You Make the Difference! Give l Volunteer l

You Make the Difference! Give l Volunteer l

You Make the Difference! Give l Volunteer l Be Counted Ally Baehr Director of Community Engagement Make Way for Books Sheila McGinnis Director of Outreach & Community Partnerships Government & Community Relations

Today, we will learn:: Why volunteering is important The impact of volunteers in the community How volunteers can help an organization The importance of assessing your interests Hands-on volunteer opportunity Why is volunteering important? Volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and

well-being of our community: Volunteers deliver critical services from serving as volunteer fire fighters or participating in search and rescues, to delivering meals to homebound seniors, or manning phone lines at domestic and sexual assault centers. Volunteers help keep our neighborhoods, streets, parks, rivers, green spaces, and water clean and safe. Volunteers tutor, teach, mentor, coach, and support young people. Volunteers build houses and schools, dig wells, and repair infrastructure. Volunteers walk dogs, pet cats, clean cages, help with adoptions and feedings, and contribute

veterinary expertise to animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers Volunteers educate the public on health and safety; doctors and nurses donate time and medical knowledge to free clinics and natural/civil disaster areas. Volunteers take tickets at performing arts events, lead tours at museums, and ensure arts and cultural festivals run smoothly. Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

Its good for you reduces stress and makes you healthier Volunteering strengthens your community improve schools, support youth, eldercare, beautification projects It saves resources provides valuable community services You learn a lot discover hidden talents, gain knowledge of local resources Volunteers gain professional experience

You get a chance to give back It brings people together support community resources that benefit people you care about diverse backgrounds collaborate and builds friendships and teamwork Encourages civic responsibility its It promotes personal

growth & self esteem You make a difference Every person an investment in our community and to the people who live here counts!! The IMPACT - by the numbers: According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 61.8 million individuals in the United States contributed 8

billion hours of volunteerism in 2008. The economic impact of all this volunteering? $162 billion U.S. dollars. UAs Impact 13 volunteer events organized by UA Community Relations 80 fundraisers, drives, charitable activities organized by staff 2,192 hours of volunteerism or $50,416 community value 3,600 acts of kindness performed

in 8 months Volunteerism The impact of no volunteers Imagine if one day, all volunteers simply did not show up What Volunteers Mean to Us Last Fiscal year we recorded 1400 hours of volunteer time This equates to $32,000 or a fulltime employee! There is NO WAY we could get everything done that we need without volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of our program! Volunteering is an awesome way to get people involved in our mission and to understand the work we do in the community Volunteers help us save money because we can rely on volunteers to do things that we might have to pay someone for What Volunteers Do for Us

Build book shelves Deliver books Clean books Count and sort books Stamp books with our

logo Collect books through book drives at schools, businesses, clubs, and birthday parties Help with landscaping and trash pick up Clean windows Put together furniture

Read weekly to children in child care centers Make props for story time Make bean bags Help with events Put together baby bags Prepping books for the library Painting

Installing a mural Creating materials that child care centers use with children Writing thank you notes And the list goes on and on! Other Ways to Volunteer in Our Community Serving on a board of directors or one of their sub-committees (highly committed volunteers with a larger time commitment) Helping plan and run big events and conferences

Securing items for raffles and auctions Helping with Finances/Audit/etc. Fixing things around the office Spreading the word about fundraisers and helping sell tickets (raffle tickets, event tickets, etc.) Data Entry Tabling at events More Ways to Volunteer in Our Community Managing small projects that dont require a fulltime employee Receptionist duties/answering phones Making phone calls

Caring for children Mentoring foster youth Tutoring/coaching youth Helping with Art Projects Riding in El Tour and raising money for your favorite nonprofit Hands-on volunteer activity Assessing Your Interests Why assess your interests? Thinking about your goals,

interests, and skills saves you time and steers you away from volunteer positions that dont fit Time wasted training A bad fit can end up causing harm Scoring your quiz Life's persistent and most urgent question is What are you doing for others? Martin Luther King Jr.

Interested in volunteering? Call Sheila 626-4671 or email [email protected]

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