can carry pollen too. They drink a sweet liquid called nectar, from the flower. Sticky pollen clings to

How seeds Travel Planting Wind Animals

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