Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award 2011-2012 Grade 3

Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award 2011-2012 Grade 3

Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award 2011-2012 Grade 3 Grade 6 The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger What do you think? We sit together at lunch, Dwight and I, and were not exactly the most popular kids at school. And now, Dwight is wearing this green puppet on his finger all of the time and calling it Origami Yoda. Weird, right? Even weirder, Origami Yoda gives kids advice - good advice. How can that be when Dwight is so clueless? Would you read my case file and see what you think? It is hard enough being Dwights friend when he does things like wipe up a spilled drink on the floor by scootching around on his stomach and wiping it up with his shirt.

But wearing a puppet and talking like Yoda? Thing is, I need advice. I kind of like someone and I am not sure what to do about it. If Origami Yoda, or Dwight, is right, I might ask her to dance. But what if hes wrong? Read the file and help me decide, please? Brixton Brothers: The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity written by Mac Barnett illustratedby Adam Rex Steve Brixton a 12 year-old expert in detective skills, thanks to his Bailey Brothers Detective Handbook, finds they come in handy in this suspenseful adventure. Given a social studies project, to research early American needlework, he unwillingly makes a trip to the library to find a book. When he locates his resource and checks out

An Illustrated History of American Quilting, the lights go out and all pandemonium breaks loose. Ninjas descend from the skylights; Steve narrowly escapes from them, finding himself instead captured by Librarian Secret Agents. These clever agents use Library of Congress numbers to communicate. How will Steve complete his research project, combat the secret agents and make you laugh at the same time? The Day-Glo Brothers : The True Story Of Bob and Joe Switzers Bright Ideas and Brand-New Colors written by Chris Barton ; illustrated by Tony Persiani The Switzer brothers had very different ambitions when they grew up. Joe wanted to go into showbiz and hardworking Bob wanted to be a doctor. Unfortunately Bob suffered a serious industrial accident one summer that completely changed his future. His brother Joe practiced magic acts, keeping him

company while he was recuperating from the accident in the dark cellar. Experimenting in the basement, the two brothers built their own ultra violet light and discovered the light caused a chemically-stained label from their dads drugstore, to glow in the dark. This glow spurred their curiosity. Together they experimented until they produced a glow-inthe-dark paint which made Joes magic act a huge success. Continuing to experiment, they created day-glo paint. This important discovery helped the United States win World War II, since the day-glo signs could be seen by planes high in the air. Day-glo buoys marked areas with explosive mines, and day-glo panels improved chances of getting rescued from a lifeboat. Read The Day-Glo Brothers and learn how two brothers helped change the world by accidentally creating fluorescent colors. The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook by Eleanor Davis

When 11-year old, ultra-smart Julian Calendar moves to a new school, he hopes to obliterate his unpopular geek status. While pretending to struggle in school and pose as a jock, he meets dangerous brainiac Greta, and supposedly dumb jock Ben. They show him their secret underground Invention Laboratory and invite him to join their Secret Science Alliance. Together they create complex contraptions and pranks for stopping crimes. Unfortunately, their secret invention book gets stolen and sneaky, evil Dr. Stinger receives kudos for creating the Stinkometer - their Stinkometer. Will the young inventors defeat this evil mastermind? This full length graphic novel is loaded with colorful cartoon panels containing clever inventions, cool science facts and high-tech

adventure. A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz Imagine, if you will, that fairy tales really existed. Imagine that Hansel and Gretel really were a brother and sister who wandered through a dark and grim wood. Now, imagine that there was more to the story than their pushing the old witch into the oven and running off. A Tale Dark and Grimm takes the story of Hansel and Gretel one step further allowing the reader to see into the dark and Grimm wood of the Grimm brothers. Their story is an awesome and scary tale of beheadings, monstrous beasts, and even the devil. Readers beware, this is not the cute story of breadcrumbs and candy-covered cottages

that you think you know. This story is dark, scary, and full of violence, but it is a good story. The author teases us, "It may be frightening, and it's certainly bloody, but, unlike those other fairy tells you know, this one is true." Read it if you dare. The Call by Michael Grant (The Magnificent 12 series) Have you ever thought that there are too many extraordinary heroes in books? Heroes who are just too good to be true? Well David "Mack McAvoy is no extraordinary boy. He's just plain, well - average. He's no one's pick for a hero. In fact, he's not even any one's pick for dodge ball. But, like many heroes in books, Mack's fate isn't up to him. One day, in the boys' bathroom, of

all places, a three-thousand year old man named Grimluk appears to Mack and tells him he is one of the Magnificent Twelve, an ancient group dedicated to fighting evil. Mack must join together with eleven other twelve-year olds to stop an evil force that is most definitely on its way. Now for a boy with more phobias than friends, this is a risky undertaking, one he's not too sure he wants to undertake. However, with the help of a not-too-bright clay double, Mack answers the call. Roberto and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure by Dan Gutman After discovering there is a personal connection between his Spanish teacher and the great Roberto Clemente, Stosh is curious about him. Stosh uses a baseball card to travel back in time to meet

Roberto Clemente, a player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and one of baseball's greatest humanitarians. Stosh first lands at Woodstock 1969, where he meets Sunrise who is on the way to a baseball game, Pirates versus Cincinnati Reds. She takes Stosh to the game where he meets Roberto Clemente. Realizing this great mans fate, Stosh tries to warn Clemente not to board the illfated flight to deliver first aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua in 1972. Stosh learns that Roberto is a man of strong convictions, and even the possibility of his death won't dissuade him from his humanitarian efforts. Rapunzels Revenge by Shannon and Dean Hale Once upon a time there lived a young girl in a beautiful palace with many servants and a witchy mother. Thus begins this retelling of

