ESTI - MYSTERIES Estimation Meets Math Mysteries Esti

ESTI - MYSTERIES Estimation Meets Math Mysteries Esti

ESTI - MYSTERIES Estimation Meets Math Mysteries Esti Mystery #8 Bright Beads Steve Wyborney Before seeing the clues, estimate the number of beads in the vase. As the clues appear, use the information to narrow the possibilities to a smaller set. Then use estimation to

determine which of the remaining answers is the most reasonable. Steve Wyborney Clue #1 Clue #1 The answer is an odd number. Clue #2 You couldClue make #2this many cents using only nickels.

Clue #3 You could not Clue make #3 this many cents using only dimes. Clue #4 The answerClue is two #4 less than a prime number. Steve Wyborney

By combining the clues and estimation, you now have enough information to determine the answer. Steve Wyborney The Reveal Click to see the answer. 45 beads Steve Wyborney Esti - Mysteries Mystery #8 Click here (or on the image) to download more Esti Mysteries. Other Downloadable Resources 50 Splat! Lessons (for PowerPoint) 20 Fraction Splat! Lessons (for PowerPoint)

80 Cube Conversations Lessons 100 Subitizing Slides & 10 Challenge Patterns The Estimation Clipb oard Splat! for Google Slides

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