The importance of colour Fonts: how we picture words? HOW TO USE THE COLLEGE HOW NOT TO USE WORKING WITH CORPORATE IDENTITY THE COLLEGE PARTNERS CORPORATE IDENTITY Applying the logo THE BRAND IN PRINT STRATEGIC GOALS/OBJECTIVES OF THE COLLEGE College strategic objective and outcome 1 To provide technical and vocational education and training services by increasing quality and success in terms of the academic achievement of students

College strategic objective and outcome 3 To develop partnerships and maintain good stakeholder relationships to increase the number of students who are adequately prepared to enter the labour market of further higher learning opportunities INTRODUCTION The brand identity of an organization or a product enables it to stand out from competition. For this reason, it is important that corporate brand identity be clearly defined and consistent to avoid confusion with competing brands. This manual serves as a reference as well as a practical guide to using key publishing and promotional elements associated with Lephalale TVET College brand. It provides essential information for ensuring

compliance and consistency within the college Corporate Identity Manual Corporate Identity Manual ABOUT US Lephalale TVET College is one of the 50 public TVET colleges in South Africa registered in terms of Department of Higher Education and Training legislations, compliances and statutory bodies. Lephalale TVET College is a descriptive brand name that clearly communicates the character of the brand and the nature of its function. Motto/Slogan Our Hands. Our Minds. Our Future

Vision Striving towards quality vocational and technical expertise for economic growth Mission To create lasting solutions to poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and inequality through the provision of vocational and technical skills required in the labour market Core values Accountability Commitment Continuous Improvement Integrity Fairness Transparency

Corporate Governance Responsiveness WHY THIS MANUAL? Corporate identity depends on the consistency with which its brand, including its logo, is presented to its target audience and the general public in all its reports, advertising , promotional material, letterheads, business cards and correspondence. To avoid confused messages an enterprise has to ensure that its brand image is properly managed and is consistent. A Corporate Identity manual contains the rules and instructions on how the branding image, in particular its logo, should be used in all its communication media. The Corporate Identity Manual outlines what is permissible and what is not when it comes to representing the enterprise in all its branding efforts. The manual acts as a style guide for all parties involves in building the brand. Following the

manual faithfully enables a consistent identity to be developed and maintained across all media. This manual provides guidelines on how to achieve this consistency in the form of a handy reference booklets that also serves as the ultimate arbiter on the design, components and use of the various elements of the Corporate Identity. Corporate Identity Manual WHY THIS MANUAL CONTINUES? The objectives of this manual include: To outline the branding elements-including logotypes, fonts and coloursadopted by Lephalale TVET College To explain how the Corporate Identity is to be applied to achieve a desired brand image To ensure consistent use of the brand elements and thereby assist in building the College brand in all communication

To help leverage the power of the brand across all media Corporate Identity Manual THE BASICS WHAT IS A CORPORATE IDENTITY? Each organization, just as with individuals, has its own brand or identity. That identity is associated with its appearance, image, values and associations. The perceived image associated with a Corporate Identity is its brand and tells the world what the organization is all about. To ensure maximum impact all the organizations activities are linked to branding images such as logos, symbols, and colours associated with it. The brand itself becomes an emotional connection people have with an organization and its products and services. Powerful brands

provoke powerful responses. The objective of each piece of corporate communication, whether it be a business card, a website, a branded golf shirt or a social media message is to build a strong brand. To do so, the following should be observed: Accuracy-the elements of the corporate identity are implemented with attention to detail and without deviating from the manual Oversight-designated individuals oversee the implementation of the corporate identity and are responsible for how the various elements are used in any given context Currency-to ensure the manual remains relevant in reference to ongoing developments, regular updates are essential Corporate Identity Manual WHAT IS A BRAND?

