The formal presentation will start at approximately 6:30.

The formal presentation will start at approximately 6:30. Please use this time to check-in and speak with the Academy Booster Club. DMA and MedSci Commitment Night May 14, 2019 Congrats & Welcome

Class of 2023! AGENDA: 6:00-6:30 Check-in & Visit Aca. Booster Table 6:30-7:20 Presentation Campus Welcome o Academy Officers o Booster Club President Expectations / Review of Contract Course Selection Overview 7:20-7:30 Wrap-Up

Checkout Congratulations! Mr. Montelongo-Principal Mr. Burton-9th grade Principal Mr. Adams-10th grade Principal Ms. Salinas-11th grade Principal Dr. Delsesbore-12th grade

Principal Dr. Gaston-Associate Principal Ms. Heard-Associate Principal Ms. Dowd-Dean of Instruction PACKETS/OUTLINE OF HANDOUTS To Turn In (colored packet): Course Request Worksheet Sheet To Take Home (white packet): Academy Commitment Form

To Do List/GPA Guidelines Booster Club Registration 4 year plan wksht/ Assessment Info YES Contract Academy FAQ & Info Sheet / HHS Course Selection FAQ STUDENT EXPECTATIONS I expect that Students will meet contract requirements.

Students will attend all mandatory meetings and interact with their mentor(s). Students will be involved in the Academy events and affiliated organizations. Students will be involved in HHS events and organizations. Students will represent themselves, the Academy, and Hightower High School with integrity, honesty, and respect. STUDENT EXPECTATIONS Caleb Whittaker, MedSci Student Body President Jorge Garza, DMA Student Body

President PARENT EXPECTATIONS I expect that Parents will maintain open lines of communication with the campus. Parents will commit to volunteering for Academy events and Academy fundraising Parents will contribute to the growth of the Academy. Parents will support HHS and its programs/events. PARENT EXPECTATIONS

Tina Hood, HHS Academies Booster Club President COORDINATOR EXPECTATIONS I want parents and students to expect me to Be an advocate for students Be a liaison with the campus Provide social and academic enrichment opportunities for students Maintain ongoing communication with parents and students about the Academy Respond quickly to needs or issues that may arise. HHS Counseling Department

Mr. Casely-Hayford 9th Grade Ms. Toussaint 10th Grade Ms. Johnson Ms. Powell 12th Grade Ms. Dotson Lead Counselor

11th Grade CCR ADVISOR: Ms. Hidalgo Graduation Requirements Students must earn 26 Course Requirements Satisfy Mandatory Attendance Guidelines Successfully Pass all 5 Sections of STAAR EOC in order to graduate Graduation Requirements 4 Credits of English 4 Credits of Math 4 Credits of Science

4 Credits of Social Studies 2 Credits of World Language Credit of Health Credit of Communication Applications 1 Credit of PE 1 Credit of Fine Arts 5 Credits of Electives Foundation + Endorsements Graduation Plan 26 Credits Course Request

Digital Media Academy (DMA)

English I-III PreAP/AP; English IV AP or DC World Geography, World History, US History, US Government/Economics Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, 4th Math Biology, Chemistry, Physics, 4th Science Computer Science Pre-AP/AP Foreign Language I-II Health/Professional Communications Fine Art (1 credit) PE (1 credit) (9th grade) Principles of Arts A/V Technology, Communications (10th grade) Digital Media (11th grade) A/V Production I + Lab OR Graphic Design + Lab (12th grade) A/V Production II + Lab OR Animation + Lab

Medical Science Academy (MedSci)

English I-IV World Geography, World History, US History, US Government/ Economics Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, 4th Math (PreAP/AP recommended) PreAP Biology, PreAP Chemistry, AP Physics, 4th Science AP Language I-II Health/Professional Communications PE (1 credit) Fine Art (1 credit) (9th grade) Principles of Health Science (10th grade) Medical Terminology (11th grade) Anatomy & Physiology (12th grade) Med. Micro. and Patho. OR Health Science Theory & Clinical 2 Elective slots open

Contract Requirements / Dismissal Enrolled in the appropriate sequence of academy and academic courses as outlined by the Coordinator Maintain a 75 or higher in all Academy specific courses; 70 in all others (Semester Checks) Complete a total of 100 community service hours by doing a minimum of 12.5 hrs each semester Participate in at least 1 approved enrichment activity each grading period for a total of 4 each academic year. Complete graduation project. Discipline/Behavior Expectations Congratulations and Welcome to

the Digital Media Academy and Medical Science Academy! Reminders for 9th grade course selection: DMA: MedSci: Principles of Arts A/V Principles of Health Science Technology, Communications PreAP Biology Required PreAP ELA Required PreAP Math recommended PreAP or AP Computer Science can be taken 9th or 10th grade The sheet you submit tonight will be used for verification

purposes. You have should have already completed course selection at your current middle school campus. For students not currently attending a FBISD school, you will do your final course selection when you register in July. Check-out Procedures Use this time to ask questions and complete the required forms. All colored forms must be turned in before you leave. Academy tables are located in the back of the Auditorium Take the opportunity to explore and talk to the teachers. They can help you with questions about PreAP VS on-level, elective options, etc. Final Check-out tables are different for each Academy:

DMA is to the left MedSci is to the right

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