The United States Enters the War Chapter 23

The United States Enters the War Chapter 23

The United States Enters the War Chapter 23 Section 3 World War II Erupts Riddlebarger Isolationisma policy in

which a nation avoids entanglement in foreign war. InterventionTo interfere, usually through force

or threat of force, in the affairs of another nation. American Isolationism Sentiments from

World War I Isolationism movement Charles Lindbergh Isolationist vs interventionists

Neutrality FDR as interventionist League of Nations. Congress passes Neutrality Act

(1935) Purpose? Neutrality Act, 1935 Upon the outbreak or during the progress of war between, or among, two or more foreign statesit shall thereafter be unlawful to export arms, ammunition, or [tools] of war to any port of such

[warring] states. Balancing Isolationism & Intervention American focus (Depression) Turn of events overseas FDR is disturbed

Politics-anger isolationists? Preparing For War Quarantine Speech 1938- upgrade Navy Change in Neutrality Law Cash and Carry Destroyers for Bases

FDR The peace, the freedom, and the security of 90 percent of the population of the world is being jeopardized by the remaining 10 percent who are threatening a breakdown of all international law and order.

Election of 1940 FDR and a third term why? Wendell Willkie (Republican)

Easy win for FDR. Lend-Lease Act Lend-Lease Act

Allows President to lend or lease military supplies to any nation deemed vital to defense of the U.S. FDR: US must be arsenal of democracy.

Are we at war? German u-boats

Convoy System Sonar Extended to Soviet Union

Convoy System Atlantic Charter August 1941: FDR and Churchill meet Agree to Atlantic

Charter Isolationist fear Pearl Harbor Europe = focus of attention. Asia?

Growing tensions Why? China Indochina Tripartite Pact Trade sanctions Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

Japanese developed plans for months. Deadline11/29/41 Philippines? Dutch

East Indies (Indonesia)? Pearl Harbor & US Naval Pacific fleet December 7, 1941. A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

Raid is a complete surprise. Military impact Aftermath FDR signs Declaration of War with Japan- December 8, 1941

A Day Which Wlll Live IN American Reaction Anger and fear Attack unites Americans 3 days later, Germany & Italy declare war on US

Pearl Harbor Memorial Dark Green- Allies before Pearl Harbor Light Green- Allied countries that entered World War II after Pearl Harbor Blue- Axis Powers Gray- Neutral

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