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumers decision to choose one product or service over another-Seth Godin A brand is more than a name, a logo or a symbol. A brand is the total experience people (including staff, stakeholders, partners, suppliers, clients, students and the general public) have of an organization in all its facets and interactions. The logo merely summarizes, as succinctly as possible, all that the brand exemplifies. The objective of each piece of corporate communication, whether it be a business card, a website, a branded golf shirt or a social media message is to build a strong brand. To do so, the following should be observed at all times: Accuracy-the elements of the corporate identity are implemented with attention to detail and without deviating from the manual. Oversight-designated individuals oversee the implementation of the corporate identity and are responsible for how the various elements are used in any given context WHAT IS A LOGO? A logo is a visually-recognizable trademark design, symbol, emblem or name associated with a

company and its products. Key to its instant recognition is ensuring that the logo design remains the same no matter where it is used. Logos are registered in much the same way patents for unique inventions are. THE IMPORTANCE OF COLOUR Colour conveys information Colour carries emotions Colour focuses attention Just as the design of a logo must always be used consistently and accurately, so too must the colours be correct to ensure the recognisability of the logo and to convey the correct message and emotional appeal. For this reason the values of the colours of a logo are specified for different use. FONTS: HOW WE PICTURE WORDS Fonts or typefaces are how words are visually represented. The choice of a font is important because it conveys certain associations that impact on the meanings of the words. The font used by the College is Arial HOW TO USE THE COLLEGE CORPORATE IDENTITY

This is how the college corporate identity should look like in all correspondence and marketing and promotional material for all branding and social responsibility activities The redesigned logo embodies the following brand associations: The River: represents Mogol River-meaning life around the area in which the college operates The Tree and the Animal: represents Wildlife and the Bushveld area surrounding the college The Gear: represents the Mining Industries and the wealth in the area under Waterberg District of Limpopo Province. The Department of Higher Education & Training logo: represents the college being a public entity Corporate Identity Manual

In short, this is a logo that represents an organization that prides itself on its professionalism in facilitating access to quality vocational and technical knowledge, markets and opportunities, whether this be in support of uplifting skills in South Africa generally and Limpopo Province in particular, or in developing the countrys skills. The preferred application of the logo is as shown, using all the visual elements and text, and in full colour. The colours of the logo have been carefully chosen to achieve a specific effect. Blue colour: represents Water in the Waterberg District of the Limpopo Province Green colour: represents Wildlife and the Bushveld Region of the Waterberg District However, in instances where it is either not technically possible or economically viable, the logo may appear in a colour or black print. NB: The logo needs to be on white background. The College logo cannot be separated with the one of the Department, unless in case of social responsibility with other partners. HOW NOT TO USE THE COLLEGE CORPORATE IDENTITY To ensure the corporate identity is communicated consistently and in such a

manner as to positively influence perceptions of the college brand, please always avoid the following: Using colours other than those specified in the Corporate Identity Manual for the symbol and the text of the logo Using any fonts other than those specified Stretching or squashing the logo Making decisions regarding colours, backgrounds or positioning without referring to this manual Placing other graphic elements too close to the logo may cause confusion or devalue the logo. It is therefore recommended that there exist a protected area around the logo where no graphics, titles, text, background colour changes or other design elements are permitted. This is known as the area of isolation. The area of isolation is defined as an area equal to half the height of the logo and extending out on all four sides of the logo Corporate Identity

Manual WORKING WITH PARTNERS Branding in partnership with other stakeholders may be allowed subject to approval. Pull-up banners are example of artwork that fits this specification. THE BRAND IN PRINT Stationary plays a vital role in communicating a coherent corporate identity. A letterhead or a business card may be the first interaction someone has with an organization and should convey the essence of the brand in its quality and professionalism. Corporate Identity Manual

The following are the marketing and promotional material that should be branded: Letterhead Business cards Email signatures Email signatures for events Envelopes Brochures Prospectus Folders Notepads Diaries Banners Building signage Shirts, caps, pens, squeeze bottles, USB and Carry bags The Principal

Mr Mamabolo LJ 082 973 2445 (014) 763 2252 [email protected] 2018 ___________________ Name and Surname: Title: Sectional name: Cell no (work): Tel no (work): Email address: Our hands. Our minds. Our future

Central Office Office (014) 763 2252 email: [email protected] Physical Address Corner Nelson Mandela & Ngoako Ramathlodi Drives Onverwacht Lephalale 0555 Postal Address Private Bag X 210 Lephalale 0555

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