Fort Bragg Directorate of Public Works Upcoming Projects/Services

Fort Bragg Directorate of Public Works Upcoming Projects/Services

Fort Bragg Directorate of Public Works Upcoming Projects/Services 6-Nov-17 Installation Management Command integrates and delivers base support to enable readiness for a globally-responsive Army We are the Armys Home Serving the Rugged Professional UNCLASSIFIED 1 of 29 Agenda DPW Organization Chart DPW Customers Fort Bragg Square Footage DPW Funding DPW Program Forecast Support Opportunities Questions Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 2 of 29 DPW Organization Chart

Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 3 of 29 Installation Total Square Footage (SQF) Installation = 10 M SQF FY16 ASIP Data: Total Base Population Ft. Bragg 51.9 M 73,143 JB Lewis-McChord 40.3 M 52,737 Ft. Hood 37.9 M

60,846 Ft. Bliss 33.5 M 44,828 Ft. Benning 31.5 M 39,540 Ft. Campbell 26.0 M 34,115 Ft. Stewart 22.2 M 22,847 Ft. Carson

20.9 M 31,956 Ft. Drum 20.9 M 20,365 = Largest in each category Source = Army Greenbook, OACSIM Real Property Summary, Installation and Site Statistics, Fiscal Year 2016, Quarter 2 Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 4 of 29 Total Base Population = Total of Military and Civilian Population (All Services) + Reserve Component Military Source = ASIP Common Operating Picture Report 20160430 Customers FORSCOM

1st TSC JSOC XVIII ABN CORPS USARC USASOC IMCOM Support Directorate USACAPOC 1 Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 1 Tier x 2 3d ESC 82d ABN DIV 1st SFC (P)

USAJFKSWCS USASOAC 1st CA / PO TNG BDE 2 Tier 43th AMOG 16th MP BDE 1 Tier x 5 3d SFG 18th FA BDE DENTAC USASATMO 419th CSB Womack 4th ROTC BDE 406th AFSB

Fort Bragg Garrison IMCOM ASOTD 108th ADA BDE 139th INF REG (NCNG) Golden Knights (LTC) Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] 20th ENG BDE 1ST SWTG 1/82 BCT 4TH MISO GP 528th SUST (SO) SWMG 8TH MISO GP

MIAG SWEG 2/82 BCT 44th MED BDE 3/82 BCT 525th E-MIB 82d DIVARTY 82d SUST 95th CA BDE 82d CAB UNCLASSIFIED 5 of 29 1 4-Star Command 4 3-Star Commands 5 2-Star Commands 2 1-Star Commands 32 Brigades

18th ASOG 2nd Only to the National Capital Region (Pentagon) In Number of General Officers (39) 2 Tier SES (2 Star Equiv) 1 Tier SES (1 Star Equiv) Foreign Exchange Officer DPW Funding Annual Defense Appropriation Bills Funds: MILPER Salaries RDT&E (Research, Test, Development & Evaluation) Family Housing MILCON, etc. and OMA (Operations & Maintenance, Army)

OMA: Supplies Civilian labor, Utilities, Services, Maintenance, Minor new construction Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 6 of 29 DPW Funding Main OMA sub-parts: SRM: Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization Predominantly maintenance, repair, and minor construction projects BO Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected]

UNCLASSIFIED 7 of 29 M SR S BOS: Base Operations and Support Predominantly utilities and services DPW Funding How/When is The Money Distributed ? HQ Army (IMCOM) Skims-off 15-20%, Pass remainder to installation Quarterly allotments as discretionary Sustainment funds Installations forward their year end project wish-lists to IMCOM IMCOM will distribute withheld funds under Directed Programs at FY year-end Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 8 of 29

