2018 Subject Selection INFORMATION EVENING Thursday 3 August

2018 Subject Selection INFORMATION EVENING Thursday 3 August

2018 Subject Selection INFORMATION EVENING Thursday 3 August 2017 Agenda Introduction & Reflection Principals Welcome VCE Overview

2018 Subject Selection Process Department Displays 2 Acknowledgement of Land We, Sacred Heart Girls College Community, acknowledge that we gather on land for which the Wurundjeri people are traditional custodians. We remember their forebears with respect and commit ourselves to working for reconciliation and justice. Prayer Gracious God, We gather as a community open to Your word and Your

works. During our time of seeking and learning together, mold, shape, and transform us. Give us a mind that engages with Your word and seeks to understand Your truth in this complex world. Tree of Knowledge 4 Give us ears to be attentive to Your voice in the world and to hear what we have not heard before. Give us eyes to see You in all of your children on this earth and to see our world from new perspectives. Give us a willing heart to be open to others and to nurture deep solidarity with the human

community. 5 Intercessions Growing in Christ Leader: We are gathered in the heart of Gods Spirit who dwells eternally within and beyond us. All: You are with us, God of life and goodness. Leader: May our lives be planted in love and built on love, so that every decision may be patterned on the mind of Christ. All: May we grow in all ways into Christ. Leader: May we see with the eyes of faith and reach out with the compassion of Christ to those who are troubled or in need. 6

Intercessions All: May Christ live in our hearts through faith. Leader: God of Jesus Christ, you have drawn us together as people of faith. May the love that is in us, like a small seed planted by your hand, grow stronger each day as we embrace the breadth of opportunities made available to us at Sacred Heart. All: May we strive to be more like Christ in the way we live and reach out to others. Amen 7 Subject Selection Process 1. Careers Fast Track Program 2.

Work Experience & interviews with Mrs. Connolly 3. Student Information Assemblies 4. VCE Subject Information Evening & Subject Expo 5. VCE Transition Interviews 9 August (Year 10) 6. Subject Selections Web Preferences closes 14 August

at midnight 7. Subject Selection Web Preferences printed and submitted to HR teacher 15 August 8. 2018 Timetable construction begins 8 VCE Structure Two year course of study Year 11 subjects: Units 1 and 2 Year 12 subjects: Units 3 and 4 Governed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

Study designs outline: curriculum assessment 9 2018 VCE Unit 1&2 Offerings Accounting Art Australian and Global Politics Biology Business Management Chemistry Computing Dance Economics English/English as a Second Language Food Studies French

Geography Health & Human Development History: Twentieth Century Indonesian Italian Legal Studies Literature Foundation Mathematics General Mathematics Mathematical Methods Specialist Mathematics Media Music Performance Outdoor & Environmental Studies Physical Education Physics Psychology

Texts and Traditions (Unit 1) Theatre Studies VET eg: Hospitality and Fashion Design Visual Communication Design 10 2018 VCE Unit 3 & 4 Offerings Accounting Art Biology Business Management Chemistry Dance Economics English/English as a Second Language Food Studies French

Geography Global Politics Health & Human Development History: Revolutions Hospitality (VET) Indonesian IT Applications Software Development Italian Legal Studies Literature Further Mathematics Mathematical Methods Specialist Mathematics Media Music Performance Outdoor & Environmental Studies

Physical Education Physics Psychology Religion and Society Texts and Traditions Theatre Studies VET eg: Hospitality and Fashion Design Visual Communication Design 11 Early Entry to VCE School based decision on offerings and participation, in consultation with teachers/parents. All Year 10 students & parents are invited to attend a VCE transition interview Wednesday, 9 August

If completing an external Unit 3 and 4 subject, no additional VCE study at SHGC. e.g. Language, Dance. 12 Units 3 & 4 Study in Year 11 In 2018, students may apply to complete one of the following Units 3 and 4 studies: Units 3 & 4 Business Management Units 3 & 4 Dance (by audition) Units 3 & 4 Geography Units 3 & 4 Health & Human Development Units 3 & 4 IT Informatics Units 3 & 4 Legal Studies Units 3 & 4 Outdoor & Environmental Studies Units 3 & 4 Physical Education Units 3 & 4 Religion & Society

