SUPERFUND JOB TRAINING INITIATIVE Melissa Friedland, SuperJTI Program Manager, Regions 1-5 Viola Cooper, SuperJTI Program Manager, Regions 6-10 April 9, 2015 1 LAYING THE GROUNDWORK FOR A SUPERJTI PROJECT

2 WHAT IS SUPERJTI? EPA Headquarters-funded job readiness program Targets under/unemployed citizens affected by Superfund sites Provides remediation/ hazardous waste cleanup training Job placement into positions

set aside by contractors on site 3 HOW DOES SUPERJTI WORK? Relationships built with local businesses, community organizations, and federal agencies to support training Candidate recruitment

Training Post-graduation follow-up 4 WHAT COMMUNITIES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR SuperJTI? CERCLA regulated sites RCRA regulated sites Federal facilities Tribal removal sites 5

ROLE OF EPA SITE STAFF Contact SuperJTI Program Manager 3 months to 1 year prior to remedial action start date Implemented by an headquarters contractor Site staff can be involved on varying levels Funded by headquarters, not through regional budgets or potentially responsible parties Contractor will request from site staff:

Recommendations for community partners Site contractor contact information Site cleanup timeline Participation in tryouts and graduation 6 WORKING WITH SITE CONTRACTORS Discussions with contractors prior to program start

Minimum of 8-10 entry-level jobs must be projected Job details and requirements are discussed ahead of time Requirements are used for the application process Relevant trainings are included in program 7 DEVELOPING PARTNERSHIPS

Local businesses, universities, community organizations, federal agencies Can serve as effective liaisons May be able to donate resources Community partner is paid by headquarters contractor 8 DID YOU KNOW?

Since 2008 SuperJTI has: Run 13 programs Graduated over 225 participants Served communities in 10 states 9 SUPERJTI PROJECT DEVELOPMENT, TRAINING AND JOB PLACEMENT 10

CANDIDATE RECRUITMENT Performed in conjunction with local partners and tailored to community needs 3-phase process: Informational meetings Document submission Tryouts 11 TRAINING

Pre-Employment training Technical training can include: 40-hour HAZWOPER OSHA Construction Safety Asbestos Abatement

CPR/First Aid Radon Mitigation 12 GRADUATION Held after training program concludes Semi-formal event Attended by families of graduates and project partners attend

Chance to honor achievements of the graduates 13 JOB PLACEMENT SuperJTI facilitates job placement by working with site contractors ahead of time No guarantees of employment Earning a job and doing good

work are up to each candidate 14 FOLLOW-UP Graduates are required to stay in contact with SuperJTI staff for six months after training completion Graduates may continue to work on site or find work

elsewhere 15 DID YOU KNOW? Since 2008 SuperJTI has trained for cleanup in relation to: Water Nuclear Facility Lead Mining 16

PASSAIC RIVER SuperJTI: A Bit of Background Tierra Removal 17 PASSAIC RIVER SuperJTI Recruitment:

Newark, New Jersey Winter 2012 Assistance from ICC and area community organizations PRP & its Contractors involved from beginning 18 PASSAIC RIVER SuperJTI 2 weeks of training: Provided by University of

Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey and Red Cross Pre-Employment 40-hr HAZWOPER

OSHA-10 CPR/First Aid 19 PASSAIC RIVER SuperJTI Placement: 15 graduates hired by site contractors Arcadis and Stuyvesant Environmental

Various positions Three permanent hires Higher number placed than anticipated 20 COUER dALENE BASIN SuperJTI Cycle 2: A Bit of Background 21

COUER dALENE BASIN SuperJTI Cycle 2 Recruitment: Silver Valley (Kellogg), Idaho Spring 2013 Supported by community partner and Idaho DEQ Community members became program advocates 22

COUER dALENE BASIN SuperJTI Cycle 2 2 weeks of training: Provided by North Idaho College and CH2MHill Pre-Employment 40-hr HAZWOPER

Sampling Flagging CPR/First Aid

Field Reporting 23 THE RESULTS Created goodwill and champions in the community for the program Graduated 14 trainees from the

program 10 placed into jobs 6 in site-related work for contractors and project partners 4 in other area jobs 24 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SuperJTI? Residents Local community


Duwamish River Waterway (Seattle, WA) Navajo Nation (Gallup, NM) Rockets, Fireworks & Flares (Rialto, California) 27 DID YOU KNOW? Since 2008, SuperJTI has run

programs on three Route 66 cities: Miami, Oklahoma (Tar Creek site) Gallup, New Mexico (Navajo Nation) Rialto, California (Rockets, Fireworks & Flares site) 28 CONTACT INFORMATION SuperJTI Program Managers: Melissa Friedland EPA Regions 1-5 (703) 603-8864

[email protected] Viola Cooper EPA Regions 6-10 (415) 972-3243 [email protected] 29

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