Minds On What are some good features of

Minds On What are some good features of

Minds On What are some good features of this plane? Compare it to this plane Canada and the Battle of Britain

Sept 1939, Spring 1940 Sept 1939 - crushed: Poland > 1 month The Phoney War (Winter 1940) when no fighting took place

Spring 1940 - Crushed: Denmark - 1 day Norway - 2 days The Netherlands 5 days Belgium 18 days France 6 weeks

The Fall Of France The Nazis occupied France in June of 1940, the next plan was to invade England. The Defence of Britain depended on the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force (RAF). Hitler needed to clear the English Channel before even considering an invasion of

England. Blitzkrieg the Plan Operation Sea Lion Air attack using Luftwaffe Take out strategic sites Create chaos in civilian

population Paratroopers secure strategic sites Armored tank attack break through into towns (create an entry column)

Infantry attack (troops arrive in truck loads enter after tanks City surrenders Problems for the Nazis

The Luftwaffe were not yet designed for long range missions. Britain also had an early radar system that allowed them to detect and track aircraft. Phase 1 The Channel war Phase 1 began in July and lasted until mid

August with Germany attacking shipping and port facilities in the English Channel. During this phase, both sides began to lose planes and pilots. Replacing both would be difficult for Britain and Germany, but Britain had help.

Canadian Assistance Canadian businessman Lord Beaverbrook organized massive aircraft production. Beaverbrook was able to keep the RAF supplied with

planes to replace heavy suffered by the British. The RAF also lost many skilled pilots (only had 3000 to start) Canada and Pilots

Nearly 15% of RAF pilots during the Battle of Britain were Canadians.Also, pilots and air crew were being trained in Canada. Canadian assistance in these areas proved to be invaluable to Britain. Phase 2: Eagle Attack

In August the Germans began attacks on radar stations and airfields. By early September the Germans seemed to be winning but Hitlers impatience caused him to

change his strategy. Phase 3: The Blitz In this phase Germany began to attack cities. On September 7, 1940; 1000 German

bombers attacked London. Hitlers hope was that the public would pressure the British govt to surrender.

Knowing where to bomb Targeting London was easy pilots simply had to follow the River Thames which took them straight to the important St.

Katherines Docks in the East End. The first bombers dropped incendiaries (fire bombs) to light the way for the following explosives bombers.

Defending Britain This was a tough challenge Britain had no night time fighters. Searchlight and the newly discovered radar

helped as an early warning system. Anti-Aircraft guns and barrage balloons were the only obstacles facing the Luftwaffe.

Britains Response The British responded by evacuating thousands of people from London into the countryside (think Narnia without the wardrobe!), including 6000 children sent to Canada. Each day the British would awake to rebuild

their cities rather than surrender 1000s of people slept in shelters and even the Underground (Londons subway system) How were people affected? People found whole

streets had gone. Rescue efforts saved people from rubble. 1000s of people were made homeless. But as you saw in

the film life went on for most. Was the Blitzkrieg successful?

The Battle of Britain Ends By September 12th the threat of an invasion passed because the weather and sea conditions were not favourable to a large scale invasion. Although the bombing continued, Germany was left with a weakened Luftwaffe and Britain still would not surrender!

For the first time, Hitler did not win. Was Germany Bombed? Yes. Far worse than Britain was. For every 1 tonne of bombs dropped on

British cities the RAF and the US Air Force dropped 315 tonnes on Germany. The worst raids were on the city of Dresden in 1945, which you can

see afterwards in this picture. Final Thought The total number of civilian casualties in Britain during the war was 67,800. The total number of civilian casualties in Germany was 1,600,000.

Who really came off worst?

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