13 Entry to VCE Subjects VCE Studies are offered on the understanding that they must attract sufficient student numbers for a class to be offered. Studies with Insufficient demand will be withdrawn at the schools discretion. In selecting a course of study students should be aware of the following advice, published by VCAA. Students may enter studies at the level of Unit 1, 2 or 3. In some studies, students are advised to complete either or both Units 1 and 2 before attempting Unit 3, or have equivalent experience, or be willing to undertake some preparation. The relevant advice is published in the study design for each study. Units 3 and 4 are designed to be taken as a sequence; students must undertake Unit 3 before commencing Unit 4 of a study. In some instances, the College will recommend Units 1 and 2 have been successfully completed, students should discuss this with their

teachers. e.g. Chemistry or Physics. 14 VCE at Sacred Heart Sacred Heart students complete: 23 units Year 11 students: 7 subjects (13 units) Year 12 students: 5 subjects (10 units) Some students complete VET studies English and the RE options are compulsory Why more than the minimum? Broaden range of subjects

Keep options open Ensure all pre-requisites for tertiary are undertaken Maximise ATAR score at the end of Year 12 15 Satisfactory completion of the VCE Over the two years, students must satisfactorily complete: a minimum of 16 units a minimum three units from the English group(including Units 3 and 4) three pairs of units at 3/4 level other than English The 16 units may include an unlimited number of units from Vocational Education and Training.

16 Satisfactory completion of Year 11 studies Two levels of assessment: 1. Outcomes: knowledge and skills S or N results submitted to VCAA 2. School Assessed Coursework (SACs) Tasks and Examinations: numerical results reported to students/parents/guardians 17 Year 11 Must achieve satisfactory results for each outcome in each unit and meet the 85% attendance requirement to count towards VCE.

This allows an S to be awarded. Lays the foundation for Year 12 Attendance is vital Planned absences to be avoided Medical certificates required to support illness No provision for family travel during term time 18 Year 12 Assessment Tasks contribute to final study score results Study scores how well they have achieved

in each subject ATAR score how well they have achieved in their VCE 19 Decisions to be made Year 11 English VCE RE (School based/Religion & Society) 5 other subjects based on pre-requisites, interest and/or strength Year 12 English/Literature/English As Additional Language School based RE/Religion & Society or Text & Traditions 4 other subjects based on pre-requisites, interest

and/or strength 20 Year 11 Options Option 1 Option 2 English Units 1 & 2 English Units 1 & 2 Text & Traditions Unit 1 Religion & Society Units 3 & 4 5 more studies**

4 more studies 3 Study periods a cycle 7 Study periods a cycle 1 Wellbeing period a cycle 1 Wellbeing period a cycle 13 Units completed at the end of Year 11 12 Units completed at the end of Year 11 ** One study may be at Units 3 and 4 level if student meets selection criteria Year 11

English Text & Traditions Unit 1 Chemistry General Mathematics History 20th Century Outdoor Education Health & Human Development Unit 1&2 or 3&4 13 Units Completed Year 12 all Units 3 & 4 English Chemistry Further Mathematics History - Revolutions Outdoor Education

23 Units Completed 6 Subjects towards ATAR if HHD is a 3&4 22 VCE Studies and Programs A range of studies (subjects) A range of Mathematics subjects & pathways Different subjects have different forms of assessment, e.g. Arts subjects have folio work as well as written tasks Assessment Tasks for different subjects have different weightings for SACs and Exams. 23 THE VCE Handbook Located on College Website

Choices are entered online Information and logon sheets have been distributed following the Subject Information Assemblies Choices should be entered after research and discussion Printout signed by student and parent/guardian Printout and pathways form returned by 15 August Application to complete Yr. 12 study due: 14 August (forms available from Mrs Connolly & Ms. Hyslop) 24 All Subject Selection Handbooks are available at: www.shgc.vic.edu.au Learning & Teaching Curriculum VCE Handbooks

25 Choosing VCE Subjects DO Think about interests Check out VCE Subjects, talk to teachers, course outline, assessment etc Undertake subjects they like, are good at and will help to keep options open Explore courses and prerequisites 26 Choosing VCE Subjects DONT Panic ask for help! Choose subjects that you think will help you

get a good ATAR Score Choose subjects on the basis of teacher or friends choices 27 Where to from here? Visit Department displays tonight, talk to teachers and consider options Reflect on strengths and interests Discuss as a family Make realistic choices Submit Subject Selections: 14 August Each Year 10 will be interviewed regarding their choices: Wednesday, 9 August Term 4: subjects confirmed 28

Department EXPO SUBJECT Arts Careers English Health Science Humanities IT Languages Mathematics Outdoor and Environmental Studies Religious Education Science VSL VENUES Lower D Corridor

Lower D Foyer Library Food Studies Room Library D 25 Lower D Foyer E 23 and 26 Library Library D 23 and 24 Lower D Foyer 29

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