Madison Station n e t r a g

Madison Station n e t r a g

Madison Station
22 October 26
Happening October
[email protected]


Pumpkins Everywhere!
A look at our week!
New Sight Words:
to, go
Color Word: black
Writing: Telling Stories
Math: 2D Shapes
Art Focus:
Jasper Johns

Unit of Study:

Please remember to
sign and return report
cards with the

November 1st - Students see The
Sound of Music at MCHS SACK
November 6 - Picture Make-Up Day
November 6th Bring Sack Lunch
(other grades are having
Thanksgiving lunch)
November 7th Thanksgiving Lunch
November 19th 23rd NO SCHOOL
(Thanksgiving Break)
December 14th Polar Express Day
December 20th Christmas Party
December 21 60% Day (Christmas
Break Begins)

Helping At Home
Sight Words & Letters
Sight Words to Review
I, me, my, see, can, the,
look, at,
like, is,
to to

recognize and write all of the
letters of the alphabet. They
should also be able to give their
sounds. Please review these

Color Focus
B-l-a-c-k spells black
B-l-a-c-k spells black
Flying bats are black
Scary cats are black
Jelly beans are black
I like black

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