DPW Program How does Bragg decide what it needs? DPWs Infrastructure Champions start an Annual Work Plan (AWP) Special Program Mgrs (e.g. Environmental & Energy offices) contribute their project needs Tenant Unit /Activity Facility Managers identify projects Champs may have missed Tenant Facility Managers also identify mission projects they intend to fund (outside of SRM) Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 9 of 29 DPW FY18 Program AWP Sustainment (SRM): Funded at $106M 70% of FSM Fixed Costs (BOS): $57M Salaries, Supplies, Svc Contracts, and ESPC buydown Small Break & Fix Contracts (SRM): $10M Customer - Funded (Mission Related) Work: $40M Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED

10 of 29 FY18 AWP Mechanical $ 70M Architectural Civil $175M $ 74M Airfields $ 41M Electrical $ Energy $ 18M 1M $379M* *Program $379M; Funded Est $160M

Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 11 of 29 FY18 AWP Mechanical ($70M) ($23M FY17) Bldg HVAC System Replacements $ 75M Plumbing, Oil Sump Pits, etc. 3M $ Architectural ($175M) ($73M FY17) Building Renovations/Repairs Roofing Replacements $ Restore Vehicle Mnt Shops Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] $ 136M

UNCLASSIFIED 12 of 29 15M $ 10M FY18 AWP Civil ($74M) ($23M FY17) Restore Roadways/Intersections $ 29M Replace Range Bridges $ 1M Restore Org/Non-Org Parking $ 11M Misc. (storm drains/rail/sidewalk, etc) $ 7M Airfields ($41M) ($28M FY17) Electrical ($1M) ($21M FY17) Energy ($ 18M) ($16M FY17) Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 13 of 29 Environmental & Natural Resources $8M expected in FY18

Recurring Actions: ~$8M Annually Compliance-related; i.e. Cultural Resources, Hazardous Waste, Endangered Species, Air Program, NEPA Executed via USACE Savannah District & MICC Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 14 of 29 Environmental & Natural Resources Non-recurring Actions (SRM and BOS): $3M Annually One time or multi-year phased projects not part of routine Garrison work

Facility upgrades related to environmental law changes and mitigation actions from other projects Executed via USACE Districts Savannah & MICC Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 15 of 29 Environmental & Natural Resources Recurring Action Projects cont Hazardous Waste Support (SAS) $800K Compliance Assessment & Training (SAS) $600K

Pest Management (SAS) $500K NEPA Document Support (SAS) $400K Cultural Resources Support (SWF) $300K Protect/Restore Endangered Sp Sites (MICC) $350K Erosion Control Support (SAS) $600K Small Contracts (Competitive via MICC) $ 4M Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 16 of 29 Master Planning & Real Property GIS Services Real Property Support Master Planning Studies Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 17 of 29 Partners Corvias Military Living Sandhills Utility Service Old North Utility Service http :// out-onus.htm Honeywell Piedmont Gas Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 19 of 29 USACE-SAS Corps of Engineers IDIQs Mechanical MATOC: Expires Aug 2018 Chavis Inc.

204 NC HWY 71, Maxton, NC 28364 Dunbar Mechanical Contractors 4165 Brunswick RD, Memphis, TN 38133 Group III MGT, Inc. 2820 W Vernon Ave, Kinston, NC 28504 Haire Plumbing & Mechanical 367 Winslow St, Fayetteville, NC 28301 Paving SATOC: Expires Jun 2018 Barnhill Contacting Company PO Box 35376, Fayetteville NC, 28303 Roofing SATOC: Expires Sep 2019 CEBCO Construction Inc PO Box 591, Mamers NC, 27552 Fort Bragg Airfield MATOC: Expires Sep 2020 Cutting Edge RC Construction Sand Point Summer Trend

Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 20 of 29 USACE-SAS Corps of Engineers IDIQs SAS Mini 8a SATOC: $4M/Expires Jun Sep 2018 GLHC Service Co. Amidon Cont. Solutions CMC Building Inc Trend Construction DH Walker Construction Legacy Construction 1276 HWY 301 N, Lumberton, NC 28384 3319 Heritage Trade Dr, Ste 201, Wake Forest NC 27587 Bolton, NC 28423 1826 N Alyfay A Trl Ste 100, Orlando FL 32826 Charlotte, NC 28217