Rapunzel, but this is a Rapunzel you wont recognize. The young girl has always wondered what lies beyond the high walls of her home. Forbidden to leave, she decides to find out for herself on the day of her twelfth birthday. She discovers a dark, dismal world dominated by her mothers greed for power and money. Set in the Wild West, this retelling has many twists and turns and plenty of girl power and action. When Rapunzel teams up with Jack (of Beanstalk fame!), to rescue her real mother and beat the bad guys, the action is nonstop and a lot of fun. The Tilting House by Tom Llewellyn When Josh and his family move into Tilton House, they are unprepared for the weirdness

of the house. First of all, the floors tilt, precisely three degrees inward. Second, there are strange scientific equations written all over the walls. Third, there are rats - talking rats to be exact. Things get even more mysterious after Josh uncovers the diary of the houses previous owner. As Josh and his brother attempt to unravel the mysteries surrounding their new home, they get to know their neighbors and they decide that their weird new house might be just right for them. This book mixes the comedic and the weird and throws in a dash of mysterious growing powder to keep the reader hooked until the last page. Touch Blue by Cynthia Lord Eleven-year-old Tess and her family live on an

island in Maine. After Tesss best friend and her family have moved off the island, the state decide that there are not enough students to run the one-room schoolhouse. Faced with the decision to close the school and send their children to the mainland, the families decide to take in foster children to help the school with student enrollment. Tess anxiously awaits the arrival of Aaron, the thirteen-year-old boy her family is expecting. But Aaron is nothing like the foster kids in the books she has read. Aaron does not trust anyone and locks himself away, playing his trumpet. He really wants to be back with his mother who is unwilling to change for him. But Tess has a plan which she hopes will make things better for all. Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum

by Meghan McCarthy. Nearly 100 years ago, a man named Walter Diemer worked for a candy company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His job was working with numbers. But when his company began to develop a new kind of chewing gum that would also make bubbles, Walter got curious. He experimented with a variety of secret ingredients and invented a concoction that made bubbles, stayed soft, and tasted good. And the rest is history! Whether you like bubble gum or not, this is a fascinating account of how it came to be, along with a lot of interesting facts about gum. Can chewing gum help you concentrate, lose weight, AND help prevent tooth decay? Read this book to find out.

Emilys Fortune by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Poor timid Emily is only 8 years old when her mother and the very rich lady she works for are killed in a carriage accident. Set in the Wild West of the 1800s, Emily finds herself suddenly orphaned and alone in the world except for her pet turtle Rufus, who lives in a box. Her concerned neighbors decide that the best thing for her to do is travel by stagecoach to live with her kindly Aunt Hilda. But when evil Uncle Victor finds out that the rich lady left a lot of money to Emily, he wants Emily and her fortune for himself. He even hires Miss Catchum from the Catchum Child-Catching Services to help. In the meantime, Emily meets Jackson, also an orphan. He seems to want to help her, but can she trust him? With Miss Catchum

and Uncle Victor hot on her trail, will she arrive at Aunt Hildas safely? And what will happen to Jackson, who also needs a good home? Go back in time to the adventurous Wild West and find out. Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson illustrated by R. Gregory Christie Did you ever watch a wild west television show or movie? While settlers moved their families westward, many criminals took advantage of people. It was difficult to establish law and order in the expanding new territories. Then Judge Isaac Parker found his manformer slave, Bass Reeves. He made him a deputy. Honest and so good with a gun,

some outlaws simply gave up when they found out Reeves was after them. He made over 3,000 arrests during his time as marshal. What made Reeves so successful? Youll have to read the book to find out. Calvin Coconut: Dog Heaven by Graham Salisbury; illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers. Calvin Coconuts fourth grade teacher is a little nuts. Mr. Purdy has a centipede for a class pet, treats his students like theyre in boot camp, and hisses like a snake to get his kids quiet. But worst of all, he assigns Calvins class an essay on What I Want So Badly I Can Taste It, and Calvin has to try to persuade someone to actually give him what he wants! Calvin tries, but it looks like everyone is against his idea his mom, his

sister, and especially his babysitter. But when Calvin meets Streak, the real dog of his dreams, he knows he has to have this dog! How can Calvin convince his teacher, his family, his babysitter, and the town bully to make his dream come true? Drizzle by Kathleen Van Cleve Its not easy when the kids at school pick on you because of your family business. For Polly, it happens to be a magical rhubarb farm. For generations it has rained every Monday at exactly 1 p.m. giving life to the giant rhubarb which not only supplies her family income, but also is a tourist attraction since the rhubarb tastes like chocolate. But something goes terribly wrong. The rain stops--causing the rhubarb to

wilt; Pollys brother Freddy comes down with a deadly illness and Pollys beloved aunt wants to sell the farm. Does Polly have what it takes to solve the mystery and save the farm? Remember, it is easy to participate. Just read or listen to at least 3 books from the list by March 1, 2012. At that time Mrs. Haltiwanger will distribute ballots. Votes will be sent to the awards committee by March 15 and the winning titles and authors will be announced at the annual Pennsylvania School Librarians Conference. Keep reading!!! Annotations adapted from .

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