Implementing InterUnit Billing Shared Service Environment Ron Keller

Implementing InterUnit Billing Shared Service Environment Ron Keller

Implementing InterUnit Billing Shared Service Environment Ron Keller Eli Fernandez 7/10/2018 #PSRECONNECT About Susan G. Komen al

o G d l o B #PSRECONNECT Overview

#PSRECONNECT InterUnit Billing allows the automated creation of an Accounts Payable voucher as well as the Billing invoice Requires Customer Bill-to tab GL Business Unit be different from the Billing Business Unit and the Billing Business Unit Supplier is identified as an Interunit Supplier. The Voucher expense distribution is

entered in Billing The Bill generation is run followed by the Voucher Staging records ceate Voucher Build processes Susan G. Komen Organizational Structure Susan G. Komen Foundation Inc. Federated Model 72 Susan G. Komen Affiliate Corporations

Separate Staffing, Management and Board of Directors Susan G. Komen Foundation provides IT Services Centralized Accounting Services Third Party Applications Susan G. Komen Headquarters and each

Affiliate Corporation are separate General Ledger, Billing, Accounts Receivable and Project Costing Business Units #PSRECONNECT Eliminate manual Voucher Entry and errors Why

Interunit Billing #PSRECONNECT 1700 Annual Billing Invoices from Corporate to Affiliates 800 Billing Invoices from Affiliates to Corporate Corporate Accounts Payable Department manually entered all

corresponding AP Vouchers Implementing Interunit InterUnit Billing to AP Flow NonConsolidated Single Action Invoice BIJOB03

#PSRECONNECT Build Voucher Staging Tables BIGNAP01 Voucher Build

InterUnit Billing Configuration 1 2 3 Identify and Update Customers and Suppliers as

InterUnit and the Business Unit they Represent Update Transaction System Map for BIIVC Set Billing InterUnit Billing defaults in General Ledger

Business Unit Definition #PSRECONNECT 4 Establish InterUnit Pairs InterUnit Billing Parameters 5

Create Expense Distribution Codes to be assigned to AP Vouchers System Transaction Map for Billing Invoice #PSRECONNECT InterUnit Transaction Code

#PSRECONNECT Customer Bill to Option #PSRECONNECT Supplier #PSRECONNECT GL Business Unit

Inter/IntraUnit Default #PSRECONNECT InterUnit Pair- InterUnit Billing Options #PSRECONNECT Distribution Code for AP Expense

#PSRECONNECT InterUnit Invoice #PSRECONNECT IU Expense for AP Distribution Line #PSRECONNECT Implemention

Issues Business Process Requirements #PSRECONNECT Project and Activity are required for Affiliate Voucher Expense Distribution A single Billing line may require %

distribution to 2 or more AP distribution lines No additional manual steps be added to the Billing process All Affiliate Vouchers must go thru Workflow Approval The Billing Invoice must be available for viewing both on the Voucher and Voucher Approval page Issue Distribution

Codes Projects must be unique across Project Business Units Example: Project RTFC18 (Race for the Cure for 2018) To use across all Project Business Units it is s set up as RTFC18CA100 RTFC18TX100 RTFC18TX108

E.T.C Would require 850+ new Distribution Codes Entry required in Billing to create Accounts Payable Expense Distribution #PSRECONNECT Solution Eliminate the need for InterUnit Expense entry in Billing Comment out the edits requiring the entry Build a Billing distribution to Accounts Payable distribution

cross reference table and add/update page Modify voucher staging process(BIGNAP01.sqr) by replacing Distribution Codes with the Billing generated accounting entries #PSRECONNECT Mapping BI_ACCT_ENTRY To DISTRIB_LINE First Level Second level Third level

Fourth level Fifth level #PSRECONNECT Mapping Continued #PSRECONNECT Issue Invoice

Image #PSRECONNECT A Billing Voucher has a Billing Invoice hyperlink pop-up page but does not include a link to the Invoice PDF image Approval pages do not link to the Billing Invoice PDF image required by workflow approvers

Solution Enable the Invoice Attachment option at the Bill Type definition #PSRECONNECT Solution Billing Invoice PDF is automatically attached for the Billing Invoice Summary inquiry page Add the same function to the AP voucher Billing Invoice pop-up page and Fluid Approval page

#PSRECONNECT Approval Page #PSRECONNECT Summary and Next Step

#PSRECONNECT Interunit Billing has automated Interunit Vouchers eliminating errors and over 400 hours of manual entry. Next Step is to Implement Bilateral Netting thereby reducing banking transactions and manual

entry of AR deposits. Questions? #PSRECONNECT Please complete a session evaluation Session ID: 101400 Contact Info: [email protected] Tel: 972.701.2069

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