900 Center Park Dr. Ste E, Charlotte NC 28217 82nd SATOC: $95M/Expires 2018 Turner Strategic Tech Virginia Beach, VA 23513 Fort Bragg MATOC $45M/Expires 2022 McFarland Atlantic Construction 11421 Cane Crossing Rd #1111 Charlotte, NC 28277 MIRADOR-NASCO JV 8201 Lockheed Dr., Suite 110 El Paso, TX Turner Strategic Technologies 7440 Central Business Park Drive Norfolk, VA 23513 Bristol General Contractors 111 W. 16th Avenue 3rd Floor Anchorage, AK 99501 Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 21 of 29 USACE-HNC Corps of Engineers IDIQs HNC UMCS Unrestricted MATOC

Williams Electric Company 401 Diamond Drive NW, Huntsville, AL 35806 Secure Mission Solutions, LLC 1881 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 300, Reston, VA 20191 Siemens Government Technologies 1409 Alteras Circle, Nashville, TN 37211 Schneider Electric Buildings Americas 1409 Alteras Circle, Nashville, TN 37211 Honeywell Technology Solutions 620 Discovery Drive NW, Suite 130, Huntsville, AL 35806 Eaton Corporation 4550 North Point Parkway, Suite 300, Alpharetta, GA 30022 exp Federal, Incorporated 205 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 3800, Chicago, IL 60601-5941 JCI 4940 Corporate Drive, Suite C, Huntsville, AL 35805-6226 HNC UMCS Restricted MATOC Spectrum Solutions

114 Castle Drive, Madison, AL 35758 SEI Group, Inc 689 Discovery Drive, Suite 310, Huntsville, AL 35806 Infotech Systems Corporation 701 Travelers Blvd, Suite 545, Summerville, SC 29485 EPC Service, Inc 94-824 Lumiauau, Suite AA104, Waipahu, HI 96797 Evergreen Fire Alarms, LLC 2720 South J Street, Tacom, WA 98409 Note: All Expire Aug 2019 UMCS are service contracts. Work is limited to incidental (15% of total contract cost) construction related to HVAC control and equipment installations. Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 22 of 29 Architect Engineer Contracts Work can be either SRM, BOS, or missionrelated OMA MICC Administers Contracts 4 Firms: All Full Service Capability; 4 Year Duration/ $8M Capacity Each Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected]

UNCLASSIFIED 23 of 29 Fort Bragg AE Contracts AE IDIQ: $8M/Expires 2018 ZAPATA 6302 Fairview Rd, Ste 600, Charlotte, NC, 28387 Stantec 5565 Centerview Dr Ste 107, Raleigh, NC, 27606 Cromwell 109 Hay Street Ste 200, Fayetteville, NC, 28301 CEMS 3509 Iron Horse Drive, Ladison, SC, 29456 Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 24 of 29 MICC Military Installation Contracting Center (MICC) Small Break & Fix and $25K Government Purchase card (BPA); ~ $10M executed annually Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC);

Design-Build Vertical (Award FY17) Horizontal (Award FY18) Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 25 of 29 Forecast Workload Unpredictable Workforce - Shrinking Partnering with: DOT GSA NAVFAC. Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected]

UNCLASSIFIED 26 of 29 Support Opportunities Where We Need Help? Design and Design-Build RFP Development Construction Execution Base Operations Support (BOS) Service Contracts Facility Surveys & Studies Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 27 of 29 Contact Information Vicki Gatling Chief Engineering Division Building 3-1634, Butner Road (910) 396-2308 [email protected] Schedule visits in advance; Limit to 30 min Closed to visits Sep - Oct each year Vicki F. Gatling/910.396.2308/[email protected]

UNCLASSIFIED 28 of 29 End of Brief UNCLASSIFIED 29 of 29

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