S E M L O H . DR.

S E M L O H . DR.

S E M L O H . DR. H.H r e d r u M Beast of Chicago

e l t s a C e t i h W e h T

n I l i v e D City 1 s a c i r e

m A killer st serial Herman Webster Mudgett (5/16/1861-- 5/7/1896) BY STEPHANIE Holmes parents were devout

Methodists. Holmes father was from a farming family and worked as a farmer, trader and house painter. Holmes had 4 siblings, for all of them, he was the middle one. H. H. HOLMES In 1877, Holmes graduated from high school and took teaching jobs in Gilmanton and Alton. In 1878, Holmes married Clara Lovering in Alton. On 2/3/1880, their first son, Robert Lovering Mudgett was

born. In 1882, Holmes entered the University of Michigans Department of Medicine and Surgery and graduated in June 1884 after passing his examinations. While enrolled, he worked in the anatomy lab under Professor Herdman, then the chief anatomy instructor. Holmes had previous apprenticed in New Hampshire under Dr. Nahum Wight, a noted advocate of human dissection. H. H. HOLMES Housemates described Holmes was treating Clara violently.

In 1884, before his graduation, Clara moved back to New Hampshire, and Holmes moved to Mooers Forks, New York. Later, he traveled to Philadelphia. In 1885, Holmes moved to Chicago, Illinois. He soon found work in a pharmacy, and using Dr. Henry H. Holmes as his infamous alias. In late 1886, Holmes married Myrta Clara Lovering (Homes first wife) Belkhnap in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

H. H. HOLMES Murder Castle Holmes had a three-story building constructed nearby, creating an elaborate house of horrors. H. H. HOLMES Murder The upper floors

Castle contained his living quarters and many small rooms where he tortured and killed his victims. There were also trapdoors and chutes that enabled him to move the bodies down to the basement, where he could burn the remains in a kiln or dispose of them in other ways.

H. H. HOLMES FRENZIED GREEDY KILLING MONSTER the Chemical Bank Holmes While working in met and became close friends with Benjamin Pitezel. Holmes came out an idea for Pitezel that would fake his death to collect $10,000 from a life insurance company. However, Holmes killed his parterner, Benjamin, and after telling Mrs. Pitezel that her husband was still alive and in hiding, convinced her to let him travel with three of

her five children, who also became his vitims. Benjamin Pitezel H. H. HOLMES Alice Pitezel and Nellie Pitezel H. H. HOLMES Spade used by Holmes to bury Alice and Nellie. The little teeth of Howard Pitezel. (Found in the ashes)

H. H. HOLMES ARREST & DEATH Holmes' murder spree finally ended when he was arrested in boston on november 17, 1894, after being tracked there from philadelphia by the Pinksertons. On may 7, 1896, Holmes was hanged at Moyamensing Prison, also known as the Philadelphia county prison, for the murder of pitezel. H. H. HOLMES

H. H. HOLMES The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word is good. H.H. Holmes H. H. HOLMES I am. Thank RESOURC ES: HTTPS://WWW.BIOGRAPHY.COM/PEOPLE/HH-HOLMES-